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Healer's Wounds

~Possible Ending 2.2: What? ~

He opened his eyes swiftly, wanting to make sure that his wrecked spirit had escaped from the bonds of the body, that he was at some place he didn't know, somewhere probably restful and peaceful, somewhere that he would find the quite easiness and tranquility his soul so much needed. But, of course, there wasn't actually any need for rush, as there was also no way for his plan to have been unsuccessful; he must have been somewhere that an alive creature couldn't possibly reach, that was for sure.

His quite blurry sight was then became a clear vision and he saw white; clouds or something along these lines, of course- what else? He felt very light at the moment and he exhaled with relief and delight as his energetic pupils were moving fast, scanning everything they could see from the new place.

Beep. Beep. Beep…

Ron after some seconds realized the existence of a soft, rather slow sound, stemming from somewhere at his left side. He slowly turned his head towards there and he saw a rather large, plastic and metal cube, which was on a short table next to his bed- wait a minute—

'His bed'?! What the heck was going on there? Why was he lying on a bed, for Circe's sake?

The numerous questions that popped in his head in only a few milliseconds weren't answered, as his eyes saw other, similar devices near him, as well. On another, much smaller table, there were many different bottles, all filled with various liquids. He simply couldn't understand what's happening, and the light, rather joyful feeling was slowly gone. Where was he?

He looked around anxiously, trying to observe the strange surroundings, an environment very weird and quite unidentified, but at the same time, really familiar… He narrowed his eyes suspiciously, and then he took a glimpse of a couple of beings, most probably human beings, that were dressed in long, yellow and green robes. Yellow and green… It seemed oddly recognizable… where—

The question of his inner voice was left unfinished, as his enlarged pupils glued on the two people that were standing at the far corner of the room, also eyeing him with interest; he was sure that he knew that sort of clothes, he was also wearing them, once upon a time…

Healers… Was he at a… hospital?

His eyes widened even more, being almost out from their slightly pale sockets, as he was staring at the two healers, who were still looking at him with concentration. Ron tried to get up instantly, but he found himself unable to even shift on his quite large bed; straightaway, new-born irritation combined with his curiosity, as his sight suddenly was filled with more healers, all of them having their curious eyes on him, like he was a precious sight at a museum. What had happened?

The simple question that formed into his mind was unable to be answered by any logical part of his mind- even the 'illogical' part had been facing difficulties. He tried to press the 'rewind' button of his memory file, but the last thing he could remember was his last step, the step that made him another indisputable proof of Newton's law, nothing after that…

And of course! It was his suicidal attempt- his second one, to be specific-! And he remembered to examine it from every single, possible angle, so he could avoid any probable flaws. But now, he was, once again, in a room at 'St. Mungo's'; how had they managed to find him this time? How, at this late of hour? And how had he managed to survive after such a height; wasn't it supposed to be lethal? Wasn't it supposed to end his life easily, without much time? How had he managed to live after this? How, for crying out loud?

He looked at the many healers that were standing before him, with an expression of annoyance, slight confusion and disbelief; at the background, he heard the 'beeping' noise getting slightly quicker.

"Where am I?" he said without first thinking about it; he felt his voice slightly hoarse, but other than that, it was ok. He kept looking at the healers in front of his bed frustratingly, still not being able to grasp the idea of them ruining his brilliant plan, his only way to see some sort of mere relax; he hated them all. "How I came here? Who found me? Who are all of you?" he cried out and he felt his face all red; his breath was coming out all hot and furious, while he was listening to the furious, really brisk and crazy 'beep' noise that was stemming from next to him. The healers still seemed calm and unafraid by his fuming words. "How the heck did you manage to save me this time, eh? How did you manage to even find me?!" he cried out once again and he saw the clear, cobalt rivers to pop out from the strong muscles of the his forearms.

"Ssh, Ron, there's no need for you to be angry…" he suddenly heard a little, yet calming voice that wasn't coming from the small crowd before his huge eyes; it was stemming from somewhere at his right side.

Ron turned his head to see towards the voice that so much wanted from him to be serene- something quite impossible at the moment. But at the sight of Alfred, mere anger was instantly transformed to pure shock. How was it possible?

"Alfred?" he asked foolishly as he was staring at his co-worker with widened eyes and half-open mouth; things were truly getting weirder and weirder with the passing of seconds. He saw Alfred smiling a little to him and coming closer slowly, examining his form and his face with interest equal to the other healers' one- he felt nervous under it now.

"Ok, pals, you can go for your break- I'll call you when I'll need you." Alfred said unexpectedly, and slowly, all the other witches and wizards started to exit from the room, still throwing him a few glances on their way out. When all of them were gone and the door was safely closed, the other healer closed all the distance between him and the occupied bed and looked at the redhead friendly.

