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The Escort

Chapter 1

The young wizard sat relaxed on the plush chair, his legs lazily spread, a bored expression on his face. He was, in short, the epitome of an overconfident, rich daddy's son. The middle aged witch who was facing him with a professional smile on her face, readied her dicta-quill and then started the interview with him.

"So, Mr. Malfoy, I am sure you are aware that we are an Escort Agency, we don't provide hookers. You are paying for the company of our girls, not for sexual services. If you wish to become more intimate with them, you must make that kind of arrangement on a personal level."

The woman smiled sweetly and Draco just waved his hand in acknowledgement.

"I know, I know."

"So...I will start finding out your preferences, so we can narrow down the choice before I get the comp cards out. Do you have any preference concerning the blood status?"

Draco shrugged and shook his head.


"About my age... Maximum five years older, and not more than about three years younger."



"Hair colour?"

"No red heads or blondes."

"Long or short hair?"


"Eye colour?"

"Don't care."

"Any particular requests you have for the girl?"

"It should obviously be somebody who doesn't run at the sight of a convicted Ex-Death Eater. And I like intelligent conversation—so no dumb bimbo, please."

The witch smiled and waved her wand affectedly. Without further ado, a thick photo book appeared in front of Draco.

"The witches in it fit your description. If you're interested to know more about one of them, you tap your wand on their photograph and the comp card of the girl will appear. In there you will find more pictures as well as more detailed information such as height, weight and so on.

"Take your time to decide. When you've made your choice, please ring the bell, and we will arrange an appointment with the lady you're interested in."

The blond nodded and started to leaf wearily through the book. It had not been his idea to come here. In fact it had been his mother who had urged him to go—more like threatened, really. She had said that she couldn't see him moping and hiding any longer and that if she had to pay a girl to get him to go out, she would do so.

Now he was stuck here with a madam who wouldn't even admit she was one, scrolling through a list of high-end call girls. He had to admit that most of them were really pretty, some even beautiful. Many had had their looks magically enhanced—you could always see that, no matter how good the plastic healer they hired—but not all of them.

He stopped dead at the picture of a smiling brunette. She was not prettier than any of the others, but oddly familiar. She had very dark, straight hair, green eyes and porcelain white skin. Without hesitating Draco tapped the picture with his wand. He curiously opened the comp card and read over the summarising stats quickly before he moved on to what he hoped to be more revealing photos.

He was sorely disappointed though, since the photographs were revealing, yes, but not at all in the way he had hoped. The wizard rang the bell to call the witch from the agency in again.

"I want her," he said as soon as the woman entered the room.

"Oh, our Philippa, excellent choice! I am sure you will be satisfied with her. She is a rare gem, believe me. And if you are seeking somebody intelligent, you will hardly find somebody better suited!" the witch exclaimed. "I have her appointment book right here. When would you like to meet her?"

"How about Saturday?"

"I am sorry. She already has an appointment with another gentlewizard that evening. But how does Friday night sound to you?"

Draco shrugged. It was not as if his schedule was bursting with activities, so why not? "Yes, that will do nicely."

After they had settled the terms and conditions, as well as a time, Draco apparated home. He knew that his mother would probably be waiting for him to tell him in all detail what kind of girl he would be meeting. As if it mattered; it was a date he had paid for—paid a lot for—so what was the point? They were probably all lying, cheating sluts, so what was there to talk about? He'd go out, just as his mother wished and hopefully never hear anything about it again.


Philippa scrunched up her nose and looked angrily at her employer. "You know I don't like to take more than one appointment per week during term time. How am I supposed to get all my work for University done when I am taken on two evenings over the week-end?

"And of all people...The son of a Death Eater? Did you forget that I am muggleborn? No way, really. The thought of him touching me creeps me out..."

"Philippa, child, be reasonable! To secure Draco Malfoy as a regular client for our agency would be a real asset! Imagine if you could add him to YOUR regulars!"

"Right," the other witch mumbled under her breath and hid an annoyed huff. "I really don't think that's a good idea. I doubt that he'd want to meet somebody of my birth. And honestly, I would rather not touch him either..."

"He knows you're muggleborn. I am sure he will prove to be a very generous gentlewizard!"

