Chapter 8

Tony had been led back to the interrogation room from the holding cell and was really getting tired of staring at his reflection in the window. On the other side, Fornell and his team were watching him through the glass. McGee had decided to press charges against DiNozzo for the theft of the broach and Fornell couldn't disagree with the younger man about that. Minor theft charges were also pending for the other items but it was the broach that could land him in jail. On top of that, the US Attorney's office was deciding on whether to press charges against the NCIS agent sitting in the room in regards to the iPod theft and the subsequent shooting that had occurred. As Fornell saw it now, DiNozzo's career as a federal agent was over.

Taking a deep breath, Fornell decided it was time to talk to the man again. Waling out of the observation room and into the interrogation room with a folder in his hand, he took a seat in front of DiNozzo.

Holy shit what happened to him? Tony was asking himself when he saw Fornell enter the room. It wasn't difficult to notice the bandages and scratches on his face. "Hey Fornell, come to get me out of here?" He asked trying to make light of the situation despite the fact that Tobias Fornell didn't look happy at all.

Fornell took a moment before answering the younger agent in front of him. He wasn't exactly sure what to say to him. Fornell knew that if DiNozzo was ever released, there was a line of about half a dozen people at least that wanted his head. Well of those that he knew of. Looking him straight in the eye he spoke, "Well let's see, last I checked. I knew of about half a dozen people who were filing misdemeanor theft charges against you and McGee should be done right about now filling out the paperwork charging you with stealing his sister's birthday gift." Sighing he looked at Tony, and continued, "No I'm not here to bail you out."

Tony looked surprised at the news from Fornell. Fornell wasn't sure whether it was because of all the charges being filed against him or McGee being among them pressing charges whatever it was thought Fornell it had caught the younger agent off guard.

"So what are you here for then Fornell," Tony asked with a hint of sarcasm not really amused to be where he was at the moment.

"To see if your will to talk without your lawyer present."

"Ain't happening," replied DiNozzo. "Seeing as I'm here on theft charges and all but my gut is telling me that there is more to this picture than your not telling me and my suspicion is that it has to do with something I did. Other than the thefts I'm supposedly charged with."

Leaning back in his chair, Fornell looked at DiNozzo, he's one piece of work. He had to agree on that one. He knew about DiNozzo's past with the Baltimore PD but what still got him is how in the hell he ended up at NCIS in the first place. Gibbs has never really elaborated on that and he'd never bothered to ask before. Finally he spoke up, "Well I guess we'll just have to wait for your lawyer to get here.'

"Guess we do," replied DiNozzo, "In the meantime, is there anyway you can get me a movie to watch you know it gets kinda boring just sitting around here."

Shaking his head Fornell said, "Not on your life," stood up and walked out the door.

On the other side of the glass, Sacks watched the exchange with a bit of amusement and dismay. DiNozzo was thinking that stealing other people's stuff was amusing. Well what really got the FBI agent was DiNozzo's cavalier manner in how he reacted to stealing the broach, an expensive one at that. Sack's had been surprised that it belonged to Agent McGee over at NCIS when Fornell told him who it belonged to. Well, nobody was laughing now.

Fornell came to stand by Sacks in the observation room both men looking through the glass mirror at DiNozzo as the younger NCIS agent leaned back in his chair. Sack's glanced sideways at Fornell. Fornell for his part just stared straight ahead his slight reflection staring back at him on the glass. Fornell took a moment before speaking. "What's your take?"

"In my opinion, his career's over," spoke up Sacks.

All Fornell could do was nod. "Any word from the AG's office?"

"Yeah, the DA's on his way and the AG's office didn't sound too happy."

"Yeah," was all Fornell could say. Gibbs was going to be majorly pissed by the time this is over with.

The door to the observation room opened and in walked in a man who had lawyer written all over him. Fornell turned to the man and took a moment to measure him up. At that same moment, the prosecuting attorney walked in and Fornell realized that things were really going to get interesting now.

"I'm Agent DiNozzo's attorney," he spoke up. "I'd like some time with my lawyer."

Fornell nodded, "He's all yours."

"I'm from the US Attorney's office," spoke up the DA nodding to Fornell, Sacks, and the lawyer. "Before you meet with your client I'd like to advise you that your client is facing theft charges as I was informed on very short notice and possible attempted murder charges for the attack on one witness and a handful of federal agents. The AG's office is also investigating whether Agent DiNozzo has connections to the Irish mob in this case."

"How big of a short notice was that Jim," Sacks asked the Prosecutor.

"Let's just say I wasn't too amused to be woken up in the middle of the night," replied Jim. Looking at Fornell he had to ask, "You okay Fornell?"

"I'm fine," Fornell replied.

The four men made the introductions and then Tony's lawyer went in to meet with his client. It didn't surprise anyone that DiNozzo had called his union lawyer. As the three left the observation room and made their way to Fornell's office and some bad coffee they all talked.

"So how bad is this looking for DiNozzo," asked Sacks as the three sat around the office.

"Bad, the AG wants to nail him to the wall," replied Jim. "We're even looking at evidence tampering as well in regards to our evidence on the iPod."

"Well if we can't get him on the federal charges in our case, the felony theft one is going to do him in," said Fornell.

"So I heard," replied Jim. "What exactly did he steal?"

"A specially made broach belonging to a co-worker of DiNozzo's," said Fornell taking a sip of his coffee.