"Do you mind if I check your condition while I'll be speaking to you? You see, you woke up earlier than we expected- always in hurry, Ron…" Alfred said lightly; Ron eyed him curiously, but he just nodded, waiting for his co-worker to explain this whole, unexplainable thing he was in.

Alfred smiled reassuringly and looked at his pulse and then he cast some spells at his torso, every time smiling with satisfaction. "I knew you won't disappoint me, Weasley- such a healthy man, even for your slight leanness…" he joked and laughed gently, before checking on the devices around him; Ron couldn't hold it anymore.

"Alfred, are you going to explain me what happened? How did come I'm here, all safe and sound… not, not even a scratch on me! For Dumbledore's sake, I fell from the terrace of the hospital- that's eight floors high, man! How did I make it alive; how the heck did you find me in time to save me, as well? I can't understand any of all these, Alfred…" he concluded weakly and exhaled rather vanquished from life, not being able to realize anything- all seemed so unreal and didn't make sense…

He saw Alfred inhaling and exhaling deeply, and then he sat down on a chair near his bed; he seemed quite uneasy now, but he didn't actually pity him- he wanted to know the truth just now.

"Ron, look; this is a really long story and I want you to hear me carefully and to not cut me off until I'm finished, ok?" he asked seriously and Ron looked at him suspiciously before nodding once.

"But answer me a question first, ok?" Ron said straightaway, still wondering about a certain thing in his head; when the other healer nodded, he continued: "I'm not dreaming right now, right? I'm not sleeping."

"No, you're fully awake and this is reality." Alfred said and when he was sure he had the patient's full attention, he took a deep breath and he started: "About ten months ago, Head Healer Hooper asked to see me. That day, he talked to me about a project he was working on for many years, and he was able then to put it into practice; my job to the whole project was to find the most appropriate candidate and make the whole idea a reality.

Healer Hooper had thought about an experiment being done on wizards- how they psychologically react under great emotional pressure, what they do when very harsh things occurred to their lives; it is a grand concept." He said and gazed for a tiny moment at nowhere, until he was back to reality. "I had a difficulty to find an appropriate candidate; the experiment was rather complicated and just any wizard or witch wouldn't do- we needed someone with excellent physical condition and strength of mind, otherwise there were also possibilities of lethal consequences… I had to find someone that, even unconsciously, would be able to cope with the research's expectations... And I thought of you, Ron."

Ron's eyes were nearly out of their sockets, as the man was looking stunned at the healer; he wasn't entirely sure if he had heard right- he couldn't have heard right…

"What?" he choked out, his voice lost somewhere in his throat because of the pure, new-born astonishment. Alfred exhaled loudly before answering.

"I thought you could be a very good person as a contributor for the experiment—"

"You mean as a guinea-pig!" Ron cut him off, starting to lose his temper; Alfred looked at him apologetically.

"Please, Ron, just let me finish…" he said fairly weakly and when he didn't heard another enraged comment from his co-worker, he went on: "Look, I know that it was kind of harsh, but the test had to be done and you were the perfect candidate…

I wasn't able to inform you about it at all, because then you might cast some spell on you on purpose and as a result, we wouldn't be able to do successfully the testing; you had to know nothing about all this. That's why I called you the other day in my office, with the excuse that I needed your help on something- actually I called you so I could start with the experiment. You were total oblivious of the fact, and when you didn't look, I cast you a slumbering spell, so we would be able to start the testing.

For almost ten months, you were totally unconscious, like you were in a comma; we provided you potions on a daily basis; after that, the most difficult part was to find suitable, fake memories and then insert them in your brain, so we could see your reaction to them. Then I thought that the most important part of your life was Hermione, and I knew that you wouldn't ever dare to hurt her someway, so we thought of all these memories, of all the illusory reality you've been living for ten months, in search of your response to them. That means that all these things that were happening in your 'life', weren't in fact true."

Ron stayed still shocked from all this information, which seemed too… out of this world. He suddenly wasn't sure if he should believe the other man, despite his so remorseful expression.

"What do you mean by saying 'all these things'?" he asked impassively, not daring to show any of his perplexing emotions. Alfred seemed quite uneasy, but he still answered.

"You never cheated on Hermione; Sonia was an imaginary person. There wasn't any meeting at my place- no pain, no beating or abusing or drinking. Your relationship with your wife was never so cold and distant- as much as I know, at least- and you never tried to kill yourself. After that, you never lost your child and never Hermione wanted to divorce you; all these were false, inserted memories, just to see what you were going to do further, until, of course, when you made your second suicidal attempt, when we stopped to give you the potions and cast the spells on you, and we waited for you to wake up- surely, your response was immediate." Alfred said seriously, yet sadly at his friend. Ron still didn't know if he should believe him.