"Where will we be going?" Philippa finally surrendered and turned towards the other witch.

"Good girl, that's the right attitude. You will have dinner at the Magique, I have already put out several dresses for you to choose from..."

"Did he insinuate if he wanted to be...you know?"

"No, he didn't. But he was quite taken with your pictures, if you know what I mean."

Philippa blushed a bit, and the other witch wondered—not for the first time—how somebody as innocent could be working in such a job AND be good at it if you believed her clients. Well, she wouldn't complain since Philippa was sought-after. Not like some of the girls, but certainly more than the average performer. A pity she would only take a limited number of clients per week.

If only she could get her to quit those absurd studies. A girl with her abilities did not need to study; she should focus on her career in the business, do the job for a few years and then land one of her clients as husband or at least become his mistress. That's what a self respecting escort did after all. But it seemed that she was fighting a losing battle.

The brunette witch sorted methodically through the dresses the other woman had lain out for her. She finally decided on a black cocktail dress, with a skirt ending just above the knees, the top showing a nice amount of cleavage without being offensive. The shoes were easily chosen, as was the purse to go with her outfit.

At the front desk she signed for the borrowed items and requested the key to the safe. She chose a sensible pearl necklace and matching earrings, signed for those, too, and then left the agency in a hurry.


"Molly?" Hermione stepped into the kitchen of the Burrow like she did every day. "Anybody home?"

"Oh Hermione, dear! We're here..." the Weasley matriarch entered the room with a baby on her hip. "This little one needed a clean nappy. Didn't you, Sophe?"

The little girl bounced and reached for Hermione: "Nappy, Mummy..."

"Hello Sunshine..." the witch took the baby and kissed her cheeks. "How was your day? Did you have fun with Grandma Molly?"

"Oh we had fun, didn't we, Sophe? You learned a new word today, remember? What was the word?"

The girl just stared at her with big, chocolate brown eyes so much like her mother's and chewed on her fingers.

"Do you remember Sweetheart? The word was Dr..." Molly paused and the little girl's eyes lit up.

"Dagon! Dagon, Mummy!"

"Dragon? That's a good word!" she turned to Molly "I am sorry I was late. I got held up with the accounting...Something did not add up. I hope you had no other plans?"

"Don't worry, Hermione! Sophia is never a bother, you know that very well. Why don't the two of you stay for dinner?"

"Oh Molly, I'd love to, really, but I need to go home. I have revision to do, and I know very well that if I stay for dinner I won't be home before ten. But I'll be over for brunch on Sunday, I promise. And I actually have a favour to ask you. Could you babysit Sophe on Friday night? One of the waiters is sick, and they need a replacement..."

"You shouldn't be working so hard, Hermione! I thought that by doing the accounting for the pub you were supposed to work fewer night shifts! Obviously I can take her, but you know, you really should take more time for yourself and your baby to relax and spend quality time."

The younger witch smiled a constrained smile. "And how do you suppose I pay my rent? Not to talk about food and nappies for little Miss Sunshine here?"

"Couldn't you raise some more credit? You have done that before..."

"Yes, and I am at the absolute limit of what they would give me. And before you say anything else: yes, even with Harry bailing for me."

Molly huffed in indignation, but Hermione knew too well that she wasn't huffing at her but at the perceived injustice that a single mother should have to work her ass off in order to continue her studies and provide for her child. She walked Hermione and Sophe over to the fireplace and blew both of them a kiss before they stepped into the green flames.

When she arrived home a few minutes later, Hermione put her book-bag down, put her cloak on the hanger and then gave her full attention to her beautiful daughter. The gods knew her little angel deserved it. She knew very well that they spent too little time together, but what could she do? She did what she could, working night shifts instead of day shifts when possible, had even lowered her expectations of her studies; because honestly, what was an Outstanding worth if it meant not seeing her baby nearly as much as she wanted?

Sophia was such a lovely child. It was a pity that her father wanted nothing to do with her. But what did she care, actually. Sophe had everything she could want for, a loving mother, doting grandparents and a bunch of honorary uncles who were more than willing to replace a lousy father.

