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Usagi trudged home after another long day at school. She was agitated, and it showed. Her friends; who'd been pestering her for days on end had finally let up and left her alone. Alone to wallow in her misery and humiliation.

She'd told Mamoru exactly what he needed to do if he was going to win her trust. All he had to do was prove it. And he'd shown no sign over the past two weeks of doing so.

So that was it. Whatever relationship they had been building up over the past month and a half had wrecked. It was a broken, pathetic little thing, their remaining link – what connected Tuxedo Kamen to Sailor Moon. She'd felt it jerk and pull a couple of times since she'd discovered Tuxedo Kamen's identity, but now? Nothing. It was withering away, shrivelling up and dying.

Not that she cared. She'd known his heart wasn't really in it. Stupid males. Always toying with girls and their feelings.

Usagi kicked an empty can lying innocently on the footpath. Walking a few steps after it, she kicked it again. In a strange way, it felt therapeutic to her, and she continued her journey home with the can. But as Usagi rounded the corner, she felt herself collide with a hard body, and they both tumbled to the ground.

Usagi tried desperately to blink back the stars blinding her and gasped.

"I'm so sorry! I wasn't looking, I was just –" glancing up quickly at her victim, she stopped abruptly and dusted off her skirt.

"I'm sorry Mamoru-san, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going." She apologised curtly as she gathered her bag and stood up again, ignoring his chuckles.

"Of course not, Odango," he laughed, remaining on the ground. "Since when have you ever looked where you were going?"

Usagi raised an eyebrow. Mamoru realised she was not impressed and sighed, rolling his eyes. One step forward, two steps back.

"I was just kidding, Usa. Now, help me up?"

Usgai stared at his offered hand as if it were an alien from the Sailor V game.

"C'mon!" he said good naturedly, waving his hand in emphasis. When he realised she was just going to stand there, he raised both hands above his shoulders. "No worries, I've got this one."

"Grow up," Usagi muttered bitterly as she turned from him and walked past. Because the truth was; she had.

Mamoru sat bemused on the pavement oblivious to the strange looks he was attracting. Calling after her, he shouted to her back, "Aw! Come on Oda- Usagi! I was just kidding!"


She knew she was being stupid, leaving him hanging on a thread, but she just wasn't ready to forgive him yet. She'd had too much of his fun and games and she didn't want to play anymore. Slamming the front door shut, Usagi stomped her way up the stairs and into her room before flinging herself on the mattress.

"Luna my life is so complicated right now."

No reply.

"Luna?" When her cat gave no answer, Usagi shrugged and pulled out Rei's textbooks. 'Might as well get my homework done' she thought. Opening the mathematic textbook and her exercise book, Usagi spread out on the bed and began solving the first equation.

"Just where did you get those?" said an icy voice as Rei – no, Sailor Mars – climbed through her window. Usagi jumped and was sitting up in a second.

"Rei?" she whispered in disbelief.

"Knew you were behind my missing books Odango-brain!" she said, but with an affectionate undertone.

"Only because you took mine in the first place, fire breath!" Usagi grinned back, before turning back to the books in question.

"Sharing is caring," her friend shrugged as she powered down. Rei grabbed a cushion off Usagi's bed and sat on the floor with it.

Usagi made no attempt at conversation, instead focusing on her work for several minutes. Rei stared at her as she tried to comprehend what was happening.

"So," she began conversationally. When her blond friend looked at her expectantly, she trailed off and looked around the room. Usagi turned back to her maths.

Rei suddenly turned back. "Ok, look. I've had enough, okay?"

Blinking at her workbook, Usagi croaked, "Oh?"

"Yeah. Oh. You look so completely depressed Usagi. And we're getting worried." The repetition of those words struck a chord with Usagi and she blinked back sudden hot tears. "You know, whatever fight you think you and Mamoru are having has been blown way out of proportion. You just need to get over it, okay Usagi?"

A sole tear splashed on her book, smudging the ink in her working out, before Usagi swiped at her face discreetly to remove the others.

