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Allen could make out how hard she was trying not to make any noises, and in that moment, he wished that their relationship did not have to be kept a secret from the rest. It was making it difficult for both Lenalee and himself, not only in terms of sex, but also when they interact in public. It made them conscious of their actions, speech and the distance between them, making them seem so unnatural around each other, to the extent of Lavi thinking that they had a fight. Somehow, neither seemed capable of remembering the way they acted around each other before they started indulging in the silent taboo.

Her ragged cry of pleasure escaped the tight confines of the hand she clapped over her mouth when he licked her sweet, wet core tentatively, and when he practically buried his face between her long, slender legs, Lenalee almost screamed with the pleasure. The intense pleasure she felt from Allen's tongue licking her erotically in the most intimate of places, coupled with the rhythmic thrusting of his finger into her vagina was wreaking havoc on her senses. She desperately wanted to be quiet and discreet, but the moans and strangled cries of ecstasy seemed to have a mind of their own, escaping her lips again and again like a sexual mantra.

Lenalee was tossing her head from side to side with the intense sensations, her teeth biting hard into her lower lip to stop the cries from echoing down the entire hallway. It did not help that Kanda was in the room next to Allen's, and he was well-known for being alert.

Watching Lenalee in the throes of sexual pleasure brought a sense of male pride to Allen, but somewhere in his mind, logic kept debating with the instinct to bring her pleasure. Her vagina walls clamped onto his fingers as he penetrated and withdrew them from her body, and he deliberately slowed his pace. Every soft cry she emitted meant a chance of being discovered, and it added a sense of fear and risk to their lovemaking. Their surroundings were deathly silent except for her moans and cries.

What if any of the other exorcists left their rooms to use the bathroom or go to the pantry area for a drink of water? Or did anyone already hear them? Such thoughts were running through his mind, and before he knew it, his mouth left her sweet core. He withdrew his fingers and slowly pushed them in again, but he must have hit a very sensitive spot for Lenalee's back arched off his bed and she let out a guttural cry which anyone outside the door could have heard.

A chill ran down Allen's spine as a bead of perspiration, a result of worry instead of sexual excitement, rolled down from his forehead. His fingers withdrew themselves instinctively from Lenalee's vagina, almost too abruptly, just like how he stops the music of a piano. She was like a musical instrument which only he knew how to play, and once those fingers left, the musical instrument fell silent, empty and no longer quite alive.

Bereft of his touch, Lenalee's eyes snapped open and looked questioningly at the boy she gave her heart to. Her gaze was curious and reflected the shock and hurt she was feeling, and it made Allen regret his instinctive actions a moment ago. In the darkness, she could make out his apologetic look, and she understood. It was all about their silent taboo. How could she have been so careless as to have forgotten about it?

Allen tried to evade Lenalee's gaze as he mentally blamed himself for bringing her unhappiness. How could he have been so selfish? If he felt it was risky, wasn't it riskier for her? She was a girl with a reputation to protect, bound by her doting brother's overprotective behavior and the Asian values of chastity. Yet she threw it all away for him, and on top of that, it was Lenalee who came to his room, not the other way round. She was so brave and daring for him, and guilt was now eating at his heart. He opened his mouth to apologize, but before he could say a word, she beat him to it.

"I am sorry, Allen-kun," She said softly, her voice barely audible. "I should have been more discreet."

"No, Lenalee-"

He could sense her guilt – it was so heavy, weighing down on the two of them from the air in his bedroom. She was guilty for something she did not even do wrong. The atmosphere got awkward, especially since his fingers were still wet from pleasuring her and she was still crying out in erotic bliss a moment ago. But it should never have been that way; love was meant to be glorified and celebrated, wasn't it? Why did their love have to be so underground, so secretive, and so wrong?

How he hated and loved the silent taboo.

His silence pushed her farther into her fear and uncertainty, and Lenalee added in a small voice which made Allen feel even worse about himself.

"Are you mad at me?"

He looked up immediately as her words registered in his guilt-ridden mind like a searing hot branding iron.