When Sophia got impatient with the book Hermione was reading for her, the older witch let the girl go and run around on her still wobbly feet. Ruffling through the blonde curls on her daughter's head, Hermione got up from the sofa to prepare dinner. It would be...Broccoli and potatoes with a bit of grated cheese. Perfect.


Philippa entered the Magiquefifteen minutes before the stipulated time. It was a habit of hers to arrive early. It gave the customer the feeling of being important enough to be waited for, and herself the chance to become accustomed with the location. Not that this was necessary; she had been at the restaurant a few times with other clients, but she still preferred it this way.

She waited at the bar for Draco to appear. The Maître d' would inform him that she had already arrived. It usually was good to make a first acquaintance at the bar, having a drink. It seemed to relax the men, especially when they were first-timers like Malfoy. She tapped her toes to the rhythm of the tune that sounded out of the speakers. The witch knew very well that she was attracting the stares of every single man in the bar. But that was the aim of wearing shoes like hers, wasn't it?

The stilettos were black, peep-toe and had a five inch heel. If it weren't for magic she would never have considered wearing shoes like that, but thanks to a stabilising and cushioning charm, they were reasonably comfortable to wear. And even more important, her legs looked like they'd never end—a great turn-on to every man she knew.

The witch swirled the dry Martini in her glass, when somebody slid onto the stool next to her. She looked up, smiling brightly because she expected it to be Draco. When she realised that it was not Draco at all, she tuned her smile down and turned back off, concentrating on her drink once more. But the wizard next to her was not ready to give up.

"May I buy you a drink?" he asked, smiling in what he thought a seductive way.

"No, thank you. I am waiting for somebody. He should be here any minute."

"But as long as he isn't, you could certainly keep me company and have a drink with me, right?" he moved his stool closer to her.

Philippa sighed. Things like this happened at regular intervals, unfortunately. "No, thank you very much, but I am not interested. I'd much prefer to wait for my friend on my own." She drew her own stool away from the intrusive man and tried her best to ignore him.

Draco had followed the whole exchange from the doorway and approached them only in time to prevent the other wizard from putting his hand on the young woman's thigh.

"Excuse me, but I think my friend made it very clear that she did not want to be bothered. Please remove yourself from near her or I will have to do it for you," he stated calmly and put himself between the man and Philippa. He then turned and took a first close look at his company for the evening.

"Philippa. You look stunning." He kissed her hand lightly. "Do you want to have another drink, or proceed to a table right away?"

"I think we should go to table. I don't like the present company too much..." she smiled her most dazzling smile at him.

"As the lady wishes."

Draco offered her his arm and led her into the restaurant, following their personal waiter to their table.

They were seated at the best table in the restaurant. What else could be expected of an outing with the Malfoy heir? Even if the family had long fallen from grace, they still held an important place in society—even if it was more for money than other reasons. The waiter placed the menus in front of them and waited a few feet away for their order.

Philippa watched Draco through the lashes of her eyes. He seemed engrossed in the menu, not inclined to start the conversation. They ordered their meal and drinks and then looked at each other in open curiosity.

"Thank you." She decided that she would use the earlier incident to break the ice.

"Whatever for?" Draco looked confused.

"For earlier. The guy at the bar? He was getting a bit too close; a rather unpleasant experience."

"I am amazed that a woman in your profession would feel that way." He shrugged nonchalantly.

"Excuse me?"

"Don't tell me you like all of your suitors?"

"That is something completely different," she answered with conviction.

"Is it?"

"Obviously. My job is my job. I get paid. My clients get what they pay for. That man was harassing me, as he would every other woman. You pay to be close to me, so it doesn't matter if I like you or not. He didn't pay and I didn't like him. Nothing gives him the right to assume his advances are welcome."

Draco chuckled a bit at this logic. "Well, if you want to see it that way..."

They had a perfectly pleasant time at dinner, and at the end Draco was almost happy that his mother had forced this date on him. Philippa had turned out to be an intelligent young woman who had a great insight on many subjects. He was particularly intrigued by her profound knowledge of potions. Although he had never studied potions at University, he had always been one of the best informed people when it came to that subject.

"Tell me, how come you're so knowledgeable in potions?"

"It's what I am studying..." she smiled at him and Draco had the impression that this was the first absolutely honest smile that evening.

"You're a student? Really?"