"He didn't mean to upset you, all right? He just... He realised he was a jerk. And he tried to fix that. Hey are you even listening to me?" Rei grabbed the cushion and flung it at the side of Usagi's head. It bounced off lightly and landed on the floor. Usagi craned her head ever so slowly until she was looking at Rei with red-rimmed eyes. Rei did a double take.

"How would you know?" Usagi whispered slowly, angrily. "You have no idea what it feels like right now. He purposely lied to me." When Rei opened her mouth, Usagi continued over her. "I know I always seem so forgiving. But there's only so much I can take before I have to wonder why I bother. I don't like being trampled over all the time. And then when people realise that they're sorry, they're just gladHappy-Go-Lucky Usagi will say 'no problem!' and let it go. Well no. No more, Rei-chan. No more."

"What are you saying?" Rei asked, a little scared at the mature look glinting in the teary eyes of her friend.

"I'm saying that I'm done being so lenient. I want proof that someone is genuinely sorry when they've hurt me. And if they can't show me any, then I don't want to hear it."

"That's completely - "

"It's completely understandable Rei. If you don't agree with me, then too bad. You won't make me change my mind."

"I wasn't going to." Rei said sadly, glancing down at her tightly clasped hands in her lap. "I was going to say... that I'm sorry."

Usagi rubbed the back of her wrist across her eyes, wiping them yet again. "What?" she asked.

"I'm sorry, Usagi-chan! We've always had a come-and-go kind of relationship, because you used to rile me up so much! But now I can see you're a mature person. A different person. The kind I always wished you would be. But you've grown on me, as my friend. And now I feel like you're my sister... however you may come. I'm just sorry I never realised it until now."

Usagi blinked as Rei stared at her fiercely, unyieldingly. Rei had never been one to express her feelings so openly before, so it was pretty surprising she'd just opened up completely – to Usagi no less! Usagi got off the bed and crawled on the floor over to where her friend sat.

"Rei?" she asked tentatively. Her friend jerked her head. "I always thought you hated me; in some small way. That you were disappointed in me. I always felt like I could never be good enough for you. Tell me I was wrong."

Hot tears sprung quickly to Rei's eyes and she desperately tried to blink them back. "Usa," she managed to choke out. "Usagi. I could never hate you. Not in all my life! I was just... I don't know!" She threw her hands up in the air desperately. "You could say I was jealous I guess. I was jealous of you. You live life to the fullest, and I've never done that. I've never had that. And I'm sorry. My behaviour to you was appalling. I am so, so sorry." Hanging her head in shame, the priestess avoided her friend's eyes, not wanting to see the disappointment and accusation in them.

"Rei," Usagi said softly. "Rei, look at me." Rei looked up shyly. "Rei, I forgive you," she said simply.

"But you just said -" started Rei meekly before being cut off by a gentle Usagi.

"I know what I said." She smiled. "But I know you mean it. You're one of a kind Rei-chan. You believe in tough love and it works for you."

Rei sniffled and leaned forward. "Really? You're not mad? Even though I was a total monster to you sometimes?"

Usagi sat back on her heels and laughed long and loud. "Of course not! You're my hot-tempered Senshi of fire! I'd be worried if you weren't always edgy!"

Rei was suddenly overwhelmed with gratitude and awe at her friend's easy forgiveness, despite what she had just said. Lunging forward, she hugged her blond friend fiercely around the neck and whispered, "I swear I will never hurt you again, Usagi! Ever!"

Usagi continued to laugh shakily through her tears and hugged her friend back just as tightly. When they released, Usagi nodded to her books smiling. "So I take it you'll want them back now hey?"

Rei waved a hand dismissively. "Are you joking? Then I'd have to lug them all the way home, and lug yours all the way back here!"

The blond gasped. "So you do have them!" She pointed an accusing finger at her friend. Rei and Usagi laughed again, both feeling immensely relieved that they'd broken down every barrier in their friendship.

Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep. Usagi and Rei's communicators both began to beep in sync with one another. The girls were out the window in no time flat.


"Well done, Sailor Moon!" Sailor Mars grinned as she threw her arm around her leader's neck in a chummy gesture. "That has to be a new record for the fastest youma-destroying fight we've had yet. Isn't that right, Sailor Mercury?"

