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Chapter One

"Izuru, are you nearly done? Hey, Izuru?"

Shuuhei Hisagi climbed up the stairs into the tiny attic bedroom, smiling as he layed eyes on the timid blonde teenager, currently wrestling with the zipper of his large ruck-sack.

"Sempai," he blushed, instantly stand upright to greet him, "I was just… packing."

"You could have spaced the stuff in that out," Hisagi sighed, climbing up and walking towards the bag, he lifted it awkwardly, "Why cram everything into a bag you can't even lift!"

"I can so lift it!" Izuru's cheeks went darker, trying to snatch it, "I could fit everything in here, so why bother with two bags to carry!"

Hisagi just laughed and ruffled his hair, "Easy, I was kidding," he stopped and looked at his face for a minute.

Izuru tried to pull away, his face even darker, "What?"

"I can't believe little Izuru Kira is all grown up and coming to the same college as me," he teased, his mouth drawn into a wide smile.

"Don't treat me like a brat, you're only two years older than me," he smacked his hand off, frowning a little.

"Hey, love-birds," called a mocking voice from the stairs. Both of them turned around to see Renji Abari grinning wickedly at them, waving his hand.

"Renji, I see you're finished stuffing your face downstairs," Hisagi smirked, catching Izuru in a head-lock, despite the younger male protesting wildly.

Renji laughed, and punched him in the arm, he blinked, seeing the massive suitcase, "Woah, Izuru, what the hell are you doing with that?"

"It's my stuff – Senpai, let go!" he struggled against Hisagi, his body bent over, crying out as Hisagi ruffled his hair unmercilessly.

Renji gasped and grabbed onto the bag, "Aha, you're trying to train by making this thing so damn heavy, aren't you? You're a sneaky one, Izuru!"

Hisagi let go of Kira at this point, smacking his ass once for good measure, smirking at how the little blonde jumped and elbowed him furiously embarrassed.

"I just packed everything in one bag, Renji, it's nothing special!" he snatched the bag and instantly dropped it a little, his body slumping.

"You're going to give yourself a back problem, you already walk like an old man," Renji joked, patting his back, laughing loudly.

"I DO NOT walk like an old man!"


"Gin, are you there?"

Rangiku Matsumoto knocked on the door of his office, her other arm around herself slightly. She knew some nights Gin stayed in his office, or he was with Aizen… For some reason, it felt like an eternity since they last spoke. Things had ended between them, but they hadn't ended so badly that he'd push her from his sight.

"Gin, it's me," she hissed, almost pressing her face against the door, trying to hear or at least catch a peek of him through the tiny crack between the door and its frame.

"Hey, Rangiku, I didn't see ya."

Gin Ichimaru had a bad habit of appearing right behind you causing a bit of a surprise when he spoke. But after all the years they'd known each other, she was accustomed to it. Turning around, her back pressed against the door, she shot him a gentle smile, "Hello there, stranger."

He smiled at her, it wasn't the sinister smile that made first year student's tremble; it was a much softer smile. A smile which had been lost from the timid, kind boy she'd known all those years ago.

"What brings ya to my part of the woods?" he asked.

"No reason really," she glanced briefly at her nails, "Do I need a reason to see one of my oldest friends?"

"'Suppose not," the silver haired man chuckled, going to open the door for them both to go and sit inside, "Have ya got yer lessons planned for this term?"

With a care-free laugh she shook her head, "Nope."

"Well," he admitted, shrugging his shoulders, "That makes two of us."

He was about to close the door, half listening to the woman's cheerful chattering about her holidays, when he caught sight of a man stood on the wall opposite his office: the lenses of his glasses shinning as they caught the light, soft brown hair falling into the man's face. He had a kind-appearance for the first moment you looked at him, it was almost so ironic Gin wanted to stamp his feet and scream in frustration. And then of course, the man's lips would form a sinister smile that Gin was, oh so desperately familiar with.

Gin closed the door, and for the slightest of moments, his permanent smile faded; before he turned back to the blonde woman chattering away in his office, with a sad little smile, "I'm sorry, Rangiku, but something's come up."

Large blue eyes narrowed, and she raised a hand to his slender wrist, "Gin?"

"I'm sorry," he repeated, his other hand closing over hers, "We'll have to do this another time. Forgive me."