"I- I don't understand, Alfred… I mean, this is ridiculous! I know that I cheated on Hermione; I don't want to remember it, but I did it!" he exclaimed and looked at the man before him piercingly, as the shock was still rushing in his lively veins. Alfred looked at him apologetically again.

"I understand that it's incredibly difficult for you right now, but I tell you that you never cheated on Hermione with that Sonia girl- she's non-existent!" Alfred explained seriously and then smiled a small, reassuring, regretful smile. Ron set aside his ever-so-slowly-disappearing confusion (even though nothing still made much sense to him) and let his mind to fill with slight anger and annoyance.

"Why, Alfred? Why did you do this to me? - no… you hadn't the right to do this to anyone…" he said lowly and expressionlessly, and that caused the other healer to become sickly white and look at his lap shamefully and quite painfully.

"I'm so sorry, Ron, but the project was so interesting- I hadn't thought of the cost well, as it seems…"

"No, you hadn't; you hadn't thought even for a second about my life, my family… What would—" he started crying out, but he stopped abruptly without finishing his sentence, as his thoughts went for the first to the one person that his mind always was- Hermione. He right away forgot about anything else, as his mind was begging to learn for her, as well as he was.

"Hermione! How's Hermione? Is she okay? Does she think that I dump her? Where is she?" he asked as many questions as his breath was letting him to with his urgent voice. Alfred raised his arm a bit and shook his open palm reassuringly.

"Don't panic, Ron, Hermione's perfectly fine and of course does not think you left her or something similar- she knows what's happening." Alfred clarified calmly and that made Ron feeling a bit more relieved through all this vast bewilderment; at the same time, more queries were made into his head.

"You mean that she knew all along?" he asked confused now. Alfred exhaled soundly before responding.

"I had to tell her about the research, because I needed permission. Well, it was really hard to persuade her, she was so scared and doubtful and afraid, but then she accepted; she had thought that you'd be grateful to do such a thing for the science you so much love and serve."

"And that- that was all?" Ron asked totally lost. "She never came here, she never yelled at you or at someone else?" Alfred laughed lightly for a second before answering.

"Of course she did all these; she was coming here almost every day, and she was crying for over half a month. As for the last one, I'm rather sure she hasn't forgiven me yet, but it's not like I don't deserve that one." the older man said with a feeble attempt to joke at the end that wasn't rather successful- the redhead had his mind elsewhere at the moment.

"And where is she now?" he asked again, more childishly-like this time.

"She lives at your house, like always, along with…" the healer stopped suddenly his sentence and looked at the patient with slight agony and consideration- consideration about the fact whether he should tell his friend about something, whether or not he should have started this phrase at all. Ron started to feel that not-so-good news were about to be revealed…

"Along with who?" Ron asked cautiously, even though his voice hid his surely upcoming hurt deep down.

"I don't know if I'm the right person to tell you this, Ron." Alfred said rather weakly, but the red-haired wouldn't hear more of this- he wanted some plain answers to his even more uncomplicated questions.

"Tell me the name, Alfred." he demanded with his low voice; the older man gulped once and inhaled a big lungful of air before parting his lips and saying the one word:


Ron stayed still, with his wide eyes gluing on the man on the chair before him, as his brain cells were trying to process on this new information. Rose… He didn't know anyone with that name, as far as he could remember… Maybe she was some family member of Hermione's? A cousin or an aunt? His mind, for some reason, insisted on saying to him that it had to be something- someone much more important than that.

"Who's that Rose?" he asked quite stupidly, but his unused for many time, mind wasn't able to reconsider such a piece of information- it had received so many that it was so difficult to comprehend what was going on.

"Look, Hermione will be probably here in a couple of hours at most; I think it would be wiser to let her tell you about this by herself, ok? Just wait a little." Alfred said finally and stood up.

"Then can I ask you something?" the redhead asked then, more unsurely than before.

"Sure, tell me." The other healer said as he was checking on the devices once again.

"Does… Does Hermione… love me?" Ron finally asked, after a couple of moments of swallowing and deep-breathing and reconsideration; the older man smiled rather brightly.

"There's no need to actually ask, Ron; as far as I'm concerned, she'd never stopped and she never will."

