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Silent Taboo

She bit her lower lip nervously, feeling the adrenaline course through her veins as she stood alone in the long hallway of rooms. Undisguised she was, obvious and noticeable to whoever might come her way.

The hallway was silent.

Knocking discreetly on the door in front of her, she ran the back of her hand across her forehead, where a thin sheen of perspiration was forming underneath her bangs. Her breathing, slightly harsh with nervousness and anticipation, sounded vulgar and disruptive in the still silence of the night.

Glancing around her for what seemed like the thousandth time, she almost sighed out loud with relief when the lock clicked open and door swung open eagerly to let her in.

She stepped across the boundary of the doorway hurriedly, away from her open vulnerability on the hallway.

"Did anyone see you?"

"Shhh." She hushed, glancing around a final time before she shut the door discreetly with the softest click she could manage. She was getting good at it.


"Quiet, Allen-kun. I don't think they saw me." She whispered, her earlier nervousness dissipating into nothingness at having reached her nightly destination safely. In the barely-lit bedroom, she could make out his beautiful white hair, illuminated by pearlescent glow in the dark, and the kind, loving smile he wore.

The distance between them was barely noticeable, and warm, hushed breaths mingled as the two young exorcists smiled at each other blissfully, bashfully and encouragingly. It had been two weeks since they started doing this, and even though they both knew very well where this secret meeting was leading to, they were nonetheless bashful.

Somewhere in the darkness, his hands reached out for hers, enveloping them in his larger ones while he tenderly ran the pads of his thumbs across her soft skin.

This was what she secretly liked about the darkness – every touch came unexpectedly, hidden, forbidden and exciting. It set her senses on fire.

He leaned in, and she closed her eyes. This was what got them started on their secret nightly meetings in his room in the very first place. Lips touched lips, parted, smiled, and touched again.

The passion was ignited. Childish bashfulness, remnants of the blushing teenagers they were two weeks ago, was soon forgotten as the kiss deepened in its intensity and passion.

Cradling the back of her head with his right hand tenderly while playing with the mildly rose-scented tresses, his left hand circled her waist protectively while he sought entrance to her mouth. He smiled into the kiss when she enthusiastically allowed him access, offering her mouth for his sweet plunder, before an instinctive hum of pleasure escaped the back of her throat.

Allen ran his tongue over hers sensually, growing accustomed to this exciting display of affection for the lovely Chinese exorcist he had grown to love, indulging in her display of equal ardor for him. Her tongue battled his playfully, at times light and at times demanding. The warming pleasures reached out from their points of contact to snake along her veins like an inferno of carnal sensations, and her hands ran themselves over his hair, nape, cheeks…wherever she could have access to bare, masculine-scented skin. Lenalee gasped into the kiss when Allen brought its intensity to a greater level, and he held her even tighter, as if afraid she might disappear.

Clothes seemed so unnecessary and excessive when it came to this point, and both knew it only too well. It was wrong indeed, but it was a mistake neither wanted to correct. Perhaps calling it a mistake was a mistake in itself, especially when it felt so right.

"Lenalee…" Allen whispered her name in the midst of the kiss, his voice ragged from the ignited carnal desires and growing pleasure. His hand left her waist to slip itself underneath the loose-fitting tee shirt she had on, moving up to cup her right breast tenderly while his fingers ran over the soft fleshy orb sensually. Another smile graced his lips – she did not wear a bra underneath the tee shirt. His touches became more persistent and eager.

She broke apart from the kiss, nodding to let him know she was fully aware of what he wanted from her, and through the cloudy haze of erotic desires, Lenalee hastily removed her tee shirt and threw it aside, and Allen's soon followed. The young lovers reunited in their bodily contact almost instantly, with Lenalee pressing her soft, lithe body to Allen's lean, toned one while they continued their passionate worship of each other's mouth.

While they allowed their feelings to guide them instinctively, both knew this was what they had never expected to happen. To think it all began from two weeks ago, when Lenalee felt bored and wanted to watch a VCD.

It was well after sleeping hours, and there was no one else who would watch those teenage Taiwanese dramas with her at the Black Order. Komui never approved of her watching shows with teenage love and crushes as themes, Lavi would just laugh or make silly and embarrassing comments at romantic scenes and Kanda…well, watching a romantic teenage drama with Kanda was unimaginable. She might as well ask her golem instead.

That left Allen, and it had brought a blush to Lenalee's cheeks at the prospect of watching romantic dramas with him. She definitely liked him, she liked him a lot, but she was not quite sure as to how Allen felt about her. He was very nice and sweet to her, but that was not good enough an indication, for Allen Walker happened to be nice to everyone else.

So she was very surprised when he suggested that she came over to his room on the sly to watch the VCD together. Lenalee's room was just beside Komui's, so it would be risky if he were to sneak over to her room instead.

That was exactly what they did. Just like what she did earlier in the night, Lenalee had snuck into Allen's bedroom down the long hallway where the rooms of the exorcists were with her rented VCD in hand. The atmosphere had been light and enjoyable; they had laughed quietly and joked about the funny scenes in the show, about Komui's reaction should he find his precious little sister sitting on the bed, watching VCDs in Allen's room and even about how Kanda might be a secret fan of romantic dramas.

It was then when an unexpected kissing scene came up on the small TV screen.

