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Digimon - Pass Me By

It was a nice warm Spring in Odaiba. Cherry blossoms were blooming, birds were chirping, and couplings in love were roaming the streets everywhere. But the one thing for sure that wasn't very warm was the feelings inside the heart of Taichi "TAI" Kamiya. Distraught and discouraged by rejection and loneliness thanks to his best friend Sora Takenouchi, Tai's inner world had collapsed. He wasn't planning to do anything stupid, mind you. But lately he hadn't really been aware of his surroundings, his mind clouded by deep thought.

He stopped to glance at shop windows, couples, and street signs, but his brain was preoccupied with other thoughts. Tai then resumed walking. An object next to (but not in) his path presented itself. A park bench to sit and rest on. Even though he didn't feel sleepy, he slowly lied down on the bench, his face pointing towards the sky. He closed his eyes. Normally Tai had proper manners when it came to interacting with people. But considering how he was feeling nowadays, he didn't care at all if someone wanted to occupy a place on the bench. Immediately becoming lost in thought, he hardly heard the sound of footsteps unintentionally approaching.

Sora Takenouchi was walking home, a bag of groceries in hand. It was by request from her boyfriend, Yamato "MATT" Ishida, that she bake for him another batch of those wonderful, delicious cookies she'd prepared for him last Christmas, before his concert. She smiled, remembering the thought of how much he liked them. She laughed when he "accidentally" wolfed them down after realizing how tasty the first few were. Well...that and the fact that he hadn't eaten much that day. Surprisingly, she somehow managed to get a few cookies from the box to Gabumon. Thankfully, Gabumon had slightly better manners than his human partner did. Sora giggled at the memory.

Unfortunately, her next few moments would not be filled with such humor. Sora stopped in her tracks upon what she saw. It was Tai resting - or maybe sleeping - on a nearby park bench. She desperately wanted to apologize for what had occurred a few days earlier. And what she said to him! She had openly shouted and insulted him over his depression concerning her and Matt's relationship. She had felt very guilty over her reaction, and cursed herself for her inappropriate outburst.

This was a good chance to make up with him, but suddenly two different voices were citing their opinions on how to proceed. Her head was telling her to walk on and let Tai come to her; have him apologize. But her heart knew that it was she who was wrong and should apologize - effective immediately. Sora was a smart girl, and always tried to do the right thing. She now knew perfectly well what to do. Nervously and very quietly, hopefully without a sound, she approached him...

...and casually passed by. She felt like there was some sort of outside power, forcing her out of his presence. She desperately wanted to turn back, but somehow...she just couldn't. This was an extremely frustrating, and she was about ready to scream. One single thought resulted from the current situation...

"I just can't do this."

And with that in mind, she silently, painfully, and unwillingly walked on.

Sora had been successful in not alerting Tai to her presence. Though awake, his eyes remained closed and he hadn't heard Sora's footsteps the whole time. The once emotionless expression on his face turned into slight anger, and he spoke once and only once...

"Nice to see you, too."


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