Ron felt a wave of warmth to encircle him gracefully, as the older man's words were still echoing in his ears like a lovely, sweet whisper, like a beautiful secret that two lovers need to share; but his love for her wasn't a secret, not at all, and according to his colleague, she felt the same, she still felt the same. She never hated him; she never thought her life without him… right? All the new things he learnt in only some minutes were huge, so his head had difficulties as to fully grasp them yet- if they were, in point of fact, true…

His numerous of thoughts were cut then, as the lying figure noticed that the other man in the room was coming near him once again, but this time with a bottle full of an olive-coloured potion. Ron looked at it with narrow eyes before he looked back at the healer before him.

"Is that… a calming potion, right?" When he saw Alfred nodding with a small beam on his face, he continued more surely: "Because, for a moment I thought that you're going to give me another sleeping potion, which obviously I wouldn't need, as I've been sleeping for almost a year, Alfred." Alfred half-laughed gently and then he took the other's head from the back, so it could hold it higher. As a reaction, Ron bended his long arms and tried to support the weight of his upper body on there, so it would be easier for him to drink the potion, but instantly, Alfred gently pushed him back.

"You're not able to half-lay or support your body on your elbows, Ron; your muscles and bones are extremely weak from the disuse, and we must practice them once again, but in a slow process." Alfred explained gently, and once again he kindly held the other's head higher than the rest of his body. Ron slowly opened his jaw widely and waited for the liquid to cool the inner surface of his throat. The healer slowly put the bottle on the red-haired's bottom lip, letting the potion to slowly enter into the system of his; then, with his thumb, he started to softly rub the patient's throat, so the liquid would course down the esophagus easier. When the medicine was all gone from the bottle, he gently put Ron's head back to the pillow. Ron felt the effects of the tonic at once, as he closed his eyes for a couple of moments, actually feeling a bit weary from the mere movement of his neck. He heard to the device next to him one more time- the 'beeps' gradually slowed down and became more peaceful, just like he felt… peaceful... He thought it was a bit of irony, to finally feel the rest he so much wanted only with the help of a good potion…

He stayed at his bed still, looking around the room observantly and asking Alfred various things- and mostly about if all these were truly a reality-, while the latter was continuously checking on his condition from all the monitors in the room that were connected with him (Ron actually felt like he was one of those robot-things Muggles had invented). An hour or so must have passed like this, until a soft knocking got their attention.

"Come in." Alfred said gently and they saw a young woman Healer to half-enter the room, looking at Ron first for a single second before casting her look on the other healer.

"Healer Green, there is someone that wants to see you; it's about this case." the woman said once again and cast another look at the redhead before looking down shyly, as a rosy colour appeared on her cheeks; Ron was curious for a moment as to what happened to the young woman. He looked back at his colleague and saw him somewhat more… enthusiastic? He couldn't identify the expression on his face perfectly.

"Oh, I see. Ron, could you wait for a moment, please? I'll be right back in a minute." The older one said immediately and when Ron nodded merely, he exited the room rather hurriedly, along with the shy woman. He looked at the room around him slightly boringly, already memorizing it more or less perfectly, and then at the many cables that were contacted with his naked, only half-covered by a plain, white sheet, lean, yet rather muscular, body; he swiftly felt much weaker than he was, in fact, just because of the sight of the numerous cables- he felt like his life was totally depended by them.

His thoughts were once again interrupted, as he heard the door opening gently, followed by the light sound of steps. He didn't turn his head towards the source of the sound as he was gazing uninterestingly at the ceiling.

"When will I be able to get rid of all these cables, Alfred? I'm sick of them; I actually feel like a drug-addict that thought of a sick way to take huge doses of heroine, however bad or hideous that seems…" he heard himself saying without much thought. A second later, he listened to a gentle, deep snigger from who must have been Alfred, and then a small, almost impossible to hear, sob; that got Ron curious- who would sob at his words, however cruel or disgusting they were? He turned his head towards the door now, unable to hold on his tiny nosiness anymore and looked searchingly towards there.

His eyes became double their size as they widened unconsciously from the sight he witnessed with his weary eyes; Alfred had entered along with someone else, that wasn't the shy Healer that was there just minutes ago; no, it was another woman, a woman he so much wanted to even glance at before he waste his last breath, before he voluntarily give his life to Death…

It was his unique angel… It was Hermione.

His heart started to pound in his chest so exceedingly fast that it most surely would stop beating in a course of mere minutes; his lungs forgot how to function properly and his pulse was in such a hurry, that it was like an exceptionally fast rhythm of a drum; the only part of his that seemed unaffected by the appearance of hers was his eyes, which faithfully glued on her beautiful, petite form.

She seemed very emotional as she kept sobbing softly, but without actually crying, as her own, amazing eyes were cast on him, while her hands were covering her mouth, probably from the touching feelings that engulfed her exactly the way they were overwhelming him.