Sailor Mercury was too preoccupied with her computer to pay attention to the conversation at hand. "Hmm? Oh yes, yes well done, Sailor Moon. I wonder, perhaps if you could just take a few steps away from the ice cream truck? I have a feeling Mars' fire melted the frozen dairy in there."

The other Senshi grinned at each other. "So would we get to eat the melted frozen dairy in there?" Sailor Jupiter winked at Sailor Venus.

"Yum!" cried Sailor Venus enthusiastically and they all laughed. Unfortunately, before anymore could be said, Sailor Venus tripped over Sailor Jupiter's outstretched leg and sprawled to the ground. As Sailor Moon continued to laugh with her friends, she felt a presence behind her and whirled around.

"Tuxedo Kamen," she blurted in shock. He removed his hat and bowed to her slightly.

"Looks like you barely need me anymore Sailor Moon. Well done on that youma."

"Mmm." Sailor Moon said through tight lips. The other Senshi stopped laughing and the atmosphere was very tense all of a sudden.

"May I - can we - could I talk to you please, Sailor Moon?" Tuxedo Kamen asked her, dreading rejection.

Sailor Moon pursed her lips and glanced behind her. Sailor Mars and Sailor Venus were both nodding to her seriously, whilst Sailor Jupiter stood stock still and glaring at the man behind her. Turning back to the awaiting superhero she sighed.

"Fine. But only because you stuttered."

Tuxedo Kamen offered her a gloved hand to take but she refused.

"We're not going too far away. I want to be able to see my Senshi at all times please."

Tuxedo Kamen nodded and walked several paces away, just enough to ensure the Senshi would not be able to eavesdrop on their conversation.

"Sailor Moon... Usagi. I know you don't trust me anymore," – she snorted at that – "but you have to believe me when I say I want things to work out. I want you, Usagi. I want to spend time with you again. I want to smile with you, and laugh with you, and if possible, to even take you on a date sometime. I really care for you."

Sailor Moon opened her mouth, but he kept going. "I know, I know, you want proof. And so all I can think of is this."

Tuxedo Kamen grabbed Sailor Moon roughly by the shoulders and pulled her towards him, before crushing her lips with his own. Sailor Moon instantly melted, feeling her knees buckle beneath her, but before she could collapse to the ground, a strong arm snaked its way around her waist and held her in place. Just as she began to kiss back, she remembered who it was that she was kissing and brought her hands up to his chest. Giving him a hard shove back she glared at him with daggers in her eyes.

"What," she gasped slightly out of breath, utterly enraged, "did... you... think... you... were... doing!?"

"I was proving how I feel about you, Odango!" Tuxedo Kamen shouted at her angrily.

"YOU JUST STOLE MY FIRST KISS YOU JERK! YOU TOOK THAT AWAY FROM ME!" Sailor Moon screamed, half hysterical. "YOU DIDN'T THINK DID YOU? I WAS SAVING THAT AND YOU TOTALLY BLEW IT!" Sailor Moon began to break down, tears streaming down her face.

Mamoru's heart broke. He hadn't thought that through at all. In fact, he'd just assumed...

"Why Mamoru? Why?" Sailor Moon cried openly in front of him, not even bothering with his ego's name.

"Usagi... I..." Stepping forward in an attempt to console her, she shrieked at him again and he found himself face to face with a furious Sailor Mercury.

"Sailor Mercury, I was just -"

"Tuxedo Kamen I don't think you understand the ramifications here. What you have done - what you have committed today is completely against the male code. You cannot, you cannot," she stressed, "give a kiss without verbal consent from the girl first - and especially not a first kiss! It is unheard of!"

They both glanced at Sailor Moon, who was crying into the comforting arms of Sailor Mars of all people!

"You were very much mistaken if you thought this was your way to repair your situation," she said gravely. "I think it best if you just leave Usagi-chan alone from now on. She is understandably quite distraught right now."

Tuxedo Kamen barely nodded as his brain numbed his body for him and turned to walk away. Not talk to Usagi? But… But… But he'd just discovered how important she was to him! He couldn't lose her now! He loved her.

