Dude, Get Out Of My Bed!

Disclaimer; I own nothing… pity.

They were just bumping shoulder, as they killed aliens; but something was brewing under the surface, and their cloths! Cody and Zack sitting on the couch. They seemed to be engrossed in the video game yet their minds were focused on the blond boy beside them. On the aggressive contact, the grunting sounds. Yes, both of the boys loved eachother in a very un-brotherly way and have for a very, very long time. They knew it was a gross, wrong, and unnatural, that is was they kept it a secret, even from eachother. They tried to ignore it, hoping, just wishing that it would go way by itself. But time takes it's toll on the two teen and after countless cold shower, this was one pimple that just had to be popped!

Zack kept stealing looks at Cody's smiling face and wondered why his twin was so much cuter then him. Cody kept staring at Zack's hand hating (well not really) that Zack seem so much stronger then him, so much more powerful.

Both pre-pubrsistent boys found themselves getting worked up, the blood flooding towards their groins. Shifting to hide the tents in their pants, they tried – half heartedly- to focuses on the game.

Five rounds of ALIEN BRAINS later, Carey walked in a bucket of chicken under her arm. They twin slide away from each other, and suddenly lost interest in the game, now that it wasn't a full contact sport anymore. " You guys hungry? " Joining their mother at the table, they ate in silence. Finger licking good Zach thought as he saw his brother finger get shiny with greasy. He daydreamed about cleaning his brother with his tongue, every single inch of the identical body. Cody wiped his hands on a napkin, breaking Zack's spellbound gaze what a waste. This did not go unnoticed by Cody, grinning to himself, he began to come up with a devilish scheme; but was distracted by Zack's lips.

Zack was thoroughly enjoying a drumstick, so much that he was sucking the chicken juices off his fingers. Finger after finger disappeared to the base between those pink, pump lips. And finger after finger was slowly pulled out coated in salvia. Cody hurt himself while trying to keep his moan from escaping.

Carey just thought that her boys really liked the chicken. It was some of her best cooking! (AN note she bought it... teehee)

Unlike most nights where they did they homework (well Cody did their the homework), Carey had rented a movie, a horror movie. Now that the boys were older (15) they could handle it. During the first half they remained calm and aloof, but once Carey was call into work; that is when things started to heat up.

"AAAAAAAAARRUUUHHHHH" Cody screeched he was going to make the most of this situation, which gave him maximum cuddling opinionates. He buried his face into Zack's chest pulling blankly over his head. Cody took advantage of this stolen yet "justified" closeness. His eyes were rolling into his skull as Zack filled his sense. Zack was thrilled that his brother acted like such a girl. He wrapped his arm around the slightly smaller build of his twin, and pulled him close. They fit together so nicely he thought.

But the movie ended far to soon for both of their liking. At night was the hardest for them (pun intended), it hurt them having the object of their lust only a few feet away from you.

To nights the nights, I saw how he was looking at me. It makes since, he has to feel the same way; he just has to. I think my pecker will blow up if I can't touch him. Odd he is usual the bolder one Cody was giving himself a pep talk. His knuckles were white from chuckling on the streets as much as he talked himself up, he was still scared shitless. Well Zack is slow, kinda clueless, gross, and a little mean, way do I want to join him in his bed. Because it's Zack… fuck! Ok one …twooo. Thr..ee.. NOW!! Nothing, no movement; a few whimper leaves Cody's lips. Now Zack was still up giving himself his our kind of pep talk, about how he cannot go rape Cody how that would be a very, very bad thing. But when he heard Cody whimpering nothing could have keep him in his bed. Zack bounded over to his little brother. Zack started to shake Cody's shoulder. Feeling was running though him, what the hell is wrong Cody, talk to me.

"Cody man don't be such a baby, what's wrong" were the words that Zack chose to let out.

Cody took advantage of Zack's closeness again that that night, to make his mission much easier. Cody thrown his arms around Zack's hip and pulled him in. Cody dug his face into his twin brother's lap, rubbing himself furiously into Zack. Before Zack jump back and start yelling what the hell, Cody begins to cry and sob about how scared he is. Now Zack is truly considered about his brother that he does not notice that his cock was double in size till it's throbbing was hurting him!

Cody had noticed and was planning on his brother's erection, but he ignored it; despite how much he wanted to touch it. " God Zack I'm so scared, I can't ... I can's possible sleep alone … please, please, please stay?"

"Man… Cody-"

Cody began to sob louder; he needed to get his brother in his bed.

"Fine" Zack knew this was going to end in a mess, but not sure what kind. But he what chose did he have? Cody was upset. Zack crawled under the space ship covers and shank into the mattresses; not sure want to do with himself or his erection. Zack became edgy, suspicion, and scared that his brother had found out his sexual obsession.

Cody intensity snuggled himself to his twins side and pulled his leg over Zack's crouch. Both boys' heart rates were skyrocketing. Cody continues to fake crying but he was losing his confidensions too scared to make the next move. Zack started to hear the act in his brother's voice; he violently tosses Cody's leg off of him.