"Oh, Ron!" he heard her high-pitched, but still melodic voice, as she took the few steps required for them to be next to each other; Hermione instantly sat on the small, empty space at the edge of his bed and grabbed gently his hand, her chocolate eyes never leaving his face. The extraordinary warmth that encircled his skin elegantly and then spread to his soul and heart felt so mistakenly real and he felt suddenly sad, like he didn't deserve all these; he slowly lowered his eyes and looked at the bed under him shamefully.

"Ron dear" he heard her perfect voice lingering in his ears a couple of seconds later, "why don't you look me in the eye? What's wrong?" she asked gently, yet still worriedly.

"I'm so sorry, Hermione." Ron said regretfully, not looking her in the eyes just yet. "I shouldn't have done all those indescribable things to you; I'm a horrible person and I cannot understand why you are still so good to me…"

"Ron, please look at me and listen to what I have to say to you, alright, baby?" she said calmly, like she was speaking to a little boy. It took him a couple of minutes to do what he was said to, but then looked into her eyes unsurely. "You have never done a thing from all these they put in your head, sweetheart; you never cheated on me and I never wanted to live without you; I love you so remarkably much to bear to live without you…" she whispered with passion and cupped his cheek with her unoccupied palm tenderly. The man half-closed his eyes for a few seconds, rubbing slowly his cheek on her hand and then staring again at her bright eyes.

"R-Really?" he asked childishly and that caused to his wife to giggle softly before nodding gently to him; an enormous wave of new-found relief surrounded him differently- well differently. "I love you, too, Hermione…" he said then, wanting so terribly much to say these precious words and getting the wanted response this time- she smiled widely and beamishly, like it was supposed to be. He felt a weird, but so welcome feeling of completion inside him.

"I know, my love, I know… There is actually nothing to prove to me…" she said reassuringly and squeezed his hand with hers lovingly; as a result, his heart yelped with pure joy. "How do you feel, love?" she asked gently. He felt still a bit numb by the way she was talking with him after a long time he was used to her 'icy behaviour', but he still replied to her.

"Fine now; you're here…" he said lowly and a bit unsurely, but he received a beautiful smile and that made him feel a bit surer.

"I know what you mean- I missed you terribly all these months…" Hermione said lovingly and caressed the skin of his thin wrist with her thumb, producing goose-bumps on the process. Ron suddenly remembered something that Alfred had told him some hour ago.

"And… what about… Rose? Alfred said to me that you live in our house with her… Who is she?" he asked rather shyly and he felt his cheeks became a bit warmer, but he kept looking at her, and he saw a hint of nervousness or something similar on her face.

"You… You aren't able to remember, are you?" she asked uncertainly and when she saw the puzzled look that perfectly mirrored the way he felt at the moment, she went on: "Well… when they started on their research we… actually I was… I was pregnant with our child, Ron…"

Ron felt like a bludger had hit him on the head, as her words were still echoing in his disbelieving ears- 'pregnant'…

"You- You said that… you were… pr-pregnant?" he asked complete unsurely, still not sure for his hearing's good condition.

"Yes, Ron, I was pregnant…" she said slowly and smoothly and smiled kindly at him- he shivered, but in a good way. He was still so confused and lost in all this bombarding of information.

"But… but that was a- a fake memory… right?" he asked with his voice full of puzzlement.

"Healers used my current condition in a way, so they could make some of their false memories to insert in your brain; but I was in fact, pregnant." She explained patiently, her almond-shaped eyes never leaving from their sight his pale face.

"But now… now you are not?" he asked naively with his childish tone and instinctively, his pupils rested for a mere second on her abdomen, seeing it flat like he foggily remembered it. He heard then her light laughter and that caused to his eyes to loyally return to her face.

"Of course not, Ron!" she exclaimed delightfully, making her eyes to shine more. "I was eight months pregnant when you firstly were in comma; Rose is our little daughter, sweetheart…"

Ron's heartbeat started to increase crazily, as he looked at his breathtaking wife with quite wide eyes; it seemed too hard to believe, it seemed too good to be actually true…

A daughter… Little Rose…

"Breathe, dear- I don't want to lose you now when I have you back…" she joked a bit and the redhead followed her advice straightaway; a big gulp of air entered him and filled his thirsty lungs thankfully. He suddenly felt a flash in his head and he unsurely looked at his spouse, thinking if his brain was right this time.

"I kind of remember something, but I'm not sure if it's a false or a true memory…"

"Tell me and I'll tell you if it's a proper one or not, ok?" she answered kindly on an instant. He nodded and tried to remember as much as possible.