"An expensive one at that," spoke up Sacks.

"Okay maybe I really don't want to know," replied Jim.

The three were working on a plan of action on how to proceed with their case even if DiNozzo is involved or not. But nobody was willing to give up on the case period.

After some time, the three returned to the interrogation rooms to find DiNozzo's lawyer waiting for them. He decided to speak first. "My client is willing to discuss the theft of his co-workers personal effects but be advised, that he has informed me that he has no involvement with the Irish Mob or any organized crime syndicate."

"Well we're going to ask anyway," replied Tobias as he, the DA and Tony's lawyer walked into the room.

Tony watched the three walk into the room and couldn't decide whether to play it straight or put on the frat boy attitude. He opted for the play it straight deal. Unknown to him, Sacks and an NCIS agent were in the observation room observing the scene in front of them and had wagered a friendly bet on this.

"So DiNutso, I understand you want to discuss the theft of your fellow employees belongings," asked Fornell who was still not amused by the whole train of events that have transpired.

"Well, I was bored. What can I say," he said.

"Bored enough that several of your co-workers are now asking for your head."

"Nah, they wouldn't."

"Well, I distinctly recall McGee threatening to kill you this morning after confirming that the expensive broach we found in your backpack was his."

Tony raised an eyebrow, "Nah, he doesn't have it in him."

"You wanna bet," said Fornell in disgust. He'd just about ruined McGee's plan for his sister's birthday.

"You sure about that Toby,"

"Well if not McGee then what about Ms. Sciuto."

That got Tony's attention. He knew Abby would tear him apart for what he took out of her lab. Fornell watched as the confidence that DiNozzo had on his face fell right off at the mention of the forensics specialist.

Worried about his own skin then huh. Fornell was silently smiling to himself. He had hit a nerve.

"Okay, I admit to stealing the stuff from my co-workers. I was just curios about their stuff and I thought it would be a cool joke just to see what would happen."

"Well, nobody's laughing DiNutso," said Fornell "Especially not your fellow team members."

"Oh," his eyebrow rose.

"Yeah, I have never seen Gibbs so pissed off before now. So like I said, nobody's laughing."

"If he's so pissed off then why am I here then, Fornell."

"The iPod you stole."

"Oh that, I was just wondering what Annissa listens to but to my surprise, all it had was encrypted files on it, so I have to wonder what is she hiding."

"Nothing of your concern, but thanks to your stupidity, our case against a certain crime syndicate is in jeopardy," snarled the District Attorney.

DiNozzo looked from Fornell to the DA and then back at the window where he was wondering who was watching. .

"What case," Tony spoke up. "My lawyer here was telling me you want to know my involvement with the Irish mob. Well truth to say I don't have any affiliation with them at all. I was just curious as to why a low level clerk would have encrypted files on her MP3 player but now I see, she was holding the information for you huh or Annissa isn't her real name."

"You can say whatever you want DiNozzo, but the the US Attorney General's office is looking at filing charges against you for the theft. You see, our evidence is being compromised in the case and what you stole, could effectively end our case which has taken us years to build."

"Huh," tony was looking at them saying nothing else.

"Oh it gets even better," continued the DA. "Evidence tampering, attempted murder on Federal Agents from two agencies and our witness. I can hear the Directors of the FBI and US Marshal's Service screaming for your blood."

"Hey the only thing I did was hook that thing to my computer to see what she had on it. How was I supposed to know that the info would be encrypted."

"It was hooking that thing to your networked computer that started the whole chain of events."

Before Tony could reply to the remark, his lawyer stopped Tony from replying and spoke up, "Can I have a word with my client."

"Certainly, then we're taking him to lockup." Said Fornell.

Fornell and Jim made their way to the observation area. The speakers had been turned off to allow DiNozzo and his lawyer some privacy.

Keating looked over at Fornell, "It's that bad huh,"

"Yes it is," replied Fornell.

"Well, I know the women at the Navy Yard won't miss him one bit." He was saying thinking about all the complaints he heard from his female co-workers about DiNozzo trying to hit on them.

"That bad," asked Sacks.

"Yeah, HR had given up on how many sexual harassment complaints have been filed against him since May."

The others looked at him. Sacks winced, Fornell just smirked. He finally got it this time. After a few more moments, Tony's lawyer signaled that he wanted to talk to them. Entering the room, Fornell and Jim stood their waiting.

"What are you offering," asked Tony's lawyer.

"Nothing," replied the Jim.

"All I did was make one stupid mistake it can't be that bad," Tony finally found his voice.

"It is DiNozzo," replied the DA. "Even if you get off on the federal charges, the theft one alone will land you in jail and end your career."

"But. . ." Tony was trying to get the words out stunned. "McGee can't do this to me, he's one of my partner's."

"Well, when you decided to steal his sister's birthday present and ruined his perfectly planned day for her, well, I can't say I wouldn't be too happy with you either."

Tony didn't say another word. He felt like he was in a bad movie and it was just getting worse from there. Something like The Fugitive, The Jury, and a few other bad crime dramas rolled up into one.

"Stand up DiNozzo," ordered Fornell as Sacks came in to join him. Tony did as he was told and allowd the fibbies to handcuff him and take him to holding. He was thankful for being separated from the other prisoners but still not amused to be back in jail again.

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