Do you really love her? a doubtful voice in his head asked. "Yes," he whispered to himself.

Then you'll try every possible way to fix this.

And with one last swirl of his cape, he set off into the darkening streets of Tokyo. He knew what he had to do now.


"Shhh, it's okay Usagi. It's okay. You're safe now. You're home," Rei soothed as she stroked Usagi's hair. Usagi was sprawled across her bed and crying into her pillow as her friends all surrounded her, looking on in worry. But despite her friends' attempts at consoling her, Usagi could not stop crying.

"He.... he... he...." was all she'd managed to get out before bursting into more tears again. Makoto was glowering at a blank wall as she pictured the smug jerk who'd hurt her friend, Ami was bringing out boxes of tissues and headache tablets from her subspace pocket, and Minako was rearranging Usagi's extensive stuffed rabbits collection. Rei just sat on the bed with Usagi.

"Usagi shhh. There there. Usagi it's ok. We're here for you. Tell us what happened. What did he say before he... What happened?"

Usagi twisted around until her bloodshot eyes were staring right into Rei's.

"He said... He said... he said he cared for me, and he tried to prove it. HE TRIED TO PROVE IT BY KISSING ME? Arg!" Usagi hid her face back into her pillow as the tears started up again. Rei looked around at their friends who all looked helplessly on.

"I don't think he knew, Usagi. I don't think he knew that was your first kiss," Ami murmured.

"I think he was trying to be romantic," added Minako, nodding from where she now sat on the floor.

"No!" Usagi's muffled wail came. "He did it on purpose! He's always out to get me!"

"Usagi! Dinner is ready!" Ikuko called from down the stairs. Five heads snapped up and strained their ears to see if Usagi's mother would be coming up, but after several beats of nothing, the group exhaled in relief as one. Makoto grimaced at Usagi.

"Sorry, Usa. We should probably get going. Don't want to get you in trouble now, do we?"

Usagi sighed and waved them towards the windows. "Go, go. I'll be fine. I promise."

"You sure?" Rei asked worriedly. "Want one of us to come back after dinner?"

Usagi sniffled and blew her nose. "No," she attempted to smile. "I'll be fine. Now go! Give me a minute to collect myself before I go downstairs! You know what Shingo'll be like."

Mutual nods and murmured agreements were made as one by one the girls jumped out of the window and onto the tree branch. Minako, who was last to leave, blew her blond twin an air kiss before joining the others outside. Sighing, Usagi got up and made her way to the bathroom.

One look at her reflection showed she was not ready to go downstairs – her mother would get all antsy again, her father would ask too many questions, Shingo would laugh at her... Splashing water on her face several times, Usagi dried her face with the hand towel and blinked. Pinching her cheeks to regain her colour and wiping her eyes one last time, she attempted a cheery smile at her reflection, but it came out looking forced and pained. Okay then, she thought. Just avoid smiling.

Making her way down the stairs and into the dining room, she was greeted by her family and she played her part as best as she could.

Throughout dinner however, the act began to wear off and Usagi was growing bitter again. Pushing her food around on her plate, she looked up when she felt herself being addressed.

"Are you not eating again, Usagi?" Kenji asked sternly, eyes trained on her face.

"Just feeling a little sick," she mumbled, clutching her stomach for good measure. Ikuko leaned across the table and placed her hand on Usagi's.

"Why don't you take a tablet and have a rest then hmm? I'll save your dinner for you when you come back down."

Usagi nodded mutely, glad she had a reason to leave and quickly excused herself. When she was halfway up the stairs, she could have sworn her mother say, "It's just teenage girl stuff," to her father, but she shrugged it off, not caring, and continued to her room.

Luna was waiting for her.

"Usagi," she began with sympathetic eyes as she watched her ward sink onto the bed.

"Uh uh," Usagi sighed tiredly. "Let me try to forget about it for just a moment. Please Luna."

Luna fell silent and hopped up on the bed to lay beside the sprawled out Usagi. Distantly they could hear the phone ring downstairs. A few seconds later, Ikuko called up.

"Usagi! Telephone for you! It's Minako and she says it's really important."

