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Healer's Wound

~The Blow~

Ron Weasley groaned slightly when he heard the clock on his nightstand saying noisily: "Wake up! It's time to start your day, sleepyhead!"

"Fine, I heard you, you noisy thing!" he groaned a bit louder. He sighed audibly for a second, before stretching his long, bare arms and then his legs hit the floor.

After showering, shaving and dressing up, he went out of the bedroom and headed straight to the kitchen. He smelled immediately various, delicious smells and he wondered what his lovely wife was up to. When he went inside, he instantly took a glimpse of Hermione and a smile came up to his face. He went silently towards her (she was with her back facing him next to the counter, putting syrup on a pile of pancakes) and put his arms around her waist from behind. Her reaction was immediate and the usual, of course: she gasped and jumped from the momentary fear.

"Ron!" she cried out from annoyance but she also smiled warmly afterwards "You really scared me! I might as well have had a heart attack!"

"And what I'm here for, eh?" he teased lightly and laughed softly before kissing the corner of her mouth and resting his chin on her shoulder "What are you doing here, sweetie?"

"I made some pancakes; I thought you should have a good, nutritious breakfast before going at work. I don't forget the other day, when you were in such hurry that you didn't even touch your breakfast and then, you didn't eat there at all either; you almost faded when you came back here that night. You know, honey that I don't want you to be worn out…" she whimpered at her last sentence and Ron slightly remembered his mother.

"So, you don't want me to be worn out, but I'm quite sure this really hadn't even passed your mind last night, had it?" he kept on his teasing and for that, he received a gasp and a light hit on his chest from his wife. He laughed heartily.

"I didn't hear you complaining yesterday!" she exclaimed, trying to sound offended but failing miserably. They sat next to the table and started eating their pancakes and drinking their coffee. Occasionally, they would kiss each other and whisper loving words at each other's ears. Suddenly, Ron glanced at his watch and gasped softly.

"I should probably go, otherwise I'll be late!" he said hurriedly and after shoving another spoonful of pancakes and a sip of coffee in his mouth, he stood up, put on his rather formal robes, took his paper-case and leaned down to his wife.

"I'll see you tonight, ok?" he said in a loving way and pecked her lips softly. She smiled up to him and she received another feather kiss. Then, he smiled too. "I've to go, darling. I'll be thinking of you…"

"I'll be thinking of you, too, as I'll be filling out all these Ministry forms…" They laughed lightly.

"Love you, sweetie" he whispered and a twinkle appeared at the depths of his crystal blue eyes. She beamed at him lovingly.

"Have a nice day, love" she said as he was heading towards the fireplace at the living room.

"Have a wonderful day too, Mione. See you." He said finally before he shouted 'St. Mungo's Hospital!' and went through the green flames.

When he reached with quick steps his destination, he wished Sarah, his secretary, 'good morning' and stepped inside his quite large office. He sighed happily when his eyes looked with satisfaction at the room where he did his job, from where he helped loads of people be healthy again, regain lost hope for life, be happy and whole again. Yes, Healer Ron Weasley was very good at his job –even though he called it his true vocation- and that's that mattered to him.

He sat down on his leather chair and took a glance of his paperwork that was waiting for him on his desk. He took a deep breath and started to fill out the various forms there were there. He was so concentrated on his job that he didn't notice it was lunchtime. He only looked up from his paperwork when he heard someone knocking on his door.

"Come in" he said and waited with a bit of curiosity to see who was on the other side of the wall. The door opened and a colleague of his, Healer Alfred Green, appeared.

"Ron, what the heck are you still doing here?" he exclaimed loudly.

"What do you mean- -"he seemed annoyed for the interruption and looked at his watch "Sweet Merlin! Is it already time for the lunch break?" he said totally surprised now.

"What happened, Weasley? Another day you completely forgot about your needs?" he teased and laughed. Ron rolled his eyes and smirked, while he was standing up and followed his co-worker outside his office, before locking it.

"Well, you know how much I love doing that. I just forget about anything else. Jesus, I even forget about Hermione sometimes!"

"Ok now, you have to work on that!" Alfred said and both of them laughed "But keeping on working at this pace all the time non-stop will cause you to be the one who would need a healer."

"Oh, just stop nagging already, alright?" Ron sighed; he was slightly tired from all the warnings he got every day about his obsession with his work.

