"What are you grinning at?" Emily asked, looking up into Jasyn's smug, smirking face. He's grin grew wider until it looked like it would break his face, he slide a sidelong look towards her before tilting his head towards her.

"Last night," he whispered and Emily blushed, giving him a painless smack on the ass. Jasyn pushed away from the elaborate mantel piece which he was leaning against, he noted Emily's anxiously expectant face and decided he'd kept her on tender hooks look enough. He nodded slowly and Emily beamed, Jasyn let his eyes scan the house.

"Its good," he commented, tapping his knuckles against the walls and door frame as he leisurely pursued the room.

"Well, I guess that is that's as good as I am going to get from you," Emily rolled her eyes at him but was looking very pleased. Jasyn grinned wickedly and caught her about the waist, dragging her close to him, he leaned down and kissed her gently on the tip of the nose.

"Its very good," Jasyn said quietly, he leaned his forehead against Emily's, "all because of you."

"And you," Emily quickly insisted, Jasyn smiled softly, his emerald eyes glowing when he looked at his mate. Ever since she'd come up with this idea and put her project into motion, she'd made sure Jasyn was included every step of the way. Jasyn looked over Emily's head to the window, it stared out on to a beautiful expanse of meadow and woodland, just the right place for wild things.

"This isn't going to be easy," Jasyn said for the five hundredth time, Emily shrugged.

"When has getting what you want ever been easy?" she answered simply and Jasyn nodded.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" Jasyn asked, it was the only thing he said more then 'I love you'.

"I've got what I want," Emily muttered, staring up at him lovingly, "anything else is a bonus. But is this what you want?"

Jasyn just grinned evilly and slipped a pair of sunglasses on his eyes, "c'mon sartas, let's roll."

Emily laughed and shrugged into her leather jacket that Jasyn had given her, she wasn't much of a biker girl but she'd adapted to his style and found she rather liked it. Holding hands they flashed themselves to New Orleans.

Standing before Sanctuary Emily wanted to cry, it was damaged by the destruction they'd seen in the battle but even more so by the loss of life. Jasyn put his arm around Emily, feeling her sorrow made it hard for him to focus on acting like a bad ass.

"You okay?" Jasyn whispered, Emily nodded and they walked in threw Sanctuary's doors like a team, their clasped hands swinging between them. People turned in their seats to see the sexy, beautiful couple that looked like they were made for one another. Margie glanced up to see who the new customer was and shrieked in shock, she dashed around the bar. She seized Emily in a tight hug, babbling out a stream of 'oh my gosh's' and 'so great to see you's'. When she pulled back Emily watched Margie's eyes slide to Jasyn then back to her.

"So it ended well?" Margie said with a happy grin.

"No, it's starting well," Jasyn corrected quickly, he stroked Emily's hair with love in his eyes, "the end isn't in sight for us yet."

Margie eyed Jasyn in awe, she'd never been spoken to by the guy before, then she passed Emily a 'you've bagged a good one here, girl' look.


All three looked around saw Colt standing at the bar staring, Jasyn nodded to Margie, leaving the women to chat and sauntered over to the bar.

"You're back?" Colt asked uncertainly.

"Not for long," Jasyn said with a shrug, finding that his animosity for the sentinel substantially diminished.

"Alain told us it was a close call at the Omegrion."

"It was."

Colt nodded, he was the type of bear that would hold his hand out to most people, even those who were marginal enemies. But Jasyn for all his faults had stood beside the bears and sanctuary when everything went to hell and that went further then a lot of people could have guessed.

"I'm glad it turned out okay for you, Jasyn."

Jasyn quirked a brow above the rim of his glasses.

"You are?" he asked almost amused, "much obliged."

Colt's eyes slid past Jasyn to Emily and Margie, he smirked.

"Are you and she …?"

Jasyn allowed himself to grin and nodded, the trace of an evil chuckle buried in his voice, "yes, we are."

Then he did something that shocked Colt to the very core of his being, something that Jasyn would never have imagined himself doing. He held out his hand to the bear, he waited five long seconds before Colt jerked out of his shock and, nervously wiping his hand on his jeans, took Jasyn's hand.

Jasyn felt Emily by his side and he looked down on her, Colt released his hand so that Jasyn could take Emily's.

"Hey, pretty lady," Colt said kindly, Emily beamed and then her smile became sad.

"Hey Colt," she said softly, "I'm sorry about Mama Lo and Papa."

Colt gave her a appreciative nod and moved away to serve other customers, Jasyn tightened his hand around Emily's.

"Shall we do this then?" Jasyn asked and Emily nodded, Jasyn led her out back, past Remi who gave them as warm a greeting as you could expect from the ornery bear. Though Jasyn was surprised that the guy actually cracked a smile when he saw Emily. Even some of the human staff came out from the kitchen to say hello to Emily, Emily knew that Jasyn was beginning to grow irritable with all the attention she was getting from male employees as well as females, so she quickly extracted herself and said goodbye.

"What?" she asked defensively when she saw his face.

"When did you have to meet all of those people anyway?" Jasyn groused and Emily shook her head in exasperation. They flashed themselves upstairs to Carson's surgery and walked in.