"Yes. At LMU. Like I said, I am in their potions programme, but take some classes in herbology and arithmancy, too." She played with her dessert and once again watched him from under her lashes. She wasn't sure if it was a good idea to tell him that she was a student, much less what subject or university. It was the first time she had told any of her clients so much about herself. But he just seemed like he wouldn't use his knowledge against her.

"London Merlin University? Impressive. You must be really good if you got onto their potions programme. Is that why you work...umm...."

The witch felt his discomfort and released him from it by simply answering, "Yes. That's why. The tuition fee needs to be paid. And since the wizarding world doesn't know anything about scholarships..."


"Exactly my point." Philippa smiled wryly. "In the muggle world you can get monetary help to pay for tuition and living costs, either from different organisations, the government or even the university you're attending. No such thing for LMU."

"You're muggleborn?" Draco inquired curiously.

"Yes...Is that a problem?"

"No, not at all. They asked me if I had any preferences concerning the blood status. But I don't, not anymore at least. I will not lie, it was very important to me at one point in my life. But now...It's a new world, right?"

"If you say so..." the witch smiled. Then she cocked her head, raised an eyebrow and asked, "And what are we doing after this lovely dinner? Would you like me to accompany you home?"

"Actually...I had a great time Philippa, believe me. And I hope we can repeat this experience. But I did not hire you to sleep with me. My mother talked me into this. She thinks I don't go out often enough and keep—I quote— 'moping around, wasting my youth'."

For a second Draco thought he saw a flash of annoyance in her eyes, but it was so quickly gone that he probably imagined it. After all he had already paid her agency 500 Galleons for this evening, so even if her share of it was only half of that, it was certainly worth three hours of work.

They left the restaurant and slowly made their way to the closest apparition point. Philippa had her arm linked with Draco's and they conversed animatedly.

An enraged shriek stopped them dead in their tracks:

"How dare you! How dare you—flaunting my fiancé?!"

"Pansy. What are you doing here?" Draco kept Philippa close as she tried to extract her arm from his.

"The question is what are you doing, Draco Malfoy! What are you doing here with this woman?"

"Not that it concerns you, but I am out and having a nice evening with a lovely young lady. May I intro..."

Pansy interrupted him angrily. "Going out? With somebody who's not your fiancé? How dare you!"

"We're not engaged anymore, you know that very well. You fucked my best friend, and thus made it very clear how important I was to you. There's no shagging somebody else and marrying me. It's very easy to understand, so please, leave us alone."

"But Draky...I was only confused...I have been waiting for you to contact me ever since! You told me to leave you in peace and I did, to give you space...I thought we'd be okay, you and I!"

Draco just shook his head. Without further consideration of the other witch, he guided his date further down the street and smiled apologetically at her.

"I am sorry about that. She's my ex, and she hasn't accepted yet that we're done."

"She slept with your best mate?"

Draco nodded sullenly.

"What a bitch!" the brunette said honestly. Compassion shone through her eyes and he could see that she meant what she said. "Is that why you have been 'moping around, wasting your youth'?"

"Yes...I was really smitten with her, you know. Maybe not truly in love, but she had certain qualities I appreciated very much."

"No kidding..." Philippa mumbled sarcastically, but then switched on a seductive smile and said, "Well, you know, I have certain qualities that you'd probably appreciate just as much..."

But Draco just chuckled and shook his head. "No, I am sorry. You'll have to be content with what you earned tonight. I don't pay for sex. It is bad enough that I let my mother convince me to pay for company. Although it was worth it. Shall I accompany you home?"

"No, " the young woman smiled. "I don't give away where I live. I am sorry. Thank you for being so considerate, though. I had a nice evening too. Good night." She kissed him lightly on the cheek and then apparated away.

In her flat the witch fell into her old, comfortable armchair and wrestled the shoes from her feet. "'Content with what I earned tonight'...The audacity of that boy! I only hope the guy tomorrow is interested in something more than a stupid dinner. This was certainly not worth my time," she babbled angrily to herself.

She went to her small, cramped bathroom to remove her make-up and brush her teeth. Then she removed the simple glamour charm and smiled at her own reflection before she turned off the light and went to bed.