Usagi didn't move an inch. Two minutes went by and Ikuko could be heard talking into the phone about how Usagi wasn't feeling well, and that she'd call back if she got a chance.

Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep!

Usagi groaned as Luna jumped for the communicator on the dresser. Putting her paw on the flashing orange symbol for Venus, she asked urgently

"What is it Minako? Negaverse attack?"

"LUNA YOU HAVE GOT TO PUT USAGI ON!" Minako practically shrieked, her shrill voice bouncing around the room. Usagi covered her ears and moaned.

"I don't really think," began Luna uncertainly before being drowned out as Minako started bellowing


Usagi climbed out of bed and shuffled over to her dresser and picked the communicator up.

"What?" she asked moodily.

Minako rolled her eyes and commenced giggling loudly, making Usagi hold the communicator back at arms' length, wishing it came with volume control.

"USAGI I'M SO SO SO SOOOO SERIOUS! YOU HAVE TO TURN THE TV ON! PUT THE NEWS ON! HURRY!" The tone of her voice changed to urgent and Usagi and Luna found themselves sprinting downstairs and into the lounge room, where Shingo was watching some American show with yellow people. Snatching the remote from his loose hold and ignoring his indignant 'Hey!', Usagi clicked onto the next channel where a Live Feed was being broadcasted... Of Tuxedo Kamen no less! Clicking up the volume several times, Usagi and Luna caught what was the middle of a press conference in a well-lit suburban street.

"So are you, Tuxedo Kamen, confessing that you and Sailor Moon have an intimate relationship together?" a reported asked for confirmation. Usagi's eyes zoomed in on the lips that were half hidden behind the sea of microphones.

"I would very much like to say so, yes," he said confidently, smiling winningly at the camera.

"But only if she'll have me still," he added in a different tone, changing his facial expression to a very serious one.

"Oh?" another reported asked, pushing the microphone even closer. "And what do you mean by that?"

Tuxedo Kamen glanced around at his eager reporters and sighed before answering.

"If you could believe how much one guy could stuff things up with the girl he loves, then you're looking at him. I lied and broke the trust of someone I care about – and I don't know if she's willing to forgive me."

The microphones lowered a bit in shock before climbing back up to his face, causing him to push them back again.

"What do you mean you lied to her?" one female reporter asked bewildered.

"Who would lie to Sailor Moon, the Champion of Justice?" another asked heatedly.

"I didn't mean to, please believe me on that," said Tuxedo Kamen. "But I felt terrible about the way some things played out for her, and I wanted to fix things without looking like the bad guy. Like I always do to her."

"So what are you saying here, Tuxedo Kamen-sama?" a male reported asked eagerly.

"If Sailor Moon is watching this tonight... I want to make a statement. I want to tell the world how I feel about her! But I want her to hear it from me first."

As the majority of the reporters and journalist's were females, a very loud 'aww!' was made. The males working the cameras or holding aloft the microphones just rolled their eyes at the estrogen-rush the interview had just had and looked at each other awkwardly. Was this going to turn into an Oprah or something?

"What do you want to say? What do you want to say to her?!" they all asked eagerly, shoving the microphones back in his face. Tuxedo Kamen blinked slowly at them before looking directly at the camera; his dazzling eyes searing right into Usagi's soul even through the television screen. A grin tugged at the corner of his lips and he took a big breath before opening his mouth.

"What I really want to say; is that Sailor Moon, I love you. I love you Sailor Moon. And if you'll hear an old jerk out one more time, I promise I'll show you I mean it."

This time, the male reporters were wrestled out of the way as the girls all fought to get up close to the dashing superhero.

"That's so romantic!"

"That is so beautiful!"

"I wish my boyfriend would say things like that!"

"Are you getting this, Asanuma?"

"Where are you going to tell her?"

"Are you going to meet her tonight?"

The questions all came in too fast for Tuxedo Kamen to catch properly, so he held his hands aloft and the TV fell silent. Looking around at all his new sudden fans, he grinned and gazed back at the camera.

"Sailor Moon. If you're watching this, which I sincerely hope you are, I want you to meet me. Tonight. You know where, you know the place."

