Title: When The Lights Go Out
Author: Memoirs of the Forgotten
Summary: AU: Understanding jade clashed with scared emerald. "Take my hand." He whispered to the broken girl. "Only if you promise to save me." She replied, tears streaking down her face. –GaaraSakura. A story about relationship abuse, and how it came to an end.
Rating: T – for language and violence.
Category: Romance/Hurt/Comfort

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I'm a bit fascinated with you,
and the way you're being carried.
You say you're not good with words,
But I say, on the contrary.
Even though you're not social,
you can pass up for a dictionary.
Sure, you're shy now.
But, don't worry, I'll make it temporary.
I'll teach you the ups and downs of reality.
I'm so reckless; it's scary.

If I ask you to trust me,
there's no need to be wary.
Stop being so monochrome;
'cause the colors I'll throw will vary.
Hey, my name's Gaara.
How about you, Cherry?


Location: Hiroshi Complex; 3rd floor

Sakura blinked, glancing between Naruto and what she presumed was 'Gaara' - who, in her opinion, was very good looking if she said so herself. But she would never say this out loud, mind you.

"H-Hello.." Sakura blurted out to calm down the annoyed redhead for whatever reason. She didn't know why, but she felt as if she was responsible for his agitation. The next thing the innocent woman knew was that she was being stabbed with jade daggers - which, by the way, was very unnerving. But surprisingly, Sakura did not flinch like she thought she would. Although his gaze was piercing and dangerous, Sakura had to admit that his eyes were too enchanting to look away from.

And not to mention his eyes were really pretty. Ahem.

"Can we h-help you with something?" She asked timidly, looking down at the carpeted floor below her. Sasuke's voice floated aloofly in her head, which threw her back to the situation at hand.

'Avoid eye contact and look at the ground when you are approached. You're too pathetic to be given a sense of equality or attention.'

Naruto and Gaara watched as Sakura trembled a bit, but Sakura was too enveloped in her thoughts to even notice.

She shuffled her feet nervously, suddenly feeling uneasy with the scrutiny she was getting by not only the stranger, but her brother as well. She was reverting back and crawling into her shell, self-aware and uncertain from the fixation she was being held under at the moment.

'Look away, look away. Ignore, ignore. Be quiet, be quiet.' Sakura chanted mentally to herself, trying to block out everything around her.

Naruto was confused as to why Sakura was acting so skittish. This wasn't like her, not the Sakura he knew back then. Of course, she was shy, but never panicky.

Gaara stared at the woman with interest, her earlier display of physiognomy made her seem almost cautious. But of what? I mean, he knew that he was intimidating at times, but her reaction was a bit overbearing to him. Her visage was very unique, Gaara noted to himself, as he gave her a once over. Her pale hair had the tint of cotton candy splashed onto it; and it was an attribute he had never seen before. And to think that his hair was abnormal; the shock of his rusty red spikes drew in all sorts of unwanted attention and troublesome curiosity. Her bashful demeanor wasn't normal, that was for sure. It was unnatural in a way that the redhead could not explain. Gaara was not at fault for being so perceptive, since it was a habit of his to analyze every person he encountered, but it didn't seem right to him to be so critical with the girl.

Gaara cleared his throat uncomfortably.

"I heard some imbecile shout and decided to find out who it was. But I've already figured it out, so.."


Gaara gave Naruto a pointed look. "My point exactly." He deadpanned. Sakura inwardly giggled at the silliness of it all. Despite the weird meeting of the so called 'neighbors', Sakura was sure of it that the two would get along well.

"So you're the Uzumaki kid I was informed of?"

"And your the Subaku siblings' younger bro?"

Sakura did not know if she should feel grateful or offended with the fact that she was being ignored.

"Hm." Both boys hummed out, and Sakura contemplated on just leaving. She really needed that make-up. Sasuke would probably drop by to 'mess around' - and Sakura was not looking forward to an angry Sasuke bitching out on her for not being home when he arrived.

