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Newt sat in the living room of their home, curled up on the sofa. He was engrossed in the book he was reading and was completely in his own little world. The broken silence disturbed him as he saw Frankie enter the room with baby Charlie.

"Newt love, could you watch Charlie for me tonight?" Frankie asked as she entered the living room of the flat they shared with Steph and Tom.

"Frankie, I was going to be meeting Lucy tonight, we were going to the cinema."

"Oh, well it doesn't matter; I'll call Liz and tell her it doesn't matter."

"No, tell you what, I'll call Lucy and re-schedule. You go and meet Liz tonight; you hardly ever get time to yourself."

"Are you sure love?"

"Yeah, I'm sure. We can go to the cinema any time. You go out and enjoy yourself."

"Thank you love. You know what to do don't you? He must be in bed by 7."

"Frankie, I think I can manage to look after a 1 year old baby."

"I know, I know. I can't help myself." Frankie said laughing.

"You go and get ready; I'll give Charlie his tea." Newt smiled seeing the happy look on Frankie's face.

Newt sat on the floor playing with Charlie. He had texted Lucy to explain why he couldn't meet her. He was annoyed that he couldn't meet Lucy; he was really into her and loved spending as much time as possible with her. She wasn't his usual type, but there was something that drew him to her and he just couldn't resist her.

Lucy was just an average teenage girl. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes and petite figure. She loved Fashion and girly things but also was extremely into her studies. Lucy was desperate to do well in school, she worked very hard at her course work as she wanted to get the best grades possible, but she also loved to have a good time and party as well. She enjoyed hanging out with her friends and was very into music, you would never catch her without her I-phone blaring music into her ears.

Lucy had only lived in Hollyoaks for about 8 month. They moved there after her mother died a year ago to give them start a fresh, as it caused too much pain to stay in their old house where Lucy had grown up in. She lived with her dad and baby sister Ella. It had been a hard year dealing with everything that had happened, but Lucy had got her life back on track and was doing better than ever. She had 3 best girl friends, an amazing boyfriend and a family that loved her very much. She had been going out with newt for about 6 months now and they were very much in love. Newt had been a big help in moving on with her life. He was someone she could escape to see when things got too much for her to handle at home.

Newt had a pretty hectic life too, he had been in foster care almost all his life, and he only got some stability when he moved in with Frankie and her family 2 years ago. He had to deal with the fake death of Jack, Darren and Jack going to prison. He was always there for Frankie, but was glad he could use Lucy as an excuse to leave the mayhem behind and have some peace and quiet.

Lucy was bummed when she got Newt's text; she had really been looking forward to seeing him. She had even gone shopping with Anita and Theresa yesterday to get a new outfit as she wanted to impress him. She had spent hours getting ready as she wanted to look her best, and now it was all for nothing.

Just as Frankie was about to leave, she kissed Newt and Charlie goodbye. "Newt, how about you ask Lucy to come over here tonight, that way you still get to see her?"

"Thanks Frankie. Are you sure?"

"Yes, why should your plans be ruined?"

"Thanks Frankie, I'll call her just now."

Lucy was thrilled when Newt called to ask her over. She put the ice cream back in the freezer and grabbed her shoes before quickly walking round to his place. She knocked on the door quietly just encase Charlie was asleep. Newt answered the door and was amazed by what he saw. She was gorgeous girl and she looked absolutely stunning in her new outfit. She was dressed in a denim mini skirt and a pink vest top. Newt couldn't take his eyes off her and just stood there staring. "Are you going to keep me here all night or are you going to invite me in?" she giggled looking at the expression on his face.

"S..Sorry, come in." he said stepping aside, and then closing the door behind her.

They sat on the sofa and watched a movie while Newt continuously checked on Charlie. It was getting late and Lucy was getting sleepy. She was curled up in Newt's arms and was drifting off to sleep. "Baby, are you sleeping?" Newt whispered as he kissed his forehead. "hmm." She moaned.

"Baby, come on. Wake up. I'll walk you home." Newt said lightly shaking her.

"You can't. You can't leave Charlie by him self. I'll be fine." She said getting up to leave.

"Do you have to go right now?" Newt asked as a smile crept across his face, but before she got the chance to speak, Newt placed his lips gently onto hers, and she returned the kiss. They sat and made out on the sofa for ages. "How about we take this to your bedroom?" she asked getting up and taking his hand.

"Are you sure?" Newt asked curiously. It would be a very important thing for them to do, they would be loosing their virginity together and Newt wanted to make sure she was sure about what she was doing. He didn't want to make her feel pressurised into anything she wasn't ready for.

"Yeah, I'm sure. Let's go." Just as they were heading to the bedroom, the front door opened. It was Frankie.

The both jumped and made it look like Lucy was just leaving.

"Frankie. Perfect timing, now I can walk Lucy home."

"Were you just leaving Lucy?"

"Yeah, I have to be up early tomorrow." They both left and Newt walked her home.

"I'm sorry about what just happened. I would have loved to spend some proper time with you." Newt whispered into her ear as he hugged her in the ally way.

"I am too. I love you Newt."

"I love you too Lucy, not that I believe in all that stuff, you know?"

"Yeah, I know." She smiled, kissing him deeply before going up the steps to her house. "Goodnight." She mouthed, blowing him a kiss, as she watched him walk away into the night.

That night she went to bed dreaming of Newt and how much she loved him, she couldn't imagine life with out him now. He made her complete. He feel asleep that night dreaming about her gorgeous boyfriend, and se could still smell his aftershave on her hoody as she snuggled up to sleep that night.