"Ok, ok, I'll stop!" Alfred said defensively. They walked for some moments in silence until Alfred spoke again. "You know, Tobias and I organized a kind of meeting at my place for tonight. There will be some really successful and well-respected healers from all over the world, such as Leopold Skimmer and Peter Tyson, you know…"

"Leopold Skimmer?" Ron cried out with his eyes almost out of his sockets "You probably kidding me! I can't believe you're going to meet Leopold Skimmer and discuss with him about his discovery on the most effective cancer-scanning spells! Oh, Merlin!"

"And you're going to be here too, Ronald Weasley…" Alfred said and waited with an almost invisible smile across his face for the redhead's reaction to the statement.

Ron didn't seem to understand the words at first. "You're so lucky, I mean he was the one- -" But his sentence left unfinished as his eyes were wide again and he stopped dead in his tracks. "W-What have you just said, Alfred?" he said cautiously.

"What are you referring to?" the man next to the red-haired seemed to want some extra teasing for his colleague. "Oh, are you talking about the invitation I've just given to you?"

"Are you serious? You're letting me to come here and- and… Leopold Skimmer… and..." Ron seemed to be at complete loss of words and after a few seconds he looked at Alfred with his eyes shining with childish hope.

"Please… tell me you're not joking…" he kept on with a childish tone on his voice now, like he was expecting Christmas to be sooner. Alfred shook with laughter as he was talking.

"Don't worry, little boy, Father Christmas will bring you your present this year as well" he joked and Ron immediately lost his dreamy look and glared at him warningly.

"Tell. Me. Now." he whispered and shot him another warning look. Alfred half-raised his arms in defense.

"Ok, mister, calm down, I'll tell you! Of course I'm not joking- you're one of the best healers Britain has ever had! There is absolutely no way to be uninvited!"

Ron seemed now full of enthusiasm. "That's awesome! I just can't believe it!" He remained speechless for a few more minutes as they were entering the hospital's canteen. "When did you say this meeting's up?"

"At seven o' clock today. You can come after work."

"Shouldn't I wear something more formal?" Ron asked Alfred with slight uncertainty.

"There is no need actually; most of the healers there would be in their uniforms, so we could understand from which hospital they are." Alfred's reply came instantly. Ron nodded.

"Ok then, I'll send a letter to Hermione explaining her and I'll come. Thanks Alfred for giving me this opportunity- it means way a lotto me!" he said seriously.

"No worries, my friend. I'll see you tonight, then."

"Alright, until then." Ron waved slightly at his co-worker and saw him as he was leaving him. 'This is going to be the most important day of my career life.' he thought and after paying for a small salad and a bottle of pumpkin juice, he went back to his office, beaming happily as he was thinking about the new acquaintances he would make that night.

Little did he know…

Hermione, while she was at work, heard an owl tapping slightly on the glass of the window. She went quickly towards the window and opened it for the owl to come in. She took the letter which was on the owl's leg and read it while she was petted lightly the bird.


Alfred & Tobias have a meeting of sorts at Alfred's place and he invited me as well. They're going to be many famous healers from around the world and it's going to be present and Leopold Skimmer! I just cannot believe that the one healer who motivated me to become a healer would be here as well!

So, please Mione, can you find it in yourself and let me be there tonight? I'm extremely sorry I won't be with you tonight and I'll try to make up for you, what do you think about it?

Love you so much, sweetie,

Your desperate husband.

Hermione laughed softly at her husband's desperation. Of course she knew about Ron's obsession with Leopold Skimmer; she, as well, considered him as one of the most important healers of all times for his achievements. There was absolutely no way to let her Ron out of this event- she knew that meant way too much for her husband's career. Of course, that also meant she would be on her own that night, instead of cuddling with her Ronnie or doing other, more interesting things, but seeing his handsome face full of light and excitement afterwards- well, that make it worth it…

Ron was on various rooms of his ward, checking on his patients' state and supervising his co-worker's work. He had now a little chat with one of his patients, when Sarah came in.

"What is it, Sarah?" he asked gently.

"A mail just came for you and I thought I should give it to you, in case it's some kind of emergency." Sarah explained and handed him the letter. Ron thanked her as she was going back to her work. Ron opened the letter and smiled softly when he recognized his Mione's beautiful and neat handwriting:


Of course I let you to go at the meeting- there was NO way not to let you. Besides, Ronald, you're an adult now; I'm certain you can very well make a decision on your own!

Anyway, I hope you have fun tonight and meet all these people you want to.

