just a little one-shot, jake & leah.
i was bored. (:
i will get back to doing where were you? soon. (:
The tall, beautiful girl stood there, waiting.
She paced up and down, the pain visible on her face.
The time was passing.
She shivered.

And then he arrived.

Shock coloured her features for an instant, then her face was a dull mask, betraying no emotion.
'You came.' A single statement, not needing an answer.
'Yes. Leah, what- why?'
'I'm leaving, Jake.'

His silent 'no' was all needed to make her flinch.

'Look, I won't matter to you anymore. You don't have to worry about me. Stay, okay? Stay here and have a perfect life; you don't need me messing it up! I don't want to have to live in a world where love only comes to girls born with it. I just can't. I can't live here anymore, where nobody loves me. First Sam, now you.'

The anger in her voice was visible now.

'I can't Jacob! You say-' Her voice cracked with feeling 'You say that you love me, that you don't love her, but you do. You have to. I know there's a part of you in there, a part of you that does love me.'
She smiled pitifully.

'But the part that loves her is too strong. So I'm going to go, go anywhere, away from here. I'll be dead to you now. But you don't have to worry-You killed me when you imprinted on her.'
'I'll become a part of your past, the part that doesn't last, okay?'

She sighed.

'I love you as much as I hate my life. Just, remember me, okay?'

And she left.

The boy crumpled, curling up on the floor.

That night did not end well for anyone.