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Summary: "My life was complete change after one person mistake" Bella's birthday party is going good in till one small paper cut changes the whole thing. Jasper attacks, Edward tries block Jasper way to Bella but can he…….

This is a different version of what happened in New Moon at Bella's birthday party when Jasper attacks

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"Damn" I looked at the now bleeding cut on my finger. Why had I tried to rip the paper off the box so fast.

All of a sudden I felt Edward wrap his arm around my waist and move me behind him so, fast I didn't see him move. Jasper lunged at me with his teeth bared and snarls ripping from his chest. Edward shoved Jasper away with so much force it could have possibly moved an entire house.

Jasper lunged again and this time Edward launched himself at Jasper but at the last moment Jasper swerved around Edward and was on my he bit my wrist in the same place as James but Jasper didn't stop drink my blood. I felt some one pull him off of me.

My vision was flickering. I saw my angel face once more before I blacked. The moment I did I was in so much pained in burned my insides. Had what I hoped for come true? But it was wrong, this wasn't how it was supposed be.

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