I'll be thinking of you, love- and I'm also in deep thought about this 'making up' you referred to your letter…

Many kisses,

Your, hopelessly in love, wife.

Ron blushed slightly when she came up with the 'making up' section, but also smiled warmly. He loved her with his entire being and thanked her in his mind for giving him this opportunity. He knew what it meant to be home alone, without your spouse around, unable to tell them how much you love them and need them every few minutes, and if not telling them, then showing them with any possible way. He knew how hard it was waiting for your beloved to show up; it just drives you crazy, in an unexplainable way. The few times he was home alone, while Hermione was at work meetings, he always felt cold and quite dizzy, until she showed up. He thanked with all his heart for her small, but at the same time enormous, sacrifice…

He was at work for a few more hours, which passed surprisingly fast. Suddenly, he started feeling a bit nervous about the upcoming event and for a second he thought about not going. Then he thought against this rush, absentminded decision and laughed almost inaudibly to himself just to make his unreasonable nervousness fade away. 'Everything was going to be just fine.' he reassured himself and finished the rest of his paperwork for the day. Then he went out and after locking his office and waving at a branch of people he met at the hallway, he disapparated with a faint 'pop!' to Alfred's house.

He appeared at the backyard of his colleague's house and after making sure his balance was letting him take a few steps without falling, he went to the front door and knocked quite loud; there were noises coming from inside.

Alfred opened the door after a mere moment. He smiled happily and patted Ron on the back. "Finally, you came up, Ronald Weasley! I thought for a moment that you changed your mind!"

"Of course not, Alfred, I just had paperwork to do, that's all." He explained nervously. Alfred laughed and gestured him to come inside.

"No more excuses, Mr. Weasley, there are quite a few people who are really eager to meet you. Come on!" he exclaimed and Ron went inside the enormous house, which was full with various people, who all had a common, though: their eagerness to help and save other people's lives.

Ron was slightly dizzy from his amazing discussion with Leopold Skimmer. Tobias made sure to take Ron and introduce him to the great healer, and of course the redhead was utterly pleased with that (mostly because he hadn't the nerve to go there by himself, but of course he couldn't admit that even to himself.). They had a wonderful discussion, in which Ron told how much he admired Leopold's work, while the latter congratulated Ron for his active participation at war and also his achievements on healing science. They talked for over an hour, mostly about the advance the healing field of wizarding science seems to have. Ron hadn't been able yet to understand his luck of having such an experience, which would help his career a lot. After that, he considered being lucky to have another, dear friend.

He looked around at the crowded, enlarged living room and noticed Alfred a few meters away with another person. He instantly went there. When he reached his destination, Alfred noticed him immediately.

"Oh, look who it is! I see you let Mr. Skimmer take a breath!" he joked. Ron blushed instantly.

"Well, we had a really good discussion and now we've finished- I don't see the big deal." he tried to hide his rising nervousness in front of strangers, so he wouldn't make bad or embarrassing impression. He glanced at the person who Alfred was speaking with: she was a beautiful, petite, young woman, with sleek, long, black hair and big, green eyes. He noticed then that she was eyeing him steadily and he swallowed with a bit difficulty.

"Well, Ron, let me introduce you to Sonia Davinio; she is healer for the 'National Wizarding Hospital' in Italy. Sonia, this is Ron Weasley, he works with me at St. Mungo's."

"Oh, pleased to meet you, Ron." Sonia said flirtatiously and shook hands with Ron. He, on the other hand, seemed quite uncomfortable.

"Well, em, nice to meet you, too." He mumbled unsurely. She smiled seductively.

"Ron, I see your glass is empty, why so?" Alfred asked slightly surprised and without waiting for an answer, he refilled the redhead's glass with strong firewhiskey. Suddenly someone shouted: 'Alfred! Come here, man!' the man who was called chuckled and looked at his company.

"Excuse me, my friends, but they're looking for me. I'll be right back, just chat a bit, won't you?" he said and a second later, he was gone.

Ron took a glance of Sonia carefully, and she didn't seem to let her stare drop away from him. He felt really uncomfortable and took a big sip of his drink. He instantly felt his eyes wet.

"So…" Sonia started with a warm, slight erotic tone, "How many years have you been working with Alfie?"

Ron grimaced slightly at Alfred's pet name. "Well, I've been working with him for about… 4 years now."

"Wow, then I suppose you started working when you were still really young…"

"P-Probably…" He took another big sip. "And you? What about you?"