Carson looked up from his desk and stood up, he looked uncomfortable, Emily felt the same but Jasyn was gloating. Carson sneered when Jasyn pointedly pulled Emily into his side, Emily gave a wan smile.

"How are you, Carson?" she asked kindly.

"Rather surprised to see you," Carson replied truthfully, "when you first told me of your plans …I have to say I was sceptical."

"I know its rather ambitious for someone who has so little knowledge of … well, everything."

"Its not you I was sceptical about," Carson said pointedly and Jasyn merely raised an arrogant eyebrow, "you, I have complete faith in."

"Really?" Emily practically glowed, Jasyn cleared his throat and Emily tried to stop looking so pleased with herself.

"Of course," Carson continued as if Jasyn were an unseen part of the furniture, "I cannot think of anyone more qualified."

"I bet you can't," Jasyn snarled belligerently, Carson paused in flicking through his paper work to glance up at Jasyn. Emily turned to her mate and gave him a stern look, Carson watched as they had a completely silent argument with their eyes. Finally Jasyn shrugged as if he was yielding to her wishes, abruptly he swept her into his arms and planted a fierce and utterly territorial kiss on her lips before stalking out of the room.

When Emily turned back to Carson he was busy fluttering with his paperwork, Emily quickly wiped her wet lips. He was hardly able to miss the redness on her lips caused by Jasyn's stubble which she loved, but the wetness there would have been adding insult to injury, and she really didn't want to make things harder for the guy.

"So you and Jasyn, huh?" Carson said softly, still not meeting her eyes, Emily gave a light hearted shrug.

"Yeah, guess so," she stuck her hands in her pockets, feeling the awkwardness of the situation grinding on her.

"Was this whole thing your idea?" Carson asked, settling on the lip of his desk, his arms crossed over his chest. The question wasn't as clinical as he'd wished it to be and Emily could see there were things Carson was desperate to say to her, she just hoped they wrapped this up before he plucked up the courage.

"It was my idea and Jasyn went along with it," Emily said, "but he is enthusiastic about it, almost as much as I am."

"A different idea though," Carson commented, "a Were-Hunter orphanage."

"I couldn't believe no one had thought of it before. It was you and Jasyn that gave me the idea, and cub too."


"Yeah," Emily replied happily, she loved talking about her new project to anyone who would listen, Jasyn even said she'd been talking about it in her sleep. "I mean, I had to fend for myself. Jasyn was left on his own and then what you told me about clans not protecting their young. I think it would take care of the exposure problem by young Weres. And, most importantly, it will give young Weres a safe environment for them to grow up in. With any luck we might be able to put an end to this stupid war with this."

Carson smiled sadly as if he thought she were a dreamer, "doubtful, Emily. The war will always be, ask Jasyn."

"Jasyn thinks we can do anything," Emily replied coolly and Carson looked shocked that anything so idealistic could come out of Jasyn's mouth.

"Well," Carson sighed heavily, he held out a piece of crumpled paper, "this is a phone number of another were doctor. She's extremely good but a little hard-headed."

"I like her already," Emily laughed, taking the paper gratefully, "do you know her/"

"We've met. She's Arcadian and she always thinks she's right. We argued a lot."

Emily laughed and gave Carson a kind look, she stepped forward and leaned in, placing a chaste kiss on Carson's warm cheek. When she pulled back she saw he had his eyes closed, when he opened them they were so full of emotion that Emily had to look away, she back stepped quickly.

"Forgive me if that was inappropriate or hurtful to you, Carson," Emily apologised primly, "its just you've been so kind to me …"

"Do you think you and he will last?" Carson asked directly and Emily sighed, she held up her marked palm.

"We're in it for life now."

Carson gave a soft laugh and nodded, he walked around his desk and began to straighten piles of papers and push them in drawers.

"I just never thought this was he's gig, y'know. Looking after young. He's a very selfish individual, Emily."

Emily gave him a hard look before turning to leave, she recognised his words as a warning. Emily didn't bother to contradict Carson because the young hawks mind was too long made up, she knew the truth of Jasyn and it was all she needed. Just as Emily reached the door she stopped and turned, Carson was watching her leave.

"It wasn't purely altruistic on my side either," she said quietly, "the orphanage, I mean. The orphanage has the same protection under Omegrion law as a Limani, that way Jasyn will always be safe."

Carson said nothing and Emily nodded to him, then a thought occurred to her.

"Has anyone claimed the tiger cubs yet?" she asked urgently.

"Their clan did, but reluctantly," Carson admitted, Emily nodded and took out a card from her pocket, she left it on a side table where Carson kept the syringes.

"You know where I am if they need me."

With that she walked into the hallway where Jasyn was, he stood straight backed against the wall, looking menacing but calm at the same time. Emily wasn't fooled, she knew he'd listened to every word exchanged between Carson and herself.

"Ready to go?" Emily asked him, Jasyn nodded but didn't move, instead he pulled her closer until she was leaning her body against his hard frame. He pushed her head to his chest and held her there, his strong arms wrapped tightly around her. He didn't know how to say how he felt, he wished he could because he felt she needed to know just how much he would do for her.

"Home?" he asked, her hair brushing his lips, tickling them.

"Yes please," Emily whispered back and they flashed themselves out of Sanctuary and to their new home, a refuge for all but especially for Jasyn who had never felt more at peace or more loved.