Hermione hummed happily while she prepared breakfast at The Burrow . Her daughter sat in her high chair, munching with abandon some bread with cheese while they waited for the rest of the inhabitants to wake up. It was tradition that the witch would come early enough to be there when her daughter woke up when she stayed overnight at Molly and Arthur's place. That way the two of them could sleep in, and Hermione could reciprocate for Molly's many favours at least in some small way by taking care of the breakfast.

"Good morning, Hermione, darling. It's been too long since I have seen you!" Arthur enveloped her in a fatherly hug.

"Arthur...I hope Sophe was not too much of a bother?"

"Oh stop that nonsense! When will you accept that she's never a bother? You know Molly. She thinks that it's far too quiet here anyway. At least when one of our grandchildren is here she's occupied." He sat down next to Sophia and stopped her from flinging a piece of bread right to the floor. "So, how was work?"

"Serving drinks is always the same, Arthur..."

"I know, I know, but did the crash gister break down again?"

"Crash gister... Nice pun Arthur, but it's actually a cash register. And as fitting as the name crash register would be, no, it didn't for once." She grinned. "But the cook almost set the deep fat fryer on fire."

"That would have been a deep fat fire..." the red headed man joked.

"Yeah, only it wasn't funny when it happened." Hermione flipped over the sausages and turned the heat off before serving her honorary father his breakfast. "Molly's still sleeping?"

"I'm just here..." came a cheerful voice from the entrance of the kitchen.

"Good morning. Just on time, breakfast is ready. I am sure it runs in the family to be always on time for meals."

The three adults enjoyed a quiet breakfast, only interrupted by Sophia's happy babbling about dagons and naits. They were not too sure if naits meant knives or knights, but Hermione pointed out that knights would go better with dragons.

With all the Weasley children now having left home, Molly often complained that it was far too lonely, and Hermione knew that she loved it when she came over for breakfast. The only time when The Burrow resembled what it had been during her school days was on Sundays for brunch. Although it was rare that everybody would be able to attend, they all tried their best to make it there on a more or less regular base.

For Hermione it had become one of the few opportunities to see her friends. Between her studies, work and the little monster that was currently decorating the kitchen floor with pumpkin juice, there was not much time left to be a carefree twentysomething like the others.

Harry, Ron, Ginny and George, too, were catching up on what they had missed as teenagers and having fun whenever possible. Hermione didn't begrudge them their freedom, since all of them were taking their obligations seriously nonetheless, but she just didn't have the chance to live this experience with them. From time to time Ron and Harry would force her to have a golden evening as they called it jokingly, during which Ginny would babysit—but that was about as far as it went.

She was content with her life. Of course it was not always easy to be a single mum, but honestly, she had everything she needed. Support from her family and friends, the possibility to study at one of the best universities in the wizarding world and a stunning daughter. What else could she ask for? She didn't need a man to be happy. They were all the same anyway.

Sunday afternoon found Hermione asleep in the shadow of the large apple tree in the garden of The Burrow. Sophe snuggled against her, sucking greedily at her thumb. Some well-meaning soul (probably Molly) had placed a light blanket over the two of them. Harry chuckled at the picture that presented itself to him.

Motherhood became Hermione. Neither of her friends had expected that during her pregnancy. She had almost freaked out when she first learned that she was with child. Not because she didn't want her baby (oh no, Harry remembered well enough how she once told him in dry words: "If I am ready to shag, then I'd better be ready to raise a child, too."), but because she had been scared. Scared that she'd have to quit her studies, scared about how she'd pay for the baby's needs, scared what her friends would think of her.

If Harry had thought that she was in deep with the first shock, it had been nothing compared to the panic attacks she had had a few month into her pregnancy. They all had been worried about her, and it had been Molly who had finally put her foot down and told her in no uncertain terms that her worrying wasn't good for her unborn child at all.

But it was only a few months after Sophia's birth that Hermione seemed to really stop worrying. Or at least as much as a young mother could stop worrying anyhow.


Philippa grumbled as she got ready for yet another date with Draco Malfoy. She was not sure how that stupid witch had got her to accept another appointment with that man. He had been charming, certainly, but work wasn't about going out with a charming man. It was about gaining enough money for university. She replayed the conversation with her employer in her head again and again...