"You had a little, cute bulge" he started softly, and the fingers of his right hand brushed her belly for a moment, seeing with his mind's eyes the once existent swell, before continuing: "You must have been four-five months pregnant… And it was probably Sunday, we were at the Burrow and… and we were doing some… some naughty things in my old room…" he finally said and looked at Hermione with anticipation, wanting to know if that was actually true. Hermione's cheeks had then a rosy tint on them and she smiled a bit slyly at him.

"I can't believe that from all the things you could remember, you remembered this one!" she exclaimed with mock irritation, yet a beautiful beam appeared on her pink lips. Ron felt really light at the moment and felt the muscles of his face to pull up slightly, as a smile appeared on his own face, as well.

"I suppose I haven't changed much, then; besides it's a very vivid memory…" he said with his voice more care-free, all of the sudden, but he liked it his way.

Hermione's smile widened more, making her even more beautiful, if that was even possible. "You're right love- it was a very fine day… and night…" she said with a light laughter and then she leaned and kissed his forehead softly; Ron felt like the spot was on fire, as it probably was his blood inside his veins. He looked in her so sparkling eyes and felt the utter peace his false self desired for so long.

"I love you, Mione." he whispered without a hint of doubt or hesitation; he instantly noticed her eyes to shine with an identical feeling that reached his heart in a wonderful way.

"I love you too, baby." Hermione whispered with emotion in her voice and finally leaning her head down to his, making the valuable contact of the lips a so tangible reality, another real, worthy, inerasable memory of theirs. They kissed slowly and tenderly, savouring the flawless taste of each other's once again in a small, so-much-promising kiss that neither of them wanted it to end, because it was vital, yet lethal in a way- it could kill you in a course of some minutes from its sweetness, from its charm-; because it was so new, yet old like the Earth, even classic in a way; it was simply a so complicated, yet so plain, perfection…

She pulled away a minute later, but staying with her face a couple of centimeters higher from his, looking at each other with half-closed eyes and slightly swollen lips. Ron looked at her captivating eyes, his mind a bit numb and still thinking about the magic a simple contact let be released.

"I missed that…" he whispered softly and with a bit of difficulty, he raised a bit his right arm and caressed her cheek with the back of his fingers, reminiscing the sensation of her so smooth skin in contact with his own; Hermione laughed lightly for half a second.

"Don't tell me about it…" she whispered back, probably thinking about the nearly one year without him- most probably a living hell, a constant torture.

"I won't leave you ever again…" he promised her with a trace of passion in his voice.

"I won't ever let anyone take you away from me…" she promised back and they sealed it with another kiss, which lasted only for a couple of seconds. Ron unwillingly took his thirsty lips away from hers, producing during the process the small, quite muffled sound of the departure of their contacted lips. He looked at her for a short moment while he was licking his lips in search for remnants of her ideal taste and then another thought occurred to him.

"Where is Rose?" he asked softly, suddenly wanting to know about her, to see her, if that was possible.

"She's with Sarah- do you remember Sarah, love?" Hermione asked gently and when he nodded as a response, she continued: "Sarah instantly loved her, as well as Rose, and I left her to her for now- I thought it'd be too much for you to see me and Rose at the same moment." she explained finally and looked at him for a small moment before speaking again: "Do you want to see her?"

"Yes" Ron said without thinking, but he knew that that was what he wanted to do- to see, a bit belatedly of course, his daughter for the first time. Hermione smiled a little and then stood up- Ron then noticed for the first time that they were alone in the room, and Alfred was long gone- even though he had totally forgot about him while he was with his Mione.

"I'm going to bring her then." his wife said rather happily and started to head towards the door, a motion that instantly got the man anxious.

"No!" he exclaimed and as a result, Hermione stopped dead on her track. "Don't go!"

"But why not? We've just said that you want to see Rose." She said confusingly and knitted her eyebrows a bit, showing clearly her puzzlement.

"I just don't want to be alone…" he said quite embarrassingly; in a tick, Hermione was by his side and squeezed his hand reassuringly.

"Oh, but love, I'll only leave for a minute and I'll be right back, so don't worry, ok?" she said with assurance in her peaceful voice, but the word 'leave' instantly got him worried.

"No, please, just don't leave me…" he pleaded anxiously and grasped back her hand. She shook her head gently.

"Ssh, don't worry at all, baby; didn't I promise you that I don't ever let anyone to take you away from me- I included myself, as well, Ron." She said softly and kissed his warm cheek; he felt only a bit relieved by her words.

"Just hurry, ok?" he whispered as he saw her heading once again towards the door. She threw him a beamish smile before disappearing behind the door.