"Mad at you?" He repeated almost incredulously, with a smile of self-mockery. "I can never be mad at you. I…I am just disappointed with myself for being unable to do anything more for you."

Lenalee smiled to herself, before getting up into a kneeling position and leaning forward to wrap her arms around him. She held him close and felt him return her embrace, their hearts beating in sync to the rhythm of love. It was moments like this when the young lovers feel as if nothing on earth could come between them.

As long as there was love, things would work out, wouldn't they? Or was it a flawed mindset influenced by too much romanticism from the media and books?

They did not have the answer to that. In fact, maybe no one in the entire world did. Who could really judge how much love was worth?

"I love you, do you know that?" She whispered into his ear, before kissing it gently.

He nodded, before his lips parted in an inaudible gasp of pleasure as Lenalee's fingers closed around his erect penis. Her fingers, still slightly unsure, danced softly over him like touches from a butterfly's wings.



She drew herself away from their earlier embrace, devoting herself to the goal of giving him as much pleasure as he had given her earlier. Allen felt the growing sensations of agonizing yet blissful pleasure when Lenalee drew some of his penis into her warm mouth, running her tongue in circles over the tip, alternating the pressure applied to that sensitive part of his anatomy. The passion in her heart was translated into physical administrations as she continued to push Allen along to the heights of love and pleasure. Her hands caressed the heavy sacs at the base of his penis, while she sucked hard on the erect shaft.

His back arched a little and his head tipped back with the overwhelming sensations. He felt as if he was going to die from the pleasure she was giving; every passing moment only added to the cloudy carnal haze in his mind. It was so intense, so hot, and apart from physical sensations, Allen was highly aroused with the knowledge that it was Lenalee who was pleasuring him with her mouth. She bit him lightly with her teeth and he hissed at the exquisite blend of discomfort and immense pleasure.

"Stop, Lenalee." His voice was quivering slightly, but his tone was firm.

"Hmm?" She looked up into his eyes with his penis still deep within the confines of her mouth, unknowingly sending delicious vibrations through his body with her earlier 'hmm'.

"Stop…" Allen said softly, his hand gently pushing against her head as he drew a few deep breaths. "I won't be able to last if you keep up with this."

Lenalee smiled to herself, glad that his reason for stopping her was because he enjoyed the experience and not because he disliked it. Giving him a final, loving suck, she released him from her mouth with a soft, audible pop. Reaching for the foil packet already placed within reach by his bed, Allen deftly tore it open and rolled the condom on. This was yet another very important aspect in this relationship – when one plays with fire, one is fully responsible for not getting hurt. It was alright to indulge in a taboo, just as long as one did not end up with the repercussions.

He drew her lips into another tender kiss, before maneuvering her body such that she was lying on her back; her slender legs spread wide open, hooked around his waist. Lenalee liked the sensation of her naked back against the bedding – she never once slept naked, and this feeling had become something she associated with sex with Allen. But even as the cloudy desires in her mind grew, she had a nagging worry eating at her from the inside.

What if her brother found out about this? And what if she fell pregnant one day? He would never, ever forgive her…or would he? Lenalee, despite knowing Komui well, could not gauge his reactions. She dared not gauge. Somewhere within herself, she knew that if she told herself he would not be mad at her, she would be lying. But yet part of her was hopeful that he would understand and give her one of the tender smiles which he reserved solely for her.

Allen caressed her cheek gently with his hand, smiling down at her. He was on his knees, the tip of his penis resting snugly at the entrance of Lenalee's vagina. Placing most of his weight onto his arms, he leaned forward and began to push slowly into her…

"Wait." She stopped him by gripping his arm gently.

Lenalee leaned over to the side and opened his bedside drawer to retrieve a small face towel. Rolling it up, she resumed her earlier position.

"I am ready, Allen-kun." With that, Lenalee bit firmly into the rolled up towel, so as to muffle the cries and moans coming along later. Such discomfort was a small price to pay for playing with the taboo. She moved her hips such that the most private areas of their anatomies were once again in contact.

