My Life

My lover is the best,

No one could ever replace.

I still think of my old love,

From time to time.

But he was never,

As good as my lover is.

He is protective of both me,

And our little pup.

If he has to he will,

Kill to save us.

Thought that doesn't happen that often,

Because we can't get out of his site.

I never thought I would ever,

find another that would love me back.

But I finally found one,

for he is sweet and loving.

People did doubt us at first,

But then they found out,

That you can not break us apart.

Some did try,

But they did not succeed.

For my Lover took care,

Of those for me.

Some of the servants,

Lust for me.

But I can not love them,

For I can only love one.

That one is my lover,

My heart and soul.

We travel together,

Day and night.

But we never get tired,

Because our lover is with us.

For we are both madly in love,

Anyone can see it.

For he is my life,

And I am his.

Never to break,

Never to fall.

We are each others life.

OK there is the my beta has not looked over this one yet but I did use spell check on it.I would also like to let you know that the poem.

My Only

Me and a friend of mine LadyKagome of the north01 are turning it into a title will me

A Miko and a Taiyoukai

So watch out for it when we put it I am working on two more poems.

My Sweet Miko


My Darling Taiyoukai

I mite try publishing the first one the next one if I get it please watch out for please go review.