"What do you want to hear about me?" she whispered and her tone seemed to imply something that Ron didn't quite understand, so he drank again to calm down his, confusing for him, nervousness.

"I-I meant work. How many years have you been working?" He cursed himself in his mind for his unreasonable, constant, slight stammer.

"I've been working for 5 years now." she said confidently. Ron's eyes widened a bit.

"That's a long time for a young woman like you." 'Shit. This didn't mean to sound like a compliment or something!' Ron thought worriedly and peered at her face to catch any kind of reaction.

Well, she obviously took his words as a compliment. "Thank you very much, Ron; it's nice to know that you think of me as a young woman…" she said flirtatiously again and as a result, Ron knocked back immediately the rest of the strong liquid there was in his glass. He wanted to clarify to her that he didn't have such intentions, he was married. He scratched his nose with his left hand, so she would see his wedding band and forget about all the flirting. He was sure she saw the gold ring at his finger because he could see its reflection on her eyes, however she didn't react about the fact at all; she still seemed to be really confident.

"I see you drink quite fast." she said and refilled his glass. He didn't say a thing, he just drank again, now quite worried about the situation.

They talked a bit more- well, it was more actually like her talking seductively and refilling again and again his glass with firewhiskey, while Ron was stammering and drinking absentmindedly, until he was, almost 2 hours later, very tipsy.

"You know, we should find a room and have our way; what do you think of that?" Sonia whispered huskily on his ear. He gazed at her a bit before he replied.

"You know, I'm a married man and I really love and respect my wife; what do you think of that?" he hissed, but without a trace of anger in his voice.

"Well, I don't really care about it, so let's go." she said confidently and after grabbing his hand, and without looking suspicious, she went with him to the rather large bathroom. She locked the door and silenced the room with a flick of her wand, before turning her attention back to Ron.

"Let's have some fun, shall we?" she whispered hoarsely and force him to sit on the toilet seat. With his logic gone far away and with alcohol possessing his mind and judgment, Ron was unable to form a complete thought even in his mind.

Sonia, on the other hand, has started kissing and sucking on his neck, heading lower. She took off his robes and shirt and started kissing his muscular torso. Ron was enjoying the feeling without much shame, thinking it was his wife doing all these amazing things to him. He moaned and groaned absentmindedly as she was keeping on her ministrations. Her mouth was wandering lower and lower and it reached his waistband. She stopped for a minute and looked at Ron with heat in her eyes, but Ron didn't seem to observe her- the only thing his sensations preferred to keep focus on was the wicked way her lips were working on him. She seemed to catch that and smiled with satisfaction to herself. Then, she unbuttoned and unzipped his trousers and lowered them, along with his boxers, to his knees.

What felt Ron a moment later was just indescribable. He imagined Hermione doing that to him a few times, but he never had the nerve to talk with her about it. And now, one of his darkest and yet, most embarrassing, wants was just being fulfilled. He moaned his wife's name and put his palms on her head, wanting to feel her crazy mane of brown locks. Instead of this, he only found sleek, long hair and that confused him for a minute, but as his head was unable to think straight, he just put his long fingers between the straight locks and kept on moaning. This action was continued for a few more minutes, and before Ron was ready to come, he pulled Sonia away from his manhood and sat her rather forcefully, on his lap. She looked surprised for a mere second, before smiling slyly at him.

"You want me to ride you, don't you?" she whispered huskily and started doing that without waiting for his answer or permission. They both groaned and they built a rhythm together, a downright intoxicating dance. That lasted some minutes, until they cried out from ecstasy. She pulled off of him and sat again on his lap. They tried to calm their uneven breathings (for Ron it was ten times more difficult, as he was really drunk, when Sonia wasn't as much) and after a few minutes, they finally managed to do so.

"I take that you liked it…" Sonia said flirtatiously and caressed his chest with her palm. Ron looked down, at the woman who was sitting on his lap and talking to him, and the sight frightened him completely.

She was not his wife. She definitely wasn't his Mione. She was a complete stranger, he couldn't recognize her at all, and as much he was trying to remember who the heck this woman was, his head seemed stubbornly unwilling to participate to his pointless efforts. He instantly pulled her away of his half-naked body, then he stood up and after pulling up his underwear and trousers and making sure(as much as he could, with his throbbing head not being really helpful) that his every article of clothing was in its right place, he weakly cast some spells and stormed out of the room, without throwing a single glance back.

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