Chapter 8: Expendable Power

With a huff, God Hedgehog Nazo finds cover under the Chao Doll Vendor, and suddenly feels a curious tingling inside of his body. He clamps his heart tight, assuming the worst is finally happening.

"Damn, this distance from the Chaos Emeralds is starting to deteriorate me. I have to find my way back to Miles' base before those Elemental Behemoths track me down. Maybe I can find a way back to them through an entrance somewhere here…" Nazo searches in the shadows with great effort to find anything to use to his advantage against the Elementals. He then sees a hall leading to two suction tubes, one heading up, one heading down…

Elsewhere, Eggman is being informed of Nazo's unfortunate predicament…

"Oho!" Eggman announces his surprise to the information Tails gives him. "So Nazo has returned. That menace you had fought some time ago?" He paces back and forth, pondering and pondering about Sonic's intentions. "Why not just let the Elementals take him? It's not like you're friends..." He stops. "…or is it?"

Sonic and crew look to the doctor onscreen, most of which, save for Shadow, were exchanging unsure glances. "Well, Eggman, it seems that Nazo's turned a new leaf. Eh, but it's kinda fifty-fifty right now, Heads or Prower, ya know?" Sonic replied (while Tails, a sarcastic look on his face, nudged Sonic about the Tails-coin joke). "We aren't exactly sure, but what we do know is that he's weak, and we don't want him getting any more beat down. I'm not THAT bad, ya know?" Sonic said in a high tone. Eggman laughed slightly, knowing that the blue hedgehog's heart was too golden to allow a being's life to end given he had the power to stop it.

"Well, my Former Blue Menace, I have two pieces of great news for you! First off, I have secured the other four Chaos Emeralds in my traveling across the world, which I was going to use as a backup supply of energy had anything happened to the airship, but it seems that can wait," the Doctor pronounced. Amy and Tails jumped with excitement, and Sonic threw Eggman a thumbs-up, glad to know that their journey was being made easier by Ivo's contribution.

Eggman continues. "Furthermore," Sonic stares at the screen anxiously listening to Ivo's continuation "I have been working on a Chaos Generator using the emeralds, which, in theory, should be able to manifest their power into physical form and multiply their already powerful abilities tenfold. But sadly, the machine is merely a prototype…" He holds up his contraption to the screen, which Knuckles scoffs at.

"I don't mean to be an ass, Doc," says Knuckles in a condescending tone, "but I'm not sure that the Emerald's powers can be increased further. If memory serves from the Guardians' scriptures, the Emeralds are technically infinite in power. It would require a separate gem or machine in order to be able to multiply their abilities any further, and besides…" Knuckles motions Amy to go outside and demonstrate her new Piko-Piko's ability, with Tails' mobile screen following. She slams the ground with great force, which in turn, causes a massive Tsunami to fly forth from the head of her mallet. Eggman's face widens in shock, and Knuckles scoffs. "…I dug really deep into my mind, and remembered the Elemental abilities of the Emeralds.