"Cut the crap Cody. OK YOU KNOW!! FUCK I'M SORRY MAN!! I'M A SICK FUCK!!!"

And for the first time in a long time Cody could hear the tears in Zack's voice.

"Why are you trying to humiliate me" Zack began to shake with dry painful cries know that he had fucked it all up.

Cody didn't know what to do, he just did what his body; his identical body to his brother, told him to do. He kissed his brother.

Just softly at first, barely brushing their lips together. Zack was taken back, shocked, motionless. Then Cody put more pressure into the kiss, they first kiss. Turns out Cody doesn't have alot of control. He mashed his mouth against his brother, he needed him to react. AND react he did, Zack grabbed the back of Cody's neck pulling him it to a desperate kiss, but is lasted only for a moment. Shocked Zack pushed Cody and hissed," What do you think your doing."

"Zack, you dolt! It's mutual!"


Zack jumped Cody, forcing him on his back, this time Zack took action. Zack hungrily devoured Cody's soft dry lips, and so hungry for more. Straddling Cody, Zack ran his hand along his brother's arms, over his shoulder, and down his side. It felt so similar to Zack's our body… yet, softer. Zack took Cody's bottom lips in between his our lips and bite down, gently nipping away at his sweet tasting twin. Cody hand's snaked themselves into Zack's blond hair, pulling him down into their heated, wet kiss, god how longed for this moment. Both of them were sporting painful erection, and as much as Cody loved the pressure of Zack there, he began to panic. And in a quiet breathy voice "Zack!"

"That's right say my name, baby" Zack started to grind into Cody and attacked Cody's neck. A groan leaks itself out of Cody's lips and pre-cum leaks out of his cock. Cody grew more conflicted. He started pounding on Zack's back, his tune muscular back… mmm NO!

"Zack, no stop" Cody whispered a plea; Zack frozen in his tracks, with his hand on his brother's bare stomach. Cody looked up into what must have been a reflection, but he knew that it was his salvia on those lips, and the salvia on his lips was his brother. God I was kissing ZACK why the hell did I stop?! Cody shifted himself to get more comfortable and felt a hot, hard as steel cock press into his own. " We can't do this, Zack"

"But, but you said it was mutual" Zack choked out the words, fear was dripping of each syllable I'm going to lose him, not now, it just started

Cody felt guilt rush though his system, " It IS. I want It, JEUS I want it, Zack I need you, I have for a very, very along time. I want you, it's just … I'm not ready for it."

" It being… us together...Well as a I don't know a couple."

"Sex I'm not ready for sex"

"Oh well that's ok, no sex" Zack said kindly a little disappointed but he was willing to move one. AND he did, he started to kiss Cody again with a renewed longing and grind himself into him, desperate for the friction.

"No Zack stop!!" Cody could feel his voice get high pitched. Zack looked down and his brother and saw his eyeswhelling tears cling to his long girl like lashes. Zack felt a stab in this gut, not quite sure how he felt: guilt, anger, lust, and lack of patience. The Guilt outweighed most of the lust, most.

"Jeez man, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to force ya" Zack slide off his brother and laid beside of him. Zack sheepish reached for Cody's hands, pulling towards himself. Forcing Cody to turn to look at Zack.

"It just going so fast." Cody sighed, " and I want it to happen, I mean I'm hard too, Zack. I want to feel your body against mine. " Cody felt his cheeks burn with blush, but he knew he had to say it. " I need to feel you in me." Zack held his breath scared to hear the next part, " But I never did ANYTHING before… and I'm just so scared, but im not sure what of."

Zack let out a sigh of relief, "You know I would ever hurt you, Cody. You're my baby brother. And I have never-"

"But all those girls"

"Just for show, we only ever kissed, and nothing like what we just did." Zack moved closer to Cody, they noses were almost touching. Both of them started to breath a lot shallower. They just stared in eachother eyes, scared to look away to find that it was just a stupid dream. It seemed forever till Cody responded.

" Is it ok if we kiss, just for now"?

"Thought you would never ask!"

And so painfully slowly Zack moved in, keeping eye contact to make sure Cody ok with the rate.

"Smart ass" Cody covered the remaining distance in a milsec flat. The rushed contact quickly became a slow soft kiss. Zack patience was being tested, Zack trying to deepen the kiss by moving his lips against Cody's. And he took the bait. Cody took Zack's bottom lip in to his own and mimic Zack's past action. Zack searched for Cody's hands, Zack pulled Cody even closer by them and tried to show him to wrap his arms around him. After a while Cody took the hint, and wrapped himself around his brother. Zack did the same.

They kissed and kissed keeping at the same inmate rate.

"Zack… my lips hurt, man we been doing this for 3 hours"

"Really? Whoa.."

"Dude, get out of my bed"

Hurt spread though out Zack, but he disgusted it well, "WHAT. THE. HELL. CODY!" Cody's hand shot up and covered Zack's mouth, Cody saw the anger that was burning in his twin.

So in his most sweet calming voice, "Mom will be in to wake us up soon."