Title: When The Lights Go Out
Author: Memoirs of the Forgotten
Summary: AU: Understanding jade clashed with scared emerald. "Take my hand." He whispered to the broken girl. "Only if you promise to save me." She replied, tears streaking down her face. –GaaraSakura. A story about relationship abuse, and how it came to an end.
Rating: T – for language and violence.
Category: Romance/Hurt/Comfort

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Your embrace is my sanctuary
when I am in doubt.
When you make a promise,
you actually keep your vow.
I am at a loss for words
when your silence practically shouts.
I can't take it anymore,
I need you right now.
I can feel my heart beat
when it's you I'm thinking about.

I'm scared that you'll leave me,
though I don't really know how.
Will you still love me
when the lights go out?


Location: Oto, Japan; Yusuo Complex - Haruno Sakura's apartment building.

A resounding smack permeated the air, accompanied with a dull thud as the young woman hit the floor. Her head was bowed down in fear and shame, while her seashell pink tresses brushed against the wooden floor. Tracks of crystalline tears made its way down her bruised cheek, its warmth and wetness tangible, and the sadness it held exploding with each splash it had in its wake once it made contact with the surface beneath her. She could taste the metallic taste of the infamous red substance pooling inside her mouth mixing in with the salty flavor of her own misery.

Dead onyx came to life as it flashed with faint mirth and pride as it absorbed the scene presented to them. The feeling of sheer dominance and control had never felt so good.

"Don't you dare use that tone with me again, you understand me?" A monotonous voice broke the silence, malicious intent belying it. The girl shook as the threat was thoroughly pointed towards her. She nodded, not wanting to get in trouble for speaking without permission.

"I'm talking to you, Sakura. Speak when you're being spoken to. Especially when you have the honor of being spoken to by me." The voice, once again, cut through the tense atmosphere with a sense of accumulating arrogance. A sharp intake of breath was heard as the girl gasped in pain. Her neck snapped as the raven haired man dragged her up by her long hair. Accepting yet petrified emerald eyes met with cruel and empty coal ones. "Stand up straight, you worthless bitch."

"Hai, Sasuke-kun." She mumbled out obediently before she shut her eyes at the predicted slap. It wouldn't be a surprise if she received whiplash from the treatment she was being subjected to. Her cheek pulsated, throbbing with soreness and discomfort, yet Sakura couldn't say she wasn't used to the feeling. Again, she was slammed back onto the floor.

"Get up." She did what she was told, albeit, clumsily - but she followed through with his demands. The next thing Sakura knew, she was being pushed into the wall harshly, her head banging against the plaster from the violent action. She swore that she felt, even heard, something pop out of place, and she worried about what she would do if she were to actually obtain a dislocated shoulder. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see crimson, and she verified it as blood. It trickled down her temple freely, not seemingly aware of the situation at hand.

"Now, what was that? I couldn't quite hear you." Her boyfriend stated, looking down at her with superiority. She tried to look away from his smoldering stare, but her attempt was fruitless as her chin was grabbed roughly. "Look at me when I'm talking to you." He gritted out, his short temper showing its true colors.

"Gomen." Her voice quivered, but rang clearly throughout the bedroom. "I said hai, Sasuke-kun!" She bit back a sigh of relief as Sasuke nodded in satisfaction.

"You truly are pathetic. You're lucky that I'm around to show you your place. Useless, annoying wench." Her gaze followed his form as he left the room. At the sound of the soft click of the door, she slumped down to the floor.

Her helpless sobs and broken whimpers floated throughout the bare chamber.


The whisper was left hanging in the air precariously as the girl continued to grieve, becoming even more introverted and self-conscious than she was before.


Location: Konoha, Japan. Hiroshi Complex - Uzumaki Naruto's apartment building.

The eighteen year old scratched his head, mussing up his already disarrayed blond mop even more. He sighed in frustration, staring at the scrapbook he received as a present for his fourteenth birthday. His calloused hand brushed against a fond memory that made his sapphire eyes soften. His lips twitched into a small smile as he stared at the photograph with nostalgia.

It was a picture that was taken by his own aunt, Tsunade. It consisted of a seven year old girl and himself.

His smile grew as he continued to hold the scrapbook, reminiscing about his childhood.


"Come on, imouto-chan!" The eight year old boy yelled hurriedly at the rosette, his sun-kissed locks blowing gently with the wind. "Oi, oba-chan! Let's go!"

"Patience is a virtue." The buxom blond huffed, her hazel eyes flashing with amusement as she watched the boy hop around. She glanced at her nephew lovingly before switching the gaze to her pink haired, adopted niece.

"Saku! Hurry up, hon!" She called out, a grin plastered on her pretty face. "I'm itching for some ice cream too!"

"HEY! I thought you said patience was a virtue! Hypocrite!" The blond youth whined, pouting. Musical laughter was heard, and the boy directed his attention to his precious sister. "You're so silly, nii-chan!" Sakura giggled, finally reaching the two blonds she had come to love. "Only when you're around!" Naruto grinned goofily before hooking his arms with the petite girl. "Now let's get some ice-cream!"

The two siblings were being rewarded by their Aunt Tsunade for surviving their first day of school. They strolled their way towards the park, where a humble shop that sold the confection was located. Once they arrived, they were greeted by a kind shop-keeper. "Hello. My name is Iruka. What can I get you?" The brunette smiled sincerely, his coffee irises twinkling at the sight of Sakura and Naruto. Being the shyer one of the two, Sakura blushed and hid behind her sibling. "May I h-have a strawberry please?" She gave a charming smile to Iruka, and he couldn't help but smile wider. "Of course, milady. How about you, sir?" He grinned at Naruto, who in return, grinned back. "Chocolate please!" The adults chuckled at his enthusiasm. "And you, miss?"

"Vanilla will do." Tsunade paid for the bill while Iruka gave the frozen treats to their respective owners. "Have a nice day!"

"You kids wanna hang at the park?" Tsunade asked casually, eating her food with delight. Sakura was holding her right hand as Naruto clung the hem of her shirt on her left. Both of them cheered, showing how much they approved the suggestion. After consuming their prize, both of the youths ran towards the swing set. Tsunade sat on a nearby bench, digging through her purse for her camera.

"Sit, imouto-chan! I'll push you!"


A click went off as Tsunade's camera got a shot of a smiling Naruto thrusting a laughing Sakura into the air, her short hair billowing in the wind as she flew on her swing.


Naruto sighed, wistfully this time as he ran his hand over his face.


He was left on his own accord, looking at the sky and wishing for them to meet again.

And, by some sort of miracle, his wish would come true. But not in the way he would expect it.


Location: Suna, Japan. Suna Mental Hospital - Subaku no Gaara's confinement.

"Subaku no Temari?"

A sandy blond with four pigtails made her way up to the receptionist's desk. "That's me."

"The security guard will guide you to his room. You have signed all the discharge papers, correct?"

"Hai." Temari nodded in confirmation, grinning eagerly at her brother's release from the asylum. Just when the word escaped from her lips, a lanky man who had chestnut hair and a toothpick clenched loosely in between his teeth came forward.

"You called?" The man smiled lazily at the receptionist, then at Temari. "Genma at your service. I'm guessing your Subaku's sister?" Temari inferred that he was her escort.

"Sure am. Now, hurry the hell up and get your ass in gear! Gaara, here I come!"


They call kids like us vicious and carved out of stone.
But for what we've become, we just feel more alone.
Always weigh what I've got against what I left.
So progress report: I am missing you to death.

-I Slept With Someone In Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me


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