A/N: "Captain Who? Face Of Boe?" is of course named in question to Russell T Davies, what's Jack's real name? It irritates me more than not knowing the Doctor's name.

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A middle aged man who had quietly being making smores on the campfire as his two boys played ball started at the screeching warning siren that rang through the area. Harmon jumped to his feet, grabbing his eldest son, who strained to hear over the siren, the anxious words his father yelled, "Boe.... get.... out.... run... grab Gray..... your mother.... I need.... find her... don't stop.... run..."

The boy grabbed his brother's hand, "Run, Gray, Dad's getting Mum, but we've gotta get out of here." He heard screaming from the Peninsula, panicking he began running as fast as he could. Through the trees and forests across the bridge, as far away from the flashing lights, the invaders, the screams, just getting him and Gray as far away... He skidded to a halt. Gray, he had let go of Gray. He glanced around, it was dark, he could barely see farther than five metres, "Gray." He hollered into the depths of the night.

Retracing his steps slower, but without caution he continued bellowing, "Gray. Gray, where are you? I didn't mean to let go, Gray. Gray." He did this until he reached a stone platform that looked out over the sandy terrain that led to the Boeshane. He gasped as a shot of fire burst through the air and the invaders left.

The boy stopped outside town, on a poster at the entrance to the town he saw his face ripped down the middle, the Face of Boe, plastered across the country, but here, ripped apart alongside the rest of the burning town. He made his way through the bodies littered across the area, towards his house. He looked at the body lying on the floor, Harmon, his features fixated in a twisted expression of horror and fear, drying blood ran down from his eyes and nose, just out of reach from his hand lay a compact deluxe laser. Boe picked it up, slipping it down the back of his trousers, before grasping his father's hand, "Dad, I'm sorry, I lost Gray, we were running, but I don't know where I lost him, I wasn't thinking. I'm sorry Dad."

He wept.


"The Face of Boe" as he was now called by everyone through introducing himself as Boe, spat in the alien's face. "You're scum."

The creature ignored him, pointing at Boe's companion with a snarl, "Thziz one ish weaker, let the othzer watch him die. Ash he mizshed his fathzer's deathz."

Boe struggled against the chains that held him, "No, leave him, take me. No. Leave him alone. Mayer. I'm sorry. I'm..."

Mayer screamed out in pain, Boe watched in horror but despite the dear wish, could not look away as he watched his friend's, his friend that he had made join him, his friend's mind disintegrate.


Boe sat beside Mayer, he kissed the man's forehead, and stood up, "I'm sorry, Mayer." I'm sorry, Father.

Boe grabbed his jacket and left, he had not found Gray after all this time, he would never see his brother again, he had failed his father in the last instruction given to him. He had lost too much in the years from his father's murder. He would not lose any more.

"Hi, yes, I want to join..... I'm Harmon's son." Boe strode purposefully towards the exit.

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