"Of course," she said, she was trying to hide the fact she was upset. All of a sudden, it seemed they'd had this conversation too many times. She lifted up her strapped brown leather bag and tossed it over her shoulder, before softening, and laying a hand on his turned back. "Where do you go, Gin?"

"Go?" he repeated, trying to pretend he didn't understand what she was talking about. But she didn't remove her hand, until she passed him at the door, "One day, I hope you'll be able to tell me."

Gin watched her walk away, Aizen had vanished from the opposite wall, but there was no doubt he'd return after a minute. The silver haired teacher sat down on his sofa, running his long fingered hands though his hair, with a gentle sigh, he smiled sadly up at the ceiling, "Oh, Rangiku, I'd be so very sad if you knew where I went."


"So, Senpai," Izuru looked up, grinning at the older man, as the three of them leant back in their familiar seats of the local tavern, "You're pretty excited about this year, aren't you?"

Renji chuckled darkly, "That's because the dirty perv is looking forward to screwing some freshmen girls," he elbowed Hisagi sharply in the side. The dark haired male laughed nervously then shook his head.

"It's none of your business what I do, Renji Abarai!"

The three of them laughed, and chinked their glasses together, then Izuru gasped, raising a hand into the air, "No, I bet he's looking forward to seeing that female teacher again!"

"Oh yeah – the big-breasted goddess," Renji joked, standing up on his chair, lifting two empty glasses to his chest, wiggling his hips seductively.

Hisagi's face went bright red and he swatted at Renji, "Get down from there, you idiot, you wanna get us kicked out again? It's only six-thirty!"

"It's true though, it's true, your face is bright red," Izuru laughed, poking him in the arm while Hisagi tried to tug Renji down.

Managing to sit the other down in the chair, Hisagi tried to gather his composure, "Hmph… it's not just that, you idiot. It's just there's someone coming up this year, who I'm rather interested in."

"Someone more interesting than me and Izuru?" Renji demanded, wrapping his arm around the blonde's shoulders, pulling an expression of mock horror.

"You think I like living in a tiny confined space with you two weirdoes?" he joked, leaning back and lifting the glass to his lips.

"Hell yeah, we're hot – anyway, whose this person?" he asked, "Do we know them?"

"Renji will," he admitted, brushing back his hair and looking up at the ceiling, "This kid was the unstoppable kendo champion when we were in elementary and middle school…"

"Hey I know who you're talking about!" Renji gasped, clicking his fingers, "Oh God – nobody could beat that guy – what the hell was his name…?"

"You're amazing at kendo, senpai," Izuru frowned, "It wasn't that friend of Renji's was it… urm… Ikkaku-san?" he remembered him from the first year of high school.

"Madarame?" he blinked, and then laughed, "No, he was pretty tough though. No, this guy was amazing, I went away to high school and when I came back, he'd moved away… His name was–"


"– Yumichika."

"Hold on a second, let me put the DVD's down," he called, laughing a little, "We need to finish unloading the car and–"

"Yumichika, listen to me, just stop a minute."

He blinked and stayed still, azure eyes focused on Ikkaku's reflection in the window infront of him.

"I don't like things the way they are."

Yumichika blinked at the words, he turned to look at his boyfriend, putting the box of DVD's down on the kitchen counter-top, "What do you mean, Ikkaku?"

There was something nervous about the bald man's attire right now. All through today he'd been… edgy, he was quiet and less argumentative than usual, hell, he'd agreed to go shopping for supplies. It wasn't that he enjoyed arguing with him, it's just it wasn't like Ikkaku. He'd insisted he was alright when Yumichika asked this morning, but he hadn't snapped, infact he'd hugged him tightly, and they'd stayed like that for a few minutes.

All day Yumichika had been waiting for Ikkaku to want to talk about what was wrong with him.

"What do you mean?" he asked again, reaching out and touching Ikkaku's hands as he nervously fidgeted before him.

"Yumichika," Ikkaku moved out of his touch and stared up at his face, "I don't like how things are between us."

Now that had surprised him; to be honest he expecting Ikkaku to say something about feeling bad about leaving for college in two weeks; if that comment hadn't caught him so off-guard, he might have sounded a lot angrier, but it stunned him, he felt his hands fall at his sides and he just stared.

"W-What?" he shook his head, and stared at him, almost as if he hadn't heard.