"No, there is no way I will meet him again. It doesn't pay off for me. I cannot survive on an appointment with him, which means that I'd have to take two appointments that week. No."

"But Philippa, Mr. Malfoy was very happy with you! I am sure this time would be different."

"No, I am not interested. It's not worth it."

This stupid, stupid... Arrrgh. This was the last time she would get her to do something like this. If this night didn't pay off, she was over and done with Draco Malfoy. With a last look into the mirror she apparated to the bar where they were supposed to meet.

Surprisingly Draco was already there. She checked her watch. He was early, earlier than she was. The witch smiled and approached him with swaying hips. When he saw her his face lit up and a genuine smile graced his features.

"What a pleasure to see you again, Philippa. It has been a long..."

"Draco...Not that long. Three weeks only."

"Yes, you are quite busy aren't you?"

The young woman just smiled and took the chair offered to her opposite to him. She ordered her dry Martini and then concentrated on the wizard.

"So, what play are we seeing tonight? I was only told that we'll go to the theatre."

"It's the opening night of Macbeth. Everybody will be there, I really needed somebody to go with me, I am glad you were free today."

Philippa smiled to hide her annoyance 'Free?' she thought. 'I guess it depends on the definition of free. If free means no other appointment, then it is certainly correct...' But she only said, "Shakespeare! That's great, I love Shakespeare. Don't worry, nobody will recognise me, there are spells to ensure your privacy."

The blond scratched his head thoughtfully. "I hadn't even thought about that yet. But I guess I am thankful for that."

The witch did not comment on his last statement. She had heard it so often she had lost count. No matter how nice they were, no matter how often they assured her that they had enjoyed their time immensely, nobody would get caught with an escort. The disgrace! It didn't bother her anymore; that was just the way it was. But sometimes she just wished they could be honest and say that they were ashamed and not hide behind cheap excuses.

They departed from the bar not much later. Draco wanted to arrive early at the theatre, a guarantee to see and to be seen. He had been staying at home entirely too much since the disaster with Pansy. He needed to be seen more. And now (thanks to his mother, he admitted grudgingly) he had the right woman at his side. Even if it was all show.

Philippa enjoyed the theatre very much. It had been too long since she had last had the opportunity to watch a play; not least have good company. And Draco was good company. She thoroughly enjoyed discussing the performance of the actors and the contents of the play at dinner. Nevertheless, Philippa had the distinct impression that the evening would not turn out to be equally beneficial when it came to the financial side. And she was right. After dinner, Draco accompanied her to the apparition point, kissed her on the cheek and said, "I hope to see you again, soon. There are some events coming up, and I'd like you to go with me."

The witch sighed and shook her head. "I hope you'll forgive me for being blunt, Draco. The evenings with you are—fun—but they don't earn me enough money. I am sorry, but I will not be at your disposal anymore. There are other girls registered with the agency that don't engage in—uhm—more intimate activities. They will cost you far less money, and I promise they are just as charming and fitting for a public outing as I am."

Draco stared at her in disbelief. "I paid 700 Galleons for this evening; 500 for the last—and you're telling me that isn't enough money?"

"Listen, I know that 60 Galleons for four hours work is good compared to somebody who works in a book store or in a restaurant. But it just isn't enough for me. I have university fees to pay, food, rent...I try to keep my schedule to one client a week and an appointment with you cannot replace any of my other clients.

"I understand that you don't want to pay for sex. Merlin, I can even respect you for it. But that is exactly what I have to offer. If you're not interested in the product, then I cannot sell and if I don't sell, I don't make a profit. Even if the agency is called Escort Agency, let's be honest for one moment—we're hookers. And if you're not looking for one, then I am the wrong person to make an appointment with.

"As I said, there are other girls. You have to ask directly for them. They are cheaper and thus they obviously try to give you appointments with me or one of the other girls who do...well, you know. But one of them might be the best solution for you."

"Wait a second, what are you rambling on about 60 Galleons? You mean 60 Galleons per hour, right?"

Philippa threw her head back and laughed, a deep, heart felt laugh, that seemed so familiar, even if Draco was hearing it for the first time. "No, I am certainly not talking about 60 Galleons per hour. What do you think the agency share is? Hmm?"