Ron instantly started to count the seconds, the feeling of being without her near him was now unbearable, as he felt so useless. His heart was kicking his ribs as a protest and he could clearly hear the thumping of his rather crazy pulse at his ears… Twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three

He must have reached two hundred and eighty-six when he heard the door opening once again, and he straightaway turned his neck and head towards there, yearning so badly for the sight of Hermione and their daughter- he needed to remember how to breathe before he faint…

The most beautiful sight almost got him permanently blind, as Hermione was holding in her arms a little baby in a small, yellow, cotton dress. Hermione was smiling brightly as she was approaching him.

"This is little Rose, Ron; Rose, this is Daddy and he's awake this time- do you want to hug Daddy?" the woman said sweetly and sat again on the tiny, empty space on the bed; she looked at him, but he observed it some seconds later- this time, he eyes couldn't leave from their sight the little girl.

"Do you want to hold her?" Hermione asked him gently, but Ron was only able to nod once- his mind was only able to think about the baby girl. Hermione carefully gave him the baby, who was looking curiously at his face now, until he protectively held her in his long, numb arms. His eyes shined with pure love for the little girl he was looking at for the first time, as he started to examine her cute physiognomy.

She had a cute, little head, with a cute little nose and small, dark pink lips; her cheeks were like little peaches, while her eyes were… were almost identical to his own, azure-coloured irises and an enormous, nearly round size, like Greek coins. As for her, still short hair, Ron noticed with small delight that the perfect curls, similar to Mione's, had a gold-red colour, alike his own one. She was a little baby-angel, his second love, his second, little world, another huge reason to live.

"Hello, Rosie" he whispered softly with his deep voice, and he hesitantly brushed his fingertips on her so flawlessly soft cheek, and then to her beautiful, similarly soft, short curls. "I'm Daddy and I already love, you, cutie- you're my little witch…"

He ever so slowly brought his lips near the baby and kissed with all the love existent in the universe, her little forehead; with pure delight, the melodic, angelic sound of her happy giggle reached his ears and tickled his eardrums like a smooth feather. He looked down at the baby girl in his arms, and the shiny set of cobalt eyes was staring back at him with joy, and Rose stretched her arm, her open, minute hand trying to reach his face and finally touching somewhat searchingly and victoriously his full, red lips-as a response, he kissed the minute fingertips, receiving from this another melodic sound of her perfect, so joyful and innocent laughter; the completion full him in a so different, so new, but at the same time, so desirable and balmy way… He was sure that he now knew the true meaning of utter bliss and love, because he now could feel it…

Two weeks passed pretty fast at the hospital for Ron, as he had to stay a bit longer for mental and body tests and checks, before taking finally the so wanted discharge. In the time, he was glad to have the daily visits of Hermione and his new love, little Rose, who immediately adored him and cried every time she had to leave when the visit drew close to its end. But Ron thought now that all these things wouldn't exist any longer, as he would be back to their home and they would be the happy family they deserved to be after such a long time.

Hermione was supposed to come and take him from 'St. Mungo's', as, because of the uselessness of the muscles for many months, he wasn't still able to walk and he had to sit on a wheelchair for some time before starting to walk once again. He was in his room, with Alfred checking on him one last time and telling him for the billionth time which potion should take when. Ron was patiently listening to him, while he was waiting with anticipation for his Mione to come and take him to their home, to see his little baby girl again, to lull her softly and then talk affectionately with Hermione until they fell asleep in each other's arms…

He finally heard the so wanted knocking on the door, and half a second later, Hermione was in his visibility range, making him feel more energetic, even though he would barely move. He smiled secretly at her behind Alfred's back, and she did the same, with the addition of a blown kiss- his smile widened unconsciously.

"Hi Alfred, how are you?" Hermione asked kindly to the older man, but her eyes almost immediately were cast back on Ron.

"Oh, hi Hermione, I'm fine thank you. I see you couldn't wait any longer…" he teased lightly and Hermione laughed for a second before going and sitting on the empty space Ron provided on his bed, as he shifted a bit from his half-laying, half-sitting position. He right away took her hand in his and pecked the corner of her lips lovingly.

"How are you?" he asked almost inaudibly while he was staring at her dark brown eyes. She smiled up to him adoringly.

"Fine- and you? How are you feeling?" she feather-whispered and travelled her index finger all the way from his right shoulder to his wrist, leaving goose-bumps on its path; Ron had to breathe deeply before answering.

"A bit useless, but otherwise great- especially now…" he whispered the last part almost inaudibly in her ear and then kissed lightly her earlobe, which made her to giggle lightly for a second; they felt like the couple of adolescents they used to be.

"Hermione, do you mind standing up for a moment? I need to transfer Ron to the wheelchair." Alfred said a moment later, and Hermione stood immediately, her eyes never leaving his identical stare. Alfred made Ron stand and then put him gently sitting on the black wheelchair; the red-haired shifted a bit so he could feel a bit more comfortable and then he looked at his colleague for a moment.