Usagi gaped at the screen as her grip loosened on the remote control. Shingo took this as his chance and seized the remote, flipping it back to his show. It was on an ad commercial.

"Well you certainly recovered," he scowled as he glanced up and down at her. Usagi turned slowly, half in a daze.


Shingo looked at her strangely.

"What were you watching that for anyway? It's just a load of crap. Probably a publicity stunt – you know, to up the sales in their merchandise or whatever."

"Shingo!" Usagi exclaimed in shock. Recovering however, she just continued without missing a beat. "It's Sailor Moon! Only the coolest superhero in the world! Duh! Why wouldn't you watch that?"

"That was very romantic what he just did there."

Usagi and Shingo spun around to see their mother leaning on the kitchen doorframe with her arms folded. Seeing the looks on her children's faces, she said, "Admitting his feelings for a girl in front of the whole city, and quite possibly the nation if the tabloids exploit it too! Whatever he's sorry about, he certainly went about it the right way. There's no doubt now that Sailor Moon should forgive him!" Nodding in a satisfied fashion, Ikuko wandered back into the kitchen humming a Celine Dione song, leaving the two teenagers to blink in her wake. The ad finished and a fat, bald, yellow man appeared on the screen, eating a doughnut.

"Hey, move it, fatso!" Shingo said as he peered exaggeratedly around his sister. Usagi quickly stepped out of the way and ran for her room.

"Feeling sick!" she shouted over her shoulder. "Don't disturb me!"

"Wasn't going to," drawled a voice from the lounge room.

Once in her room, Usagi slammed the door shut and locked it, heaving against the wood from the exertion.

"You saw that, right?" she asked with wild eyes, and Luna nodded.

"Well what do I do!?" she panicked.

"You go meet him" Luna replied simply.

"What? And get busted by mum and dad? No thanks!"

"Usagi, it's very clear his confession had an impact on you. And even if you don't feel the same way, you still have to meet up with him anyway. You owe him that at least. The man did just open his heart in front of half of Tokyo."

"But! But! But!" Usagi gasped, her body seizing up with fear. She couldn't see him now! She was too scared. She didn't want to do it. Sure a youma she could face now, but Mamoru Chiba? Not after he just admitted he loved her. On live TV no less!

Luna nodded her head to the window and Usagi's resolve hardened. She would do this dammit. She was Sailor Moon, Champion of Justice! And on behalf of the moon... she would fight for love, and all that that entailed!

"I'm going," she said determinedly to Luna, who's eyes seemed to smile at her.

"Go!" she urged. Usagi needed no telling twice. Jumping out the window and onto the tree branch, Usagi hung upside down by her knees to make sure the window was clear of all family members before up righting herself and dropping to the ground. Running onto the now dark street, she dashed into the nearest large shadow and transformed behind a car. Once the last flash of light disappeared, Sailor Moon was left standing in her place, and she jumped on the roof of the car, high tailing it to the nearest fire escape and onto the roof of an apartment complex.

Sailor Moon didn't know if it was her hammering heart that made her run faster, or just the dread of what awaited her, but all too soon, she found herself in the now familiar surrounds of the city's docks. Leaping across the last few roofs, Sailor Moon landed gracefully on the very same one she had talked to Tuxedo Kamen on, on that fateful night.

"I didn't think you'd come," an uncertain voice smiled from the darkness. Sailor Moon turned slowly around as Tuxedo Kamen stepped out of a shadow.

"Well, I'm here now." She tried to joke, but it came out as rather flat and almost rude.

"I can see that," he nodded, his midnight blue eyes sparkling in the moon's light.

"It's nice out, isn't it?" he started conversationally, raising an arm to indicate the view before them. Sailor Moon turned to see what he was talking about and caught her breath.

Here they could see hundreds and thousands of tiny, twinkling little lights, winking at them flirtatiously over the water. The high tide lapped below, creating a soothing atmosphere by their gentle whooshing, and somewhere nearby, seagulls could be heard squawking and squabbling amongst themselves.

"I saw you on TV!" Sailor Moon blurted out suddenly. Oh my god, you idiot!

"Which I had assumed to be why you were here," Tuxedo Kamen smiled at her as he faced her again. "And?"