The wizard shrugged. He felt stupid somehow, even if he really couldn't tell why. "I don't know. Maybe...Ten percent? Or twenty max?"

"Well, that is my share."

"Twenty percent?"

"Not twenty. Ten. And obviously I have to pay to borrow the dress, the shoes, the jewellery. Out of this evening I gain 60 Galleons. Last time it was 40. On average, I earn about 250 per night.

"I am not in this job because I want to be in the company of rich people. I do this because I need to earn a lot of money in little time. With you...That's just not the case. I trust you get my point?"

Draco nodded and watched her apparate away after a quick peck on his cheek. Hell, he had not thought that escorts would be so blunt and honest with their clients. Weren't they supposed to accommodate them and say what their customers wanted to hear? But then again, she had told him that he was a bad client for her. 'She sells sex,' he thought. 'Nothing more, nothing less. She's a hooker.' He had almost forgotten that. Of course he was very aware that he paid to see her, but he had to admit that he found her rather charming and preferred not to think about her in that way.


Draco was fuming. It had been almost two month since he had last seen Philippa. He had done what she had told him to do and taken appointments with the girls who did not wish to be intimate with their clients. And no matter what the witch had said, those women simply couldn't match her.

While Philippa had been funny, intelligent and blunt, those other witches he had taken out were boring, shallow and false. He had tried several times to get another appointment with the brunette, but to no avail. He supposed he should be happy that they had agreed to give her the letter he wrote to her.

Dear Philippa,

I tried to date other women from the agency—and it just didn't work out. They are dull compared to you, we had such a great time together. Or at least I had and I only hope it was the same for you.

I know why you don't want to take another appointment with me. And believe me, I understand your motives. But what if I promised that it would be worth your time? Would you please reconsider and meet me once more? I miss you, and I'd really like to see you again.

Yours sincerely,

Draco Malfoy

Philippa sighed when she read the letter. She had to admit that she had missed him, too. He was a bit arrogant, but he was interesting to talk to. If they were friends, she was sure that they would squabble with one another regularly. They just had such different opinions on some points. Not that she'd ever consider one of her clients a friend, but still...

Dear Draco,

I hope you'll live up to your promises. I agree to meet you in lieu of the appointment next Thursday with Christy you asked for.

But only because I missed you, too.


Philippa Ephesus

They met up at the bar of the Magiqueand Draco took her side-along to the birthday party they were supposed to attend that evening. He had warned her that it would be a boring, elitist pureblood event, but the witch had only laughed and told him that more than half of her clients took her to such events, usually to show off with a much younger woman at the arm.

After the party Draco led her to one of the thestral drawn carriages that waited to take the guests home. Since most of them were so inebriated that they couldn't apparate anymore, there were many people waiting in line.

"So...if I wanted to...Let's say I wanted a blow job and to sleep with you?" he asked very quietly so the other people couldn't hear him "How much would I owe you?"

"Would you want to come both times? Or would the blow job be foreplay?"

"Umm...Foreplay?" He was obviously uncomfortable with her bluntness once again.

"250 Galleons."

Draco nodded, filled out and signed one of his Gringott's vouchers and handed it over to Philippa. If that was the price for her company, he was ready to pay it. He didn't need to count his Galleons; he could afford to spend such an exorbitant sum on a date. It was not as if he intended to make use of the services he had just paid for.

She smiled and pocketed the voucher. They waited in silence until it was their turn with the carriages. The witch stated clearly in the direction of the thestrals, "Take us on a ride over London," and pulled the blond in.

The wizard twitched his eyebrow but said nothing. He was curious to know what the witch wanted to do. He'd have thought that she'd want to go home as fast as possible. But he was obviously mistaken. The carriage soared in the air, only the flapping of the thestrals' wings could be heard.

Philippa pushed him to sit down on the plush seat and kneeled in front of him. Her slim hands undid the fly of his pants with practised movements. Draco felt his cock twitch, but stilled her hands with his own.

"What...don't, you shouldn't..." he choked out. This witch was too insistent for her own good. How was he supposed to resist when a beautiful young woman tried to go down on him?

"You prefer a bed?"

"No...just...I didn't want you to..."