He nodded at her, and slowly but steadily, pushed the length of his erect shaft into her willing body. Lenalee's eyes widened and a soft cry was elicited from the back of her throat as his penis went deeper and deeper into her. She was once again amazed at how deep he could go despite having made love with him every night for almost two weeks. It made her wonder how she could have lived being so empty for all seventeen years of her life.

"Lenalee…" He whispered, as he filled her to the hilt. She was so wet and ready for him, welcoming him into herself so easily. "I love you. I love you so much."

The young lovers closed their eyes in shared bliss before Allen started moving within her, pulling out almost to the tip and pushing in again with firm, forceful strokes. Delicious friction wreaked havoc upon their senses and sent tremors of pleasure coursing through their veins. Lenalee's core was achingly hot and her vaginal muscles clung onto his penis tightly like a glove, while Allen tried to keep the rising tidal wave of pleasure at bay, focusing on satisfying Lenalee before himself.

Her muffled cries of pleasure were almost inaudible given how hard she was biting onto the towel, her large, expressive eyes frozen over with the intense carnal pleasure she felt from her nether regions. Their ragged breathing formed the accompaniment to the erotic music of flesh against flesh, while her fingers closed themselves around his forearms, gripping them hard like a lifebuoy in a raging ocean.

A loud, muffled cry was heard as Allen apparently hit a particularly sensitive spot within Lenalee, reminding him of how he was able to play her like his very own musical instrument, hitting the right notes and making her sing only for him. She was still gripping on to him so tightly. The passionate heat was threatening to engulf the two of them as they continued in their erotic dance, but neither stopped in their little celebration of their love; if they were to get burned, so be it.

Allen let out a guttural moan when her hand reached between them to cup his testicles, squeezing them gently and pushing him closer and closer to the peak. Her fingernails trailed themselves languidly over his bare flesh, eliciting another cry from him. But he quickly fell silent again, for it was the silent taboo. Kanda was in the room on the left, and Krory's was on the right. It would not do for either of them to hear the amorous activities going on in Allen's room.

A bead of perspiration rolled down the side of Allen's face as his thrusts into Lenalee became more erratic, more forceful and desperate. His beads of perspiration dripped upon her body, mingling with hers, and Lenalee found beauty even in that. He propped both of her legs up, such that they were resting on either side of his shoulders, to aid the penetration. They were so close, so close…

"Lenalee…" Her name rolled off his lips sensuously, like a calming mantra. His erratic thrusting continued as her muffled cries increased in volume and frequency while those slender legs grew rigid and trembled uncontrollably. Allen forcefully thrust into Lenalee once more, but instead of pulling out, he ground his hips against hers, pushing her over the edge with the sudden change in rhythm and tantalizing friction.

Her vaginal muscles clamped down on his penis, as in suffocating it, while the strong rhythmic spasms of her sexual climax pushed him over the edge as well. Allen came with a groan, his vision blinded, and body shuddering from the overwhelming sensations. His body fell forward weakly, and he moved to his side so as not to crush her with his weight. They plummeted together, holding each other's hand tightly as they rode out the intense physical pleasures of their coupling, their cries mingling in the sex-scented air in his room…

Tiny tremors ran through their veins like aftershocks from their still-joined nether regions, as their eyes finally opened to regard each other with the blissful, hazy look that only lovemaking could conjure up.

He looked at her tenderly, brushing matted strands of her long raven hair away from her face, before gently removing the wet face towel from her mouth. She promptly gave him a sweet, radiant smile, and he closed in on the distance between them by sealing their love with a chaste kiss.

"Thank you." He whispered, holding her close to himself, still intimately joined at the hips.

Lenalee shook her head, smiling in return. "Thank you, Allen-kun. I love you."

"I love you too."

It was at times like this when the frustration over the silent taboo dissipated into nothingness. Who cares if it was taboo, if it could be so blissful? Could bliss even be considered taboo?

Once again, neither knew the answer. Perhaps even we, as voyeurs to this secret passion, hold no answer to it.

But for as long as they could keep it under wraps, Lenalee Lee and Allen Walker know that they would indulge in this silent taboo.

It was taboo.

It had to be silent.

It was as simple as that.

The End.

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