Fandom: Bleach/Final Fantasy VII
Pairings/Characters: Yoruichi/Tifa
Warnings: nakedness, a hint of bestiality, femmeslash
Prompt: Yoruichi and Tifa: body worship/fetishizing a body part

A warm, ticklish sensation was the first thing to rouse Tifa from her slumber. Given the tendencies of the man that often snuck into her bed, she was less than inclined to be alarmed, so she shifted a bit, still in that half-sleep, half-waking state.

The sensation stopped as she shifted, but after a few moments it returned, accompanied by a thick rumbling sound that resembled a dying motorcycle. Then there was a puff of warmth ghosting over the side of one of her breasts and something slick and yet oddly rough scraped over it in warm, lingering strokes. Tifa made a tiny sound—not quite a question, not quite a demand—as she cracked her tired brown eyes open to search for the source of her awakening.

Golden eyes rolled up to stare at her from under furry brows and as she watched, a black-furred face rubbed against the spot a small pink tongue had previously dampened.

Okay, Tifa thought muzzily. There's a cat on my chest. No big deal.

"Who'd have thought," a deep voice began, "that my pretty little apprentice would grow up to be such a pretty strong woman?"

Tifa stared in shock at the creature, who stared back patiently, its small eyes creased upwards in what she assumed was a smile.

Okay, now this was getting really weird.

"Um, no offense Mister Kitty," Tifa said, warily eyeing the mutant animal. She wouldn't scream yet—Komamura, the Captain of Squad Seven was also a talking animal after all. "But who the hell are you and why are you making yourself so comfortable on me?"

"Ever the feisty cowgirl," the cat muttered with a muted snort before looking back at her chest. "But I see these kept growing despite your frequent wishes for them to stop."

Tifa's eyes widened. What the hell?! There was only one person she knew of who'd ever trained her and knew about her childish hatred of her largest assets. "Master Yoruichi?" she asked incredulously.

"Hello, Tifa," the cat said again. "Although I suppose that I don't have the right to ask you to call me that anymore, what with me running away and all."

Tifa blinked in bemusement before gingerly lifting the small black cat in wonder. "Why do you sound like a man?" She discreetly checked underneath, but no male parts greeted her; it was quite puzzling.

"All a part of the disguise my dear," her teacher informed her, indulging in her careful scrutiny and checking. "But I fear that if you want to grope me you'll have to wait until I change back."

The fighter made a face as her former trainer squirmed impatiently out of her arms to settle on the bed. A moment later, a puff of smoke heralded the arrival of dark skin and purple hair and that oh-so familiar smirk that she had missed so much.

"Master Yoruichi!" she squeaked, seeing the woman was naked.

"Well, you can't expect me to stay in fur all day," The other woman huffed. "Besides, I wanna see how much you've changed since I've been gone," she admitted, leering at her student's breasts.

Tifa immediately covered them, her cheeks pink with mortification. "I see your fascination with them hasn't changed any," she muttered.

"Damn right," Yoruichi confirmed, reaching out to show her just how much she'd missed them.

Quiet: Damn right Quiet did a yurish bit. (nods in satisfaction)