"You said you loved me!" Sailor Moon blurted out again.

He nodded.

"But you don't even know me!" she cried. "Not really I mean," she amended.

Chuckling, he reached out and played with the hair from one of her odangos.

"I know enough about you to know that I do."

What? Sailor Moon thought, confused.

"I know that you are a happy, lively, fun-loving, life-enjoying, sing-and-dance-in-the-rain, wholesome young woman," he began. "And I know that you are also the bravest, strongest, toughest warrior I know."

Sailor Moon was beginning to find it hard to breathe the way her heart was pounding so insistently in her ribcage.

"I know that you're afraid of thunderstorms, and I know that you hate carrots. I know that your favourite thing about the arcade is when Motoki makes you his special chocolate milkshake, which has its own recipe just for you. I know that you have a cat named Luna, and Minako, Rei, Makoto and Ami are your best friends. I know that my green blazer annoys the hell out of you, which is why I still wear it, and I know that on days your teacher has relationship problems, the time until I get to see you next is prolonged by a detention. I know that your heart rules your head and that you're always thinking of others before yourself. I know that -"

"Okay! Okay! I get it!" Sailor Moon held up her gloved hands in bewilderment and laughed nervously at him. "Okay, so you know me. But why? Why do you love me?"

Tuxedo Kamen stared across the water again as he thought. Sailor Moon gazed at his face, before turning to the water too.

"I love you, Usagi, because you are the light of my life. You illuminate what is otherwise dark, and you warm up my heart like no coffee can."

Sailor Moon giggled at his joke, but he continued. "I think I've always loved you. Or at least had a sense of awareness whenever you were around." He turned desperate eyes to her, as if seeking for her to understand. "When we used to fight, I just wanted to talk to you. I just wanted you to notice me, and to talk to me! So I did the only thing I could think of. Insult you."

"So all this time?"

"All this time. Every snide little comment, every little yank of an odango, every glare and every put down. It was all to get you to notice me."

"Oh Mamoru!" sighed Sailor Moon sadly.

"I know, I know. I was an idiot... Still am. But do you think you could forgive me, and let me make it up to you?" He leaned in closer and Sailor Moon gulped.

"Make it up to me how?" she asked nervously. He chucked lightly again and licked his lips.

"Usagi, I'm trying to ask you for your permission. I'd like to kiss you now please."

Heart hammering, Sailor Moon stood stock still as she allowed Tuxedo Kamen to cup her face in his hands. His warm breath brushed over her lips as her eyes fluttered close and she felt his lips gently meet hers. This time there was no desperation, no rush and no anxiety. Just him and her, alone together. Sailor Moon snaked her arms up to his chest, as his circled her waist and brought her closer to him. She smiled into the kiss and he moaned in response.

Her hands began travelling from where her palms lay pressed flat on his chest to slide up to his neck, before curling her fingers in his hair. Likewise, he untangled one arm from around her waist and brought it back up to the back of her neck, guiding her head to tilt at a better angle for him. As he deepened the kiss, he became aware of the gaping hole in his heart, which he had grown so used to in the many years of being alone, slowly healing. It was pure bliss. He was becoming whole again.

But all too soon, they had to end the kiss or risk suffocating. Breaking apart for air, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen held their faces inches apart, ragged hot breath mingling and eyelashes close to tangling. A smile made its way onto Sailor Moon's lips.

"Say Mamo-chan, someone once told me I should ask you for help on my homework if I ever needed it... What do you think?"

A smile made its way to Tuxedo Kamen's lips too.

"I think whoever said that was a very, very clever person, Usako. I would be delighted."

Leaning in for another kiss, the couple were oblivious to the bare leg that swung over the ledge of the roof. It was only when a gloved arm made its way over too and an angry voice yelled "Hey!" that they jumped apart and looked over. When an incensed Sailor Mars' head popped up over the low ledge, Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen rushed to help her up. With each grabbing an arm and leg, they pulled her over the top and let her lay panting on the ground.

"You are in such big trouble, missy!" she huffed, pointing a finger on a weak arm at Sailor Moon, who glanced at Tuxedo Kamen in panic.