But the witch didn't seem to hear and continued what she had begun. She smiled up at him, "I didn't think so..." and lowered her mouth onto his already half-erect member.

And she did know what to do with her tongue! Draco's determination not to pay for sex resolved into nothingness. How could he say stop, when her soft lips closed like a velvet prison around his glands, her tongue twirled lightly just beneath? She gently licked and sucked until his cock was hard enough to pleasure him at a more demanding pace. Then she glided slowly further down his shaft, massaging him with her tongue.

Draco groaned, this was simply too good to be true! It had been such a long time since a woman had done this for him. He bucked his hips up, shoving his hard manhood deeper into her warm and welcoming mouth. Philippa did not hesitate, but sucked greedily at it, while cradling his balls in her hand, playing tenderly with them.

It was a delicious view how her perfectly shaped lips glided up and down his girth. From time to time her little pink tongue would peek out, caressing him, too. She had her eyes half closed and concentrated only on the feeling of his sex in her mouth, hearing his laboured breathing and moaning.

He fucked her mouth eagerly with one hand in her hair, the other one gripping the seat tightly. This was just perfect! The brunette had her lips closed tightly around his cock, so that there was just the right amount of pressure. From time to time her teeth grazed his length tenderly, only to soothe the tiny pain away with her tongue immediately.

The wizard tried to speed up a little more, he was so close! But apparently she knew that, too, because she released his dick with a soft pop and looked up at him slyly.

"Ah, ah, ah..." she chided him "We cannot have you coming yet, can we? I still have other plans for you, Mister..." all the while slowly caressing him.

Then she let go of him, earning her a disappointed groan. But Philippa just smiled, her hands sliding down her skirt, gathering the hem... She then took one of his hands and put it under her skirt, directing it to the elastic of her lacy knickers. Draco slid his other hand under her skirt, too, caressing the soft skin of her ass cheeks. His fingertips slowly entered the crotch of her knickers, inquiringly caressing along the slit of her sex.

He glided her knickers down her legs and continued the exploration of her little pussy. The pubic hair was neatly trimmed, her opening completely hair-free. The wizard wet his finger with a bit of saliva and pinched her clit tenderly before probing her opening with it. Philippa was straddling his lap by now and had resumed caressing his pulsing cock.

Gods, even her hands felt heavenly on him...And she was wet. Not dripping, but wet enough. He moaned, not ready to wait any longer to have her. He gripped her hips and pulled her against him, guiding her carefully atop of his weeping length. She lowered herself a bit, teasing the tip of his member with her moist heat before impaling herself with one smooth move.

Draco threw his head back in bliss. Regardless of what he might have thought, she was tight, oh so tight. He thrust his pelvis up, meeting her in her movements. With fumbling fingers he freed her breasts of the confines of her dress. They were glorious, just as he had thought. Not very large, but they fit his hands perfectly, with dusky, fawn nipples.

He latched on one of them with ardour, caressing her other breast, while she rode him passionately. She moaned at the contact of his warm mouth with her skin, throwing her head back Her slim throat bared to him was too much of a temptation, so he temporarily abandoned her nipple to plant a multitude of small kisses and bites along the vulnerable flesh.

The wizard slid a bit further to the edge of the seat, pulling her even closer against him. She had been in control of the act until then, but now he was ready to claim it. And as if she felt his need to be the one in charge, she let him. He gripped her buttocks tightly, pulling her as close as possible grinding his hips into her.

She melted against his body, and he held her tightly before turning her around and laying her down on the velvet bench. Her high-heel clad feet dug into his bare ass, urging him on and on. Philippa arched against him, her beautiful body searching for friction with his muscled chest.

Draco continued to pound hardly into her velvet heat; sweat dripping from his eyebrow. The witch mewled in contentment as he hit her sweet spot repeatedly. She dug her fingernails into his back and drew him close, biting the base of his neck. The combination of pain and pleasure drove the wizard over the edge. He felt the tightening of his balls and slid his hand between their bodies to stimulate Philippa's sensitive clit.

As he shot his hot seed into her womb, he felt her walls clamping around him. With a shout that sounded half surprised, half relieved, she followed him into orgasm. Draco fell onto his forearms, resting his front against hers. She had her eyes closed, her breasts jiggling softly with every breath she took.

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