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The Turnabout

Atobe frowned. "Kabaji," he called.


"Get Jirou."

"Usu," Kabaji replied before setting off. Fifteen seconds later, he was back again, the sleeping third-year on his shoulder. As soon as he got back to his position beside Atobe, he dropped Jirou on the ground.

Jirou's eyes opened halfway and he groaned, pushing his face off the cement. "Wha . . . ?" He looked around blearily. "Was it club time alre – SUGEE! IT'S FUJI-KUN! SEIGAKU'S HERE?"

Only the Hyotei Regulars, having been used to Jirou's outbursts, managed to keep from smacking themselves in exasperation.

"Kinda quiet, isn't it?" Shishido observed. "I feel like . . . something's missing . . ."

Ohtori nodded. "I feel the same way, Shishido-san." As if to emphasize his point, he glanced around the vicinity and exclaimed. "Where's Mukahi-san?"

"Ah! Mukahi's not here. No wonder it's quiet. Oi, Oshitari, where's your doubles partner?"

"Sleeping," Oshitari replied unconcernedly. "Over there." He pointed in the general direction of where Kabaji had gone to get Jirou and, sure enough, underneath an exceptionally out-of-place tree, Mukahi was having his forty winks. What surprised the two was that he had a Regular's jacket set over his torso in addition to the one he was wearing.

Slowly, Shishido and Ohtori stole a glance at Jirou, who was bouncing around Seigaku's prodigy and currently missing his jacket.

How very strange.

Ooh. 8D