Not just a light, chaste kiss between the lead actor and actress, but a fiery passionate kiss on a hotel bed.

As they kissed away on screen like there was no tomorrow, the two young exorcists were playing blushing voyeurs to this incredibly romantic, exciting, forbidden and embarrassing display of love. Mouths went dry and cheeks cherry, as minds conjured up taboo mental images of the other person on the bed, while hearts tried to fight the secret feelings they hold for each other and logic battled with the idea that they were solely partners in the noble cause of akuma exorcism and nothing else.



He had sounded tense, and had evaded her large, expressive eyes.

"I…I wonder how it feels to do…that."

He looked up to look into her eyes directly, the disbelief in his obvious for her to see. He had never expected Lenalee of all people to say something like that, but it was a pleasant surprise. A very pleasant and welcomed one indeed.

Nodding stiffly, he had answered her in a quiet voice.

"Me too." Then he continued, "Lenalee…shall we?"

She had nodded and confessed bravely.

"I…I have always liked you, Allen-kun."

"Me too, Lenalee. I didn't know you felt the same-"

Her lips met his before he could continue.

It started off with a chaste, uncertain kiss.

Then it deepened, and as mutual enthusiasm confirmed what they had been unsure of for so long, passion took over the reins in this waltz of love. The VCD was left forgotten, and the sensual scene which started the two young lovers off in the exploration and confirmation of their love was soon replaced by other scenes. That did not stop what Allen and Lenalee in their shy and romantic expressions of love for each other.

After the much-needed push over the edge for them, came the unbridled free fall of emotions, love and passion. One thing led to another, and article by article, the clothing was removed, leaving them naked and filled with pure desire for each other. Every touch from him left her craving more; her desire fuelled by love, curiosity and the need to return his touches.

There was nothing holding them back, and there were no regrets awaiting them at the end of it. It was passionate, true, fun and embarrassingly enjoyable.

Allen Walker and Lenalee Lee took each other's virginity in their young, heated passion.

In hushed, cozy silence while the forbiddance of the entire night stayed barred outside the closed door.

A silent taboo.

That was what it was. It was to be buried only in the abysses of their hearts and minds and never to reach the ears of others.

Like any other taboo which would manifest itself among the daring and rebellious, Allen and Lenalee were dragged into its vortex. They were daredevils and rebels in love then, revisiting and indulging in this silent taboo over and over again.

Locked in a heated embrace, their passionate kiss resumed with renewed ardor. Allen's hand now slowly moved past the waistband of Lenalee's sleeping shorts from the back, slipping itself into her soft cotton panties. His index finger trailed itself in an agonizingly slow act of sweet torture along from her engorged clit down the warm, slick path down to her vagina. Her right hand's grip on his arm tightened with the pleasure she was feeling and her knees buckled when he added more pressure to the sweet spot he was caressing. Slowly and gently, he pushed his finger into her, moving it ever so slightly to create deliciously tantalizing sensations.

"Allen-kun…ah!" She collapsed against him, her mouth opened in a soft, barely audible gasp. Loving in silence has almost become her habit, a habit she could not kick.

He cradled her closer to himself, guiding them closer to his bed where they fell onto it, still locked in their heated embrace. Extracting himself gently from the embrace, Allen moved Lenalee into a comfortable position, brushing a few wild strands of hair away from her face. He deftly removed her shorts and panties, leaving her completely nude on his bed, impatiently waiting for him to pay more attention to her eager body. He fumbled with the remaining garments on himself, equally eager to return to the warmth that only Lenalee was capable of providing him with.

"Please, Allen-kun, hurry up."

"Shhh…" He smiled at her impatience. "Please give me a moment, Lenalee."

She could not see all of him in the dark – in fact, even though they had been sleeping together for every night of the past two weeks, she had only touched him, felt him but not seen him. She wanted to, of course, but they could not. Not when his room, still brightly-lit at three in the morning, would arouse unnecessary attention. If her brother were to find out about this…

Lenalee shuddered genuinely out of fear. Komui must never find out about their silent taboo. He would be so mad with her, and so upset eventually. Not to mention he would be sad, especially since he had always been so protective of her.

She was snapped out of her reverie when Allen joined her on the bed again, his larger frame bringing warmth to her slender body. The evidence of his desire for her was pressing firmly against her lower abdomen, and all her earlier worries were thrown to the wind. All she knew was that Allen wanted and loved her, and at that moment, it was enough for her. Nothing else mattered.

Their lips met in a passionate kiss once again, only to come apart when the need for oxygen proved too much to bear. The kiss broke with an audible pop, and almost instinctively, both of them whispered "shhh…" before they laughed quietly at the amusing scenario. Lenalee fell back onto the bed, shaking her head in amusement.

He placed a few butterfly kisses over her face and slowly kissed his way southwards, nipping playfully at her exposed neck. She giggled almost silently, reaching out with her hands to digit-tickle his naked back and nape.

Her giggles were caught in the back of her throat when he abruptly took one of her nipples into his mouth, circling his tongue around it sensually and suckling hard the next moment. The combination of various sensations sent Lenalee gasping and closing her eyes tight in bliss, before she clapped a hand over her mouth to prevent anyone from hearing the nightly activities she and Allen engaged in.

It was taboo. It had to be silent.

To be continued...

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