"Oh! Over here! Please help me! Please!"

Captain Jack, Mickey Smith, and Jenny stopped as they heard the voice calling out to them. They turned to the direction of the sound and saw a woman clutching at the bars of a Dalek prison cell. She looked middle-aged, but still retained her youthful beauty. Her frame was petite, but had grown exceedingly thin from want. She had short brown hair that accentuated the roundness of her face. Her eyes told a tale of sorrow and pain, but, strangely, still held a glimmer that seemed to say that she would never give up hope.

"Oh please! They'll be back soon!" she said to them.

Jack pointed his Sonic Blaster towards the cell. "Stand back," he said as a shot broke open the door. The woman ran out to them. "Oh, thank you!"

"Who are you?" asked Jack. "How did you get here?"

"My name is Susan," said the woman. "I was being held prisoner here. But how did you get here?"

"I'm Captain Jack Harkness and these are Mickey Smith and Jenny," explained Jack. "We came here to fight the Daleks. Come with us. You'll be safe."

They walked through the corridors of the Dalek base. They had to hide behind some nooks in the walls a few time to hide from passing Daleks. Thankfully, they went undetected. After several twists and turns, the four found themselves in front of a blue police box. When she saw it, Susan froze.

Mickey mistook her hesitance and told her, "Don't worry. It's bigger than it looks. It belongs to the Doctor; you'll like him." Susan took a deep breath as he led her inside. She still had a look of terror.

She looked around. So many people, but were was he?

"Doctor," said Jack.

A tall thin man, who had his back to the door, obviously engrossed in some project, called back to him, "I'm kinda busy at the moment."

"Doctor," said Jack again. "This is Susan. We found her in one of the Dalek cells. She can help us."

The Doctor waved his hand, but still didn't turn. "Nice to meet you Susan."

Susan remained silent as she stared at the unrecognized figure. Jack turned to her and said, "Well? Aren't you gonna say anything? You know, bigger on the inside... Hello? Earth to Susan. Susan?"

Susan, finally unable to control her emotions, slowly and a little hesitantly, still staring at the Doctor's back, said, "You... never fixed the Chameleon Circuit."

At these words, the Doctor dropped the Sonic Screwdriver he had in his hands and raised his head. He paused for a moment as half-forgotten memories washed through his mind; he then swiftly turned completely around and blurted, "Susan." He ran towards her, and in an instant they were in a deep embrace. Susan buried her head in the Doctor's shoulder. Both were crying. "Oh, Grandfather!" she managed.

"My little Susan," the Doctor whispered. "I thought I lost you."



Everyone else in the TARDIS was struck silent by this unexpected event. Finally, Jack broke the silence, "Did she just call you 'Grandfather'?"

The Doctor looked in Jack's direction, still embracing his granddaughter, "Well, I do happen to be hers."

"Since when?"

"Since my daughter gave birth to her," said the Doctor.

Jack turned to Jenny, who shook her head. "Since when do you have another daughter?" asked Jack, bewildered.

"Since my wife gave birth to her. Really, Jack, out of all people, you should know how it works!" said the Doctor.

"Grandfather," said Susan. "I knew you'd come. I just knew it. But, are these all your friends?"

"Yes. Let me introduce you. This is Martha, Sara Jane, Mickey, Jack-"

"Pleased to meet you, Susan!" Jack flashed a smile at her.

"Jack, don't you dare!" said the Doctor sternly. "Or I'll kill you for the rest of eternity!"

"I was only saying 'Hello'!" Jack protested. The Doctor eyed him critically.

"Is he okay?" Susan whispered to her grandfather.

"Fixed point in time. Long story. Don't worry about it."

Jenny, who had remained quiet throughout the entire scene, suddenly stepped forward. The Doctor noticed and turned to Susan, saying, "And this... is your Aunt Jenny."

"Aunt Jenny?" Susan exclaimed.

"Also a long story."

Susan quickly regained her senses and extended her hand, "Pleased to meet you." Jenny shook her hand and returned the salutation. Both noted the awkwardness, so Susan explained, "It had been Grandfather and myself for so long, just the two of us. Then when I left, my biggest fear was that Grandfather would be lonely." She suddenly turned to the Doctor. "But do they all travel with you?"

"From time to time."

"Of their own free will, I hope. None were kidnapped?"

The Doctor laughed. "No. I wouldn't do that again. But I was only trying to protect you then. Though," the Doctor mused. "Sometimes I do take on companions against my will, which I don't rather enjoy at first."

"Like Romana?" asked Susan.

"Yeah... Wait? How do you know about her?" asked the Doctor.

"She told me."

"When?" the Doctor's eyes opened wide and stared deep into hers, as though searching for his answer through them.

"She's here, too," Susan explained. "And Leela. There are many of us." The Doctor stood in shock.

"Where are they?" he asked, both excitedly and seriously at the same time.

"I can show you."