"Someday, when the Sun sets, we will find our true Heaven…"

"…. The day's not bad, Sonic…"

"Yeah, I get where you're comin' from…The stars… The sky… It just feels so…. Right…."

…Sonic and Tails, a truly inseparable pair, bound together by the hardships of nature that one would impress on such wayward spirits. Sonic, known by all as the Blue Blur, one with speed to match the light, to match sound, if not excel both by large degrees, sitting next to his closest companion, the Kitsune of Knowledge, Miles 'Tails' Prower, a.k.a. Tails. This child, though so young compared to his self-proclaimed 'brother', acts as though he has seen the same bloodshed and watched as the same tears wept slowly for each passing soul, the very few that dawned on them that, one day, their life would soon diminish as well. They were young, Sonic, at a mere 22, and Tails, at a young, and easily restless, 18. However, such age meant nothing in the lives of Mobians and Earthlings alike, Or rather, had little to no effect on their thoughts of life, so long as one character remained. That one character that tended to wreak havoc no Chaos Emerald could ever fathom, with the limitless power that carried itself within them.

That character, that entity of pure loss and torment….. was Nazo.

Chapter I: When Mobius and Earth Collide

"Do you see it yet, Raiken?"

"No, but from what I CAN see… it can't appear with good intention…"

"Correct. This being is nothing but a useless waste of space… like that blasted hedgehog…"

"Kazeken, do not speak in such a high tone. You're bigot self is starting to show even more as we speak…"


"That's right. You never…. You never listen, or, when told to, shut up. For once, keep your lips sealed and your eyes peeled AT THE SAME TIME! Are we clear?"

"Why you… yes, I understand…. But still…"

"Ah, his appearance in this world still ails you, I see… this sign is most fitting… you have been known to have luck on your side… maybe, it will finally be the end of our near-fruitless endeavors…."

A sunny day in New York, Mobius. When both worlds became one, due to the Mobius-Earth Agreement of 2008, the infamous Dr. Eggman was asked of doing the most unusual honors of fusing both planets together into one, thereby creating a new planet where Mobians and Earthlings alike could become one in their own way, a new planet…. One that remains unnamed, as a task left for none other than Sonic the Hedgehog to fulfill, as his final duty to Mobius, and his first of newly-strewn duties of the Earth-Mobius incarnate. His life, having been born on Mobius and lived on Earth, has shown itself to be a burden that he happily carries, and the naming of this new planet will also be one of those many burdens that he will add to the list contained within his short and loving life. He finds that whatever he is presented with, along with his brother Tails, they live it out to the very end in flying colors. The simple naming of a planet couldn't be that difficult, could it? This so-called 'task', however, was about to take a turn for the worse…