"Mars? What are you doing here?!"

"I should be asking you the same question. Do you know how far you are from the nearest help? You didn't think to contact one of us first? Just to have standing by? Do you know how worried I was? I didn't know where you were! I didn't know what would happen to you!"

"Is she up there?" Sailor Jupiter's voice carried from very far below. Sailor Moon leaned over the edge to peek at her friends, smiling when she felt Tuxedo Kamen's hands on her waist to keep her steady. Waving enthusiastically, she saw Sailors Venus and Jupiter exchange looks and starts whooping joyfully.

Turning back to her exhausted friend, Sailor Moon blinked.

"How'd you get up here anyway?" she asked curiously.

"I climbed, what else do you think?" her friend snapped.

"But...there's like a ladder right over there...." Sailor Moon pointed a shaky finger to the rusty ladder that was indeed very close to where they stood then.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGG!" yelled a fuming Sailor Mars as she too spotted it. Not a second later, Sailor Jupiter's beaming face popped up.

"You guys!" she said loudly as she climbed the last few steps and jumped over the ledge. Walking over to a stunned Sailor Moon, she nudged her shoulder with her own. "Some warning would have been nice, girl."

Sailor Moon had the decency to blush.

"Are you sure it's okay, Sailor Jupiter?" a very nervous voice called.

"Hurry up and don't be a baby!" whined another.

"Sailor Jupiter? Are you there?" the first called again. Sighing, Sailor Jupiter strode back to the lady and reached a hand down. A second later she was yanking an obviously terrified Sailor Mercury up with her.

"About time!" grumbled Sailor Venus playfully as she joined the group, winking as she jumped over the ladder's last few steps. "I thought I'd fall off that ladder just from boredom Mercury took so long!"

"What are you guys doing here?!" Sailor Moon breathed, half amazed, half disbelieving.

"We'd hardly leave you unchaperoned with a guy, regardless of superhero status," Sailor Venus said as she tossed her hair.

"So we had Mercury track you on her computer!" Sailor Jupiter clapped the terrified Senshi on her back, causing her to stumble forward from the force.

"Sailor Mercury!" Sailor Moon gasped, feigning an appalled and hurt look.

"They... They... They... They forced me to!" she shrieked, suddenly losing her cool.

"I just wanted to let Mercury here know that I was in need of a good target for my powers practice... It's not like Jupiter and I threatened to use our powers on her if she didn't!" Sailor Mars laughed as Sailor Mercury and Sailor Moon paled.

"So this is the place you were telling us about," Sailor Venus said as she bopped her head, taking in the view. "Whoa, check out the scenery guys. Totally wicked!"

Sailor Mars cast a sly look at the dumbfounded couple. "I have a feeling it's not the view they were appreciating!"

Tuxedo Kamen cleared his throat awkwardly and glanced down at Sailor Moon, who was in his arms again. "Can you make them leave? They're a little..."

"Eccentric?" Sailor Mercury supplied.

"Awesome?" Sailor Venus tried.

"Annoying?" Sailor Moon scowled .

"Awkward," Sailor Mars nodded knowingly.

"Scary..." Tuxedo Kamen finished.

"Sorry boy, but as the Senshi team are all about protecting each other's backs -" Sailor Jupiter began, before being elbowed by Sailor Venus.

"We'll leave you two alone for now. But you have ten minutes, all right? Sailor Moon has school in the morning!" Sailor Mars wagged her finger at Tuxedo Kamen.

"We won't be far!" reminded Sailor Mercury. "Just down below if you need us. Close enough to hear her scream." She narrowed her eyes dangerously.




"Erm, so ok. Well this is us leaving!" Sailor Venus clapped as she removed her eyes from Sailor Mercury. One by one the Senshi all filed down the ladder again, with Sailor Mercury causing a ruffle again because of her speed.

"You're like a grandma, Mercury!" Sailor Mars exclaimed as she witnessed how slow her friend climbed down, eyes tightly shut.

"JUST GO!" Sailor Moon shouted. Once it was just her and Tuxedo Kamen alone again, she turned to him slowly and began tracing imaginary patterns on his chest. "Now where were we?"

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