"Thanks, Alfred- for the mending, I mean…" he said and the other man nodded knowingly.

"Yeah, I know, my friend." he answered and then looked at the couple before smiling widely. "I let you of course at a more efficient healer; just rest, Ron." He finally said and all said their goodbyes before Ron, with the help of Hermione, started to head towards the corridor, and after that, towards the fireplace at the ground floor. Hermione threw the powder in it, and after saying clearly their destination, she gently pushed the wheelchair with her, entering the fireplace. Only seconds later, they were surrounded by the balmy atmosphere of their living room, of their warm, welcoming house. He sighed with happiness and with other, light emotions that were rooted in his joyful heart, as he let his eyes to wander around the almost forgettable room, trying to memorize it once again. Hermione stopped pushing the wheelchair and let it near the doorframe that headed to the hall; Ron sighed again and Hermione kneeled in front of him, looking at his eyes expectantly.

"So, how do you feel?" she asked him with the constant smile still on her angelic lips. Ron smiled more widely at her before replying.

"Perfect… no, it's not perfect…" he said with a skeptical tone in his deep voice; Hermione instantly got a worried expression on her face.

"What? What's wrong?" she asked rather anxiously; Ron felt suddenly the need to laugh merrily, but he swallowed his spontaneous want immediately.

"Well, it's just…" he started, pretending to be in deliberation about it, "It's so much more than just perfect…" he ended and his words caused to his wife to sob with delight and trying to not shed the few tears that had drown her beautiful eyes. He laughed for a mere moment and then leaned down and made his lips to meet her own ones, in a sweet, amoral kiss.

"Where is Rosie?" he asked after pulling away some seconds later, cupping her cheek affectionately.

"She's at Harry and Ginny's, she'll stay there for the night and they would bring her tomorrow; besides, they want to see you after such a long time." Hermione answered and then stood up. "I'm going to make some tea; can you wait for a minute?" she said and started to go towards the kitchen.

"Mione?" he said suddenly, not long after she made a couple of steps. She turned around and looked at him curiously, but the shine that underlined her love never vanishing.

"What is it, love?" she asked kindly and went in front of his sitting form again; the redhead looked at her with slightly puppy-dog eyes.

"Can you do me a little favour?" he asked with his low voice that made Hermione to smile beamishly.

"What is it, Ronnie dear?" she asked sweetly and Ron looked at her a bit surprised, as another wave of balm embraced him gracefully, and his ears still lingered on her last two words.

"What did you say me?" he said with rising, quite childish hope apparent in his voice; Hermione thought about it for half a second and then smiled adoringly.

"What do you mean? The 'Ronnie dear' thing?" she said with her melodic voice somewhat playfully and she leaned down to him a little- Ron's breath caught a bit.

"Say it again." He demanded softly and he saw his spouse to lean even closer to him.

"I love you, Ronnie dear…" she whispered rather passionately and now her head was only a few centimeters away from his, her chestnut curls became a curtain around them. Ron stared at her eyes like being hypnotized by them.

"I love you too, my sweetie…" he whispered back and then closed the short distance between them, kissing her slowly, yet a bit passionately as well. She kissed him back instantly, in a way similar to his, showing to each other the undying, powerful, lasting flame there was inside them- the perfect, so wanted flame that was called love

They pulled away two minutes later, temporary quenching their permanent thirst for each other, and they stared into each other's eyes- the navy blue met the chocolate brown and bonded in an amazing, still indescribable way…

"Is that all you wanted? To seduce me?" Hermione asked with her flirtatious tone as the depths of her eyes were shining brilliantly. Ron, even though lost in the perfect sight before his lucky eyes, he giggled like a teenage boy.

"It was a good thing, but no; I actually wanted to ask you if you could do me a little favour…" he said slowly with his deep, smooth voice.

"Tell me, love, what is it?" she asked him gently and smiled down to him compassionately.

"Can you bring me a sweater? I feel rather cold…" he finally said shyly and let a small smile to be worn on his full lips. Hermione laughed heartedly for a short moment and straightened her back.

"Of course, Ronnie dear, there's no need to ask." she said and cast him one more loving look before disappearing from his visibility range. He sighed lightly and closed his eyes gleefully, letting himself to fill with the warmness and the love of the moment.

He was finally home, in a place that was welcoming and full of happy, incredible memories. This was a place promising far too many good things for the future, as it was full of love and warmth, and it would never lack of them. He felt blessed, as he knew that he most probably wouldn't feel happier or unsatisfied.

And finally, the word 'completion' gained its true, full, precious meaning. And Ron Weasley sighed blissfully once again.


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