"I-It isn't that I don't love you," Ikkaku looked stunned as he saw his shock, "I do love you, that's the problem, Yumi, don't cry…"

"I'm not going to cry, Ikkaku," he said stiffly, "If you want to break up with me, I'm not a woman; I'm not going to cry about it…" His hands clenched into fists, and he tried to turn around and stomp towards the stairs, he just had to get away from Ikkaku before he did or said something he'd regret.

"Don't be like this, come on, don't be like this," he protested, reaching out to try and grab onto his arm as Yumichika turned and tried to walk away from him, "Hear me out, I don't want to break up with you."

He turned and stared up at his face, going quiet, "Explain then."

"I wasn't… jealous, I wasn't a jealous guy until we started going out," Ikkaku said exasperated, "I don't like how I act around others, I get mad when other guys look at you, it drives me insane, I don't wanna go to college acting like this!"

His temper could be terrifying at times, he'd gotten into a lot of fights, and it could be difficult at times. Yumichika nodded, he bowed his head a little, trying to show he understood.

"This is the first… proper relationship I've ever been in, the first one I've ever had with, a guy…" he brushed his hair out of his eyes, "You can understand what I mean right, Yumi? Things are just a bit… intense for me?"

Yumichika looked up at him and touched his face, "So you'd rather… we were just… together, but only messing around?"

Ikkaku blinked, then he nodded, smiling brightly at him, "See, you get it! I knew you would! We could both see other people, but we'd still be together in a non serious way, how does that sound?"

In honesty, it sounded horrible and made him want to scream repeatedly with his hands over his ears, but making a scene… it wouldn't be very beautiful. If he said 'no', Ikkaku would be miserable, if he said 'yes', then he'd be doing something he didn't really want to do. He had to make a choice, and in the end, he knew he just wanted to be with Ikkaku.

So Yumichika forced a smile, and said, "That sounds good to me, Ikkaku."

Ikkaku's dark eyes lit up in delight, and he laughed out loud and threw his arms around his boyfriend, hugging him close to his chest, "I love you, Yumichika!"

He smiled a little, wrapping his arms around his neck, "I love you too…"

"I was worried you'd be mad," he scooped him up bridal style, kissing his cheek briefly, "This is going to be a good experience for us, we'll get to experiment with other people. I've heard it would be good for a guy to enter college single, you know what I mean."

"I know," he murmured, pressing his face against his neck.

Ikkaku set him down, and stared into his face, stroking the soft hair of his lover, "I'm lucky to have you, aren't I?"

"Of course you are, you always were a lucky guy, Ikkaku," Yumichika gripped the shoulders of his t-shirt and kissed him softly of passionately, loving the feel of Ikkaku's rough mouth against his soft one. Ikkaku smirked, wrapping his arms around his slender lover, one hand running through his hair, the other lowering down to grip his backside.

The beautiful man wrapped both arms around his neck, nibbling on his lip, only to be greeted with Ikkaku's rough and demanding tongue. These kisses always left him breathless and deliciously limp in his lover's arms.

"Take me to bed," he whispered into his ear, breaking the kiss and feeling the hot breath against his neck as Ikkaku bowed his head, his lips pressed against Yumichika's collar bone.

"Oh I'll take you to bed," he smirked, and with an unceremonious tug, he tossed the smaller man over his shoulder, one hand resting on the tight backside of his beautiful lover. Ikkaku Madarame chuckled a little, giving it a smack, "Hold on tight, Yumi!"

The smaller man let out a little cry of laughter as he was carried up the stairs, "I swear, you act more and more like some sort of animal every day!"

"Does that make you my woman?" he teased, reaching the top of the stairs, kicking the door open and throwing him down on the bed. The springs bounced beneath his body, the soft covers beneath him felt good on his skin.

"Why must we always use my room?" Yumichika sighed, his words saying 'no', but his actions saying 'yes', as he slid back across the bed, until his back was pressed against the soft cushions, spreading his legs and brushing his hands against his jeans covered inner thighs.

"Because, my room is a mess," he said with a shrug, refraining from his usual animalistic aggression, climbed down onto the bed with gentle grace, he crawled towards Yumichika, a glint in his eyes which was making the liquid fire in their lower stomach's burn wildly. "What do you want, Yumichika?" he purred, biting his earlobe, running his tongue across it.

