So, The Little Vampire is a good movie. And basically, it is the most precious thing ever. But of course, precious translates into love, somehow, but I didn't feel completely comfortable slashing these two young children…so, this is basically turned into The Little Vampire…but Older. Tony's seventeen and Rudolf's nineteen (in appearance, of course).

This is REALLY almost completely directly based on the movie.

If something sounds like it's from the movie, chances are, it probably is. I did add a lot to it, though. The movie only takes place over three days, and mine now takes place over a week and a half.
If you have the movie, I'd highly recommend watching it again.
Then read this.
If not, don't worry about it, and just let me know what you think. As in, please let me know what you think. It would be greatly appreciated.

DISCLAIMER: The Little Vampire belongs to Avrora Media.
All the fun little details, well, that's me. :]


The absolute and total bane of my existence. For sixteen and a half years of my life, I've lived in San Diego, California. At my high school, I was by no means the most popular guy there, but I was happy; I was the captain of my golfing team, I got good grades, I had the best group of friends a guy could ask for, and the sweetest girlfriend in possibly the entire world.

But all of that changed.

We moved…to Scotland…

Tuesday Night

"Okay…binders, science books…calculator—" I tossed the things on the bed, now avidly looking for my calculus book. Much to my dismay, just because we moved to Scotland didn't mean I had managed to escape Calculus.

My eyes narrowed on the book, once I had found it under my desk. "There you are, you son of a—"

The moon was so bright and beautiful; I never would have had a chance to see it like that in the States. And from my onlooker's perspective, there was a large, yellow-ish-pink comet only inches from eclipsing it.

Suddenly, a tall, pale, middle-aged aristocrat held up an amulet, it's inside gem beginning to spin in the moon's bright light. His gaze at the celestial body was incredibly intense, and at last, his stoic mouth opened, and in a clear commanding voice, he said "Ovovo intoto nil desperadum cine dea."

Lightning flashed, drawing my attention away from the man. Around him I could see many other Aristocratic people— probably around twenty or so. There were other men, although none quite as attention-commanding as the one with the amulet; women, all beautiful, but deathly pale; a handful of people my age, and a couple of children.

It was then when the comet at last met the edge of the moon, a violently red light descending upon the gathering. There was ecstatic chatter as the beam reached the amulet, and a sudden, pleased grin rippled across the stoic lips. Together, the group of pale beings inhaled, as if bracing themselves for an impact.

But malicious laughter filled the night, overpowering the sound of thunder.

Horrified, the pale ones turned, their eyes alight with fear, calling warnings of safety— to stay back behind the stoic one. Yet, there comes a time when all are filled with the thoughts of fight or flight; and this decision only had one option— they must fight. Several of them growled, their snarls exemplified by their enlarged canines. The vampires were not going down without a fight.

"Vampires!" The hunter called, yanking the reins of his horses so they came to a skidding halt. He reached around him, pulling out a sword-like structure; as the stoic man lunged toward him, wooden edges fell to the side, creating a double cross.

Cringing and hissing as the structure was thrust towards him, his eyes widened in realization as the hunter shouted, "Give me that stone!" As the hunter reached for his chest, the stoic one blocked, their grip becoming vice-like as the wrestle for the precious stone ensued. Curses and hisses were exchanged as the lightning ravaged the scene around them and more cautious shouts from the onlookers were thrown to the wind.

With a final jerk of arms, the center of the amulet— the gem, the oh-so precious stone— was flung high into the air, leaving them all staring after it. After only a split moment, wails of despair rose up, but at that same moment, another man, some one caught between my age and that of the leader, took off towards the edge of the cliff, intent on saving the stone before it hit the waves. His long, wavy blonde hair and robes billowed behind him as he jumped, letting out a terrifying cry. The stone fell into me and at that moment, I knew this blonde vampire was going to tear it out of me if he had to. His yell became louder and louder, until it was all I could hear—

Then there was another crash of thunder.

"Tony! Tony, oh my God, baby, are you okay? Bob, did you get the washcloth yet?"

"Yeah, I got it, here."

Something cool was being pressed against my forehead, but at the same time, something was beginning to sting. I tried to open my eyes to see what was going on, but warm, crimson filled part of my sight; I rubbed at my left eye in hopes of getting it back.

"Oh, here, honey…" The cool washcloth was then pressed against my eye, gentle wiping motions accompanying it.

Finally able to see a little clearer, I made out my mother kneeling over me, while above her my father loomed, his hands set firm against his hips. "What…what happened?" I asked, trying to sit up.

Pressing her hand against my back to try to steady me, my mom continued to dab at my forehead with the now-bloody washcloth. "We heard a crash…we think you fainted again. You must have hit your head against your desk when you fell."

"Again??" I sighed, hoping this wasn't going to become some sort of routine. Already in the month we had been living in Scotland, I had passed out fourteen times, giving myself a collection of bumps, bruises, and now a gash.

Cautiously, my mom asked "Did you have one of those dreams again?"

"You mean the vampires? Yeah…I did…" That too, had accompanied the bumps and bruises; every time I had fainted, I had seen the same group of vampires on the same cliff, performing the same ritual in front of the moon.

My dad sighed as well, rolling his eyes, before wiping his face with his hand. "This is ridiculous…I've got to get some sleep…" And with that, he sulked out of my room without another word.

I frowned some, watching the retreating figure of my father.

"Oh, don't mind him, Tony…he'll be better once he gets some more sleep."

Somehow, I didn't quite believe what she was telling me; he had had the entire month to get some sleep, after all, he had only started his new job a week ago. And even though I knew well enough his moodiness affected my mother too, I couldn't help feel terribly jaded. Because I had grown up an only child, my dad was basically my close friend…but ever since we moved to Scotland, he had become more distant.

"Mom," I asked after a moment, "Do you like this place?"

"It's a big change for you, I know. A new house, new country…"

I sighed, shaking my head and moving away from the washcloth. "That's not what I asked…"

She sighed as well, running her hand through her bed-tasseled hair, getting to her feet. "Why don't we talk about this later, Tony…you have school in the morning and I need to go grocery shopping tomorrow…" She trailed off, kissing the top of my head. "Go to sleep, sweetie, I'll see you in the morning."

As my door closed, I shoved myself to my feet, shoving all of my school supplies roughly off my bed before falling on it face first, giving no regard to my newly acquired gash. I hated Scotland.