Agent No More

Disclaimer: NCIS isn't mine as usual.

Ok, the idea for this came after watching the season finale episode "Alliya". In fact, after watching the last few episodes of season 6, I really wanted to ring Tony's neck big time. And so this idea popped into my head.


Chapter 1

When she'd first arrived in the Navy Yard in Norfolk, VA she didn't know what to expect. The US Marshal's who had escorted her there said not to worry, this was one of the most safest places around and that her job on the base was secure. She would be working at NCIS as a clerk. That eased her mind. She would be surrounded by Federal agents and that the Director of NCIS had been informed that she would be there.

Vance was the only one that knew that Annissa was in the Witness Protection Program and that she was hiding in plain sight on a Navy base at NCIS.

When she'd first started working at NCIS, she felt like an outsider but it didn't take long for her to make new friends and the majority of the teams of agents took to liking her. Except one, Gibbs's team. She found them to be the most unusual group of people she ever came across.

Timothy MaGee and Ziva David she got along with, DiNozo she didn't like period, and Gibbs she didn't care much for his head slapping his own team. She found him to much a marine for her liking.

Occasionally she'd see Dr. Mallard and Abby Schiuto in the bull pen and found Mallard to be quite the gentlemen and eccentric. She really did like Abby, in fact the two would have lunch together at least once a week. How they met was something of a fluke. It happened on a quiet day when Annissa thought that the music filtering up the floors of the building was a tad to loud so she picked up the phone and dialed the lab and politely asked if the noise could be turned down just a bit. The rest as they say is history.

But lately, it seemed the place was a bit unsettled. First of all there were enough conspiracy theories surrounding DiNozo and the fact that he had killed a Mosad agent to leave the gossip going for days on end. Second, everyone on Gibbs's team was unsettled over the fact that Ziva David didn't come back from Israel. Even Abby wasn't herself. Finally, everyone had noted that DiNozo seemed to be more childish, stupid, immature and annoying to say the least and what really had everyone up a creek was his harassing behavior towards everyone lately and it was driving the entire place crazy.

For Annissa, DiNozo had somehow found it enjoying to harass her lately to no end. Both Director Vance and Gibbs were well aware of the situation but what ever they did didn't seem to reign in the agent's behavior one bit.

Things finally came to a head on the day when Annissa had returned to her desk after delivering papers and messages around to discover that someone had been in her workspace and her purse which contained her iPod and a few personal touches she had added to decorate her area were gone.

She didn't waste time, she went straight to Vance. Word had spread quickly and within minutes, Abby and Tim had cordoned off her workspace and tested the place for fingerprints.

Vance had gone to Abby requesting that Annissa's prints (that's the name she's going by now) not be entered into the system. That had left Abby with a lot of questions but she complied.

Annissa was on her cell talking to her assigned Marshal where Vance found her huddled in a corner of the conference room.

Hanging up the phone, she looked at Vance, "They're making plans to move me," she spoke in quiet voice. "They consider the theft of the iPod a serious security breach."

"What was on the iPod?" he asked.

"The Marshals briefed you on why I was placed here right."

He nodded, she had witnessed and survived a horrific crime and that those responsible had threatened to kill her. She had gone into the witness protection program because of the seriousness of the crime and those involved. Her testimony had put them away. Even in witness protection, she was not safe, there had already been at least one attempt on her life so far.

"Director Vance, please understand, the iPod is all I have left of my family. The few pictures that are stored on it are what I have left." She explained carefully. "My family is dead, I have no one at all. When I first entered the witness protection program, one of the Marshals best computer geeks helped me put the photos on the iPod using a computer that was not hooked to a network or the internet. After the transfers were done, the memory on the computer was wiped clean period. He had used some kind of sweeper program to completely wipe the machine. Since then, it has never been hooked to another computer period. Besides, the thing isn't registered period."

"So what you're saying, is that if anyone hooks that thing to a computer with internet access or a network,"

"Those who want me dead will find the pictures and trace them. Not only that, there are some files on it that would put a certain person away on death row if he ever is caught. The Feds had the same information but it was stolen from their own evidence locker."

"So the information was also stored and kept with you as a back up."

She nodded.

Vance realized that the seriousness of this theft would get this woman killed. Not to mention there was a major leak and no one had not been able to plug it.

"Stay here, I'm going to go talk to Abby and see what she's got."

* * * * *

"I can't believe that someone would steal an iPod, I mean not just any iPod but Annissa's." Abby Schiuto was rambling on and on in her lab. Tim knew she was rattled by the theft, so was everyone else.

Abby was running the prints against the NCIS employee database at the moment and had separated Annissa's prints from the rest.

MaGee was busy looking at the security camera footage for the area around Annissa's workspace and was studying it closely looking for anything out of the ordinary.

When Vance walked in, neither of them bothered to glance his way to absorbed in what they were doing.

"Abby, do you have anything?' asked the Director.

"Yeah, I eliminated Annissa's prints since they covered the majority of the area. I so far have a hit on the cleaning lady and am waiting on the results of the other prints we found."

"That's odd," spoke up MaGee. "You usually don't see Tony up in that area."

And yet there he was on the monitor, Vance and Abby were also looking at the footage.

"Well, we all know he's been harassing people up there lately," chimed in Abby.

"Anyone else who shouldn't be up there?" asked Vance.

"No, just the regulars," replied MaGee.

"And their prints have been eliminated," Abby spoke waiting impatiently for the computer to come up with a match.

Finally after a few seconds, the computer dinged saying it had a match. MaGee and Vance watched the screen as Abby pulled up the information and for the three of them it felt like the world had just collapsed under them.

* * * * *

NCIS Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs strolled through the bull pen. He had arrived back at NCIS after talking with a witness to a case and had found the place abuzz. It didn't take him long to find out why.

Just as he was about to head for Vance's office, the elevator doors opened depositing Abby, MaGee, and Vance and before Gbbs could say anything, Vance spoke, "Gibb's, where's DiNozo?"