"I won't beg you," he teased, reaching down between his legs, "I won't beg," the hand unfastened the button on his pants, sliding down the zipper, "…begging, isn't," he slipped his hand into Ikkaku's underwear, pressing his hand against the hardened organ, "…beautiful."

The bald man began to moan into his ear as those soft hands began to pump his erection deeply and expertly, each stroke producing a different cry from his lover. Yumichika was well-adjusted to pleasuring Ikkaku, knowing he was capable of taking him to heaven with kisses and caresses.

A firm hand closed down on his wrist, trying to take the hand off his most precious organ, Ikkaku's grip tightened and he pinned both of the other man's wrists down to the bed, his grip tightened a little more, just to assure Yumichika wasn't going to escape.

For a moment his eyes remained on his face, dark penetrating eyes travelling along his face as if he was trying to commit it completely to memory. He disliked blushing, but right now, he was exposed to those eyes, he could feel his cheeks darkening.

"Ikkaku," he mumbled testily, before his mouth was covered with the others. Ikkaku released one of his wrists, lowering that hand to hold Yumichika's chin in place, deepening the kiss by pushing his tongue inside his mouth, Yumichika threaded their fingers together, squeezing onto his hand, whilst his thigh rubbed against the bald man's hips.

Breaking the kiss, Ikkaku panted a little, "You're beautiful," he whispered into his ear, giving it a lick, before tugging on his shirt, "Take this off now."

"Mm," he nodded, kissing his cheek and slipping out of his shirt, wiggling his hips a little as he tugged it over his head, feeling Ikkaku's strong hand running along his back stroking the soft skin.

Ikkaku leant in again, kissing along his neck, both arms wrapping around his waist, one sliding down to caress his jeans covered backside. Yumichika raised his hands and began to unbutton his shirt, raising one suddenly to force Ikkaku's mouth against his, enjoying the delicious friction between them. The bald man moaned into his mouth, suddenly shoving him down onto the bed, and ripping his own shirt off, tugging at his belt, and throwing his jeans to the floor. Yumichika reached down to remove his own, lifting his foot and rubbing the ball of his foot against Ikkaku's boxer covered erection, he smirked as he heard the other moan, tossing back his head a little.

"You fucking tease," he smirked, pushing his foot away and tearing down his boxers, an animalistic look in his eye, "You're gonna pay for that," he crawled to him, and layed a hand upon the back of Yumichika's head, pushing it roughly onto his cock.

Azure eyes widened as the throbbing erection was pushed deep into his mouth, gaining control of himself again, he began to bob his head back and forth, closing his eyes and licking across the head, causing a deep and longing moan from Ikkaku.

"Aahh, Yumi, you're damn good at this," he gasped, his grip tightening on his hair, trying to keep his eyes open so he could watch the show spilling out before him.

The short haired man's eyes were closed, a pink flush spread out over his cheeks, his cheeks hollowed slightly as his mouth moved fast, at a steady rhythm using his tongue to draw out more moans, the delicious warmth of his mouth was driving Ikkaku insane. He couldn't control himself anymore, he began thrusting his hips wildly into his mouth, gripping his hair, not wanting to leave that mouth until he had his release, he couldn't take anymore – he needed to cum now –

"Y-Yumichika," the name danced off his lips in a ragged breath, his eyes clenched shut, his mouth left agape, panting very softly as he felt himself release into the delicious orifice before him. Catching his breath, he stared down at the slimmer male who had released himself from the grip on his hair; Yumichika licked his lips and got onto his knees, kissing Ikkaku deeply and passionately. He winced a little as he tasted himself on the other man's mouth.

After breaking the kiss, Yumichika smirked, "So, do you want me… on my back," he kissed his ear, "… on my hands and knees…" his hand trailed down, pumping Ikkaku's limp member roughly, "… or riding your cock…?"

The bald man moaned softly, crying out a little, and clenching his eyes shut, "Yumi…"

"Well, what would you like, Ikkaku?" he teased, nibbling on his neck, lifting his other hand to tweak a pert nipple, eliciting another moan from his lover, "If you don't tell me… how can you fuck me, huh?" he licked his earlobe.

That was the last straw for Ikkaku; he smirked darkly, and grabbed ahold of the other man by his slim waist and tossed him onto the bed face-down. Yumichika let out a muffled protest of excitement, his face against the pillows, his eyes widened as his lover lined his cock against his puckered entrance.