And just when she started to tip-toe her way out of the battlefield or whatever the hell it was, she was stopped by a tackle. She crashed into the floor, the impact not enough to hurt the average person, but Sakura's condition was far from normal. In a matter of fact, Sakura was thoroughly covered from the beatings she received earlier, and she recalled just how sore her ribs were when she practically felt them bend from the pressure. It hurt like hell, but Sakura held back the agonized scream because she did not want Naruto to figure out her secret. He didn't deserve the hurt, and Sakura would do her damn hardest to hide the life she had to live with when she disappeared without a trace, leaving her foster family in the dust. She had already worried Naruto more than he needed to.

Gaara saw Sakura's suppressed wince and was left to ponder.

"Sakura-chaaan! Where are you going?! I haven't seen you in so long!"

"You could s-see me later, nii-chan. I live across from you, remember? Now l-let me go! I have to go to the store!" Sakura said hurriedly, trying to push off the tall boy nicely. She wasn't doing much of a good job with the way her arms screamed in protest. Why did Sasuke have to grab so forcefully? She did not want to know how many hand marks the obsidian eyed boy burned into her arm from all the grappling he had done to her. Her bruises were not serving her well, and Sakura cursed herself for forgetting to tend to them when she had the chance.

"Can I come?! Please! Please! I want to spend time with you, imouto-chan!" The blond complained, his azure gaze pleading.

"W-Why don't you hang out with Subaku-san?" Sakura shot the indifferent man a disarming look, not on purpose, but it still had the same affect.

Gaara blinked at her, then sighed exasperatedly.

It looked like he was babysitting an overgrown child tonight.

It would be worth the while, Gaara kept to himself, as he watched Naruto give Sakura a brotherly hug - spinning her around effortlessly as she squealed. He stared at the whirl of cherry blossom strands in mild mesmerism before shaking his head.

Sakura and Naruto seemed to be very interesting people.


Location: Hiroshi Complex; 3rd floor - Room 32. Naruto's Room.

The redhead thanked Kami that Naruto was outgoing and initiative; inviting him into his apartment. Gaara didn't really trust Naruto to accompany him into his own loft. For all he knew, the blond would probably break something valuable and Temari would kick his ass.

Though, it's not like Temari was even capable of doing such. Gaara just didn't want to get in trouble for something he didn't do.

Shukaku coughed.

Sakura had bid the boys a farewell, also thanking Gaara insistently for 2 minutes straight, before darting towards the elevator. Naruto had grinned at him, exuding a friendly aura, and the redhead could tell that he was a very social person.

Hell, even he wasn't in the least disconcerted about Naruto. And that was saying something.

"Soooo," Naruto dragged the word out exaggeratedly, "what's up?"

Gaara, being the silent type, only shrugged - the gesture showing that he didn't care. "I have to walk with you to school tomorrow."

"Oh, right! Maybe we could bring Sakura-chan along, eh?"

Gaara nodded.

"Alright! We'll just meet in the hallway at 7. The walk is about ten minutes, so yeah."

Gaara nodded.


"You don't talk much, do you?" Naruto joked, rolling his eyes at the redhead, who just smirked. He got up from the couch they were sitting on and headed towards the kitchen. "Well, I don't know about you, but I'm gonna eat some Ramen. Want some?" If only Gaara knew about Naruto's monstrous appetite before he accepted.

But since he didn't, he was left to watch Naruto gulp large masses of the flavored noodles in sick fascination.

Naruto was an interesting person indeed.

But what about Sakura?

Gaara was, once again, secluded by his thoughts.


It was a bit past midnight, and Sakura was sure that Sasuke was not coming over to 'check' on her. She smiled, the small quirk of her lips adorned her face with a lovely charm.

Now all she had to worry about was waking up for school. She was prepared; her messenger bag full of school supplies was resting on her couch in the living room. Naruto had texted her while she was shopping for necessities, and since she was going to the same school as him, he had informed her to meet him and Gaara in the hall at 7 A.M. sharp. It sounded reasonable enough, so she wholeheartedly agreed.

But what she didn't know was that the morning would not be as pleasant as she hoped for it to be.


Oh baby you're a classic,
Like a little black dress.
You're a faded moon;
Stuck on a little hot mess,
A little hot mess.
I can make your heart slow,
I can feel the weather in my bones.
Wish hard enough I could turn it to what I like;
Your pupils big, rolling like dice.

-Tiffany Blews


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