Author's note: For E/O's Drabble Challenge. The word was "passion (ate)". An additional challenge was to make it a crossover fic. I had SUCH a hard time figuring one out. Then – BANG – as I was driving home, this idea hit me. I just laughed out loud and was relieved I was alone in the car.

Author's wish: If you like my story, please check out my good friend 1983Sarah. She has a great story going called Gotta Have Faith. Or read her poem Drinking From the Cup. Totally awesome.

Disclaimer: I DO own them, in a parallel universe…. I challenge you to prove otherwise.

Birthday card: Happy birthday Sensue! Hope you like the crossover, it's all for you since I wouldn't have done one if you hadn't asked for it.

Word count: 100


Like, Two Peas in a Pod, Man

Stakeout. 2 AM. The haunted railway crossing.

Two teams showed up, now sharing the Van.

Passions, predictably, running high.

"That's MY laptop, Velma!"

"Jinkies, heard of sharing, redwood?"

"Daphne! Did you KISS him?"

"So? He saved me from being abducted by the evil stationsmaster."

"Where are all the bacon cheese burgers?"

"Wuffuhu-uhmpf?" *Glomp*

"Hey! That's my orange ascot you are wiping off the lipstick with!"

"You WEAR this thing? Dude, we're in the 21st century."

"Like, this is great, gang. All of us. Together."

"Yeah, blame Dean. And there's cheese in your goatee."

"Lighten up, Sammy, you're too serious"



Too obvious? Well, the alternative was MacGyver or Mission Impossible, but for the life of me I couldn't make them cross:-)