His heart pounding in his chest, adrenaline rushing through him as he craved the feeling of Ikkaku buried inside him. Yumichika flushed, his breath already coming out raggedly, "Ikkaku, wait – you haven't prepared me–"

"You'll get over it," he smirked darkly, and with one swift movement he pushed hard and deep inside him; it was incredible that even how many times he'd taken this man, the many positions, places, time after time of being enveloped in this tight heat, it always made his heart race, and his cock throb in ecstasy.

Yumichika let out a desperate moan, his eyes opened wide, his inner walls clenching around the erection deep within him. He writhed, trying to overcome the feeling of Ikkaku stretching him. He'd heard once in R.E class that a man and woman fit together in intercourse like two pieces in a jigsaw puzzle, but so did two men… He cried out in pure ecstasy, sliding back so Ikkaku was completely inside him, a few tears lapping up into his eyes and trailing down his cheeks.

To Ikkaku, this was even more blissful, he couldn't see his face, but he could feel the other man aching in pleasure beneath him. He loved seeing Yumichika come completely undone. As much as he loved him, Yumichika Ayasegawa was not an honest man, he was, of course, most honest when he was being fucked. It was beautiful to watch, the writhing of his hips, the arching of his back, the clenching of his insides, drawing Ikkaku in and trapping him in the heaven of Yumichika's body.

"Ikkaku – please," his words were ragged, "Fuck me…"

"Oh, so you'll beg now, eh, Yumichika? You little slut," he leant over him so his breath licked and danced across his ear, hearing Yumichika release a little moan from his words, Ikkaku began to thrust his hips. There was something deliciously perfect about slipping in and out of that tight heat, his fingers held an almost bruising grip on his hips, it took him so long to get used to this, and it was difficult to maintain any composure while he was taking this body.

One of the reasons he had to open up this relationship was because he was addicted to Yumichika. It was like trying to fight a drug addiction, he wanted to possess and consume this man, and he wanted to own every piece of him. It drove him completely wild…

His hips slammed in back and forth, creating a rough and fast rhythm, it was insane, it was perfect, he could feel the man beneath him shake, his ass up in the air, clenching around him as he drove them both further towards release. Yumichika's cries were ringing through his ears, every now and then, they'd become muffled by the pillows pressing against his face. The fact that he was making that heavenly voice become undone in pleasure was too good to be true; reaching around, Ikkaku began to fist his lover's cock roughly.

"Come on – come on – come on," he breathed, crying out and rocking his hips into firm violent thrusts, his movements on Yumichika's throbbing erection getting more rapid, tightening his other hand on his lover's hips as he thrashed them about recklessly.

Yumichika was in a world of pleasure, as his boyfriend slammed against his prostate repeatedly, he could feel his inner walls involuntarily clenching and unclenching around Ikkaku's length as he pounded inside him; he wouldn't last much longer, that was clear enough – "Ikkaku – y-yes – yes – YES!"

Ikkaku felt the other release into his hand, coating it with pearly white cum, Yumichika fell forwards against the pillows, and he could sight of his eyes. Azure eyes looked back at him, his cheeks flushed… That was enough to push him over the edge – fuck –

He came deep inside, him, it was too hard to pull out when he was coming to completion like that, his chest heaving, he bit his bottom lip and caught his breath, he felt his own cum dripping down Yumichika's thighs, and he pulled out of him, falling onto his side beside his lover, watching the other pant a little, his chest rising and falling.

"I love you," Yumichika whispered, there were tears in his eyes, Ikkaku leant in and kissed his forehead, wrapping an arm around his slender shoulders.

"Love you too," he mumbled, closing his eyes and holding the other man close to him. Yumichika winced, rolling his eyes; he yanked the quilt over them, wondering if he should bother changing the sheets considering they'd be leaving so soon. Deciding that right now, it really, really didn't matter, he closed his eyes and sat up a little, his body feeling considerably uncomfortable, he watched the other man for a moment. It wasn't really fair; Ikkaku would always sleep like a log, while his mind took so long to slow down enough to grant him the privilege of sleep… and to stay beautiful, sleep was very important.

His lips lowered into a little sad smile, and he stroked a hand across his sleeping lover's face. Yumichika released a tiny sigh, "Goodnight, Ikkaku," he whispered, kissing his lips once, very gently, before turning his back to him and resting his face against the pillows, feeling tears trickling down his cheeks.