Seriously this time. I am.

However before I start, I want to make sure that this story will be just as enjoyable as the last one.

Soooooooo, erm. YEAH.

I would love it if you guys would tell me what you liked about "Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover"

Also, if you have any questions about anything, I mean ANYTHING, ask me and I can work that into the story.

Give me some ideas if you want, my brain is FULL OF THEM, though I would love to hear what you guys want.

Um hear are some questions…

1) Oh, and if I say, I don't know…gave Sakura a "suitor" that made Sasuke jeeeaaaoloouus, who would you want?

2) And say what if I gave Sasuke a "suitor", who would you want?

3) Did you laugh at the "Sasuke is a vampire thing"?

4) Did you like how I had Sakura's opinion on things?

5) Should this story be more serious?

6) Do you want Deidara in this story? (I had a lot of people happy because I mentioned him…)

7) Who wants Sasuke to kick Naruto's ass some more? (Personally, I do.)

8) Ino and Hinata…? Are 2 friends enough for Sakura? Think I should add someone else? Who?

9) Do you like ferrets?

10) Have you seen "Vampires Suck"? (I did the first night it came out…it was GREAT)

11) Err…Jacob or Edward?

Before I continue with the questions…YES, everything I'm asking does have some effect on the story line.


12) Oh, yeah, who wants more internet chattage?

13) Your dream vacation location?

14) Should Sasuke keep his cold personality or loosen up a bit? (Just a bit not a lot)

15) OH OH OH, should Sakura and Sasuke's relationship be out in the open or secret?

16) Did you like the way I answered your reviews after the story?

18) If you have any ideas or any questions, ask me. I don't bite.

OKAAAAAY, so I'm gonna give people some time to answer these! Then I will immediately get writing on the story, ummmmm, yeah.

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It's great.

I love you guys! Ciao!