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My Perfect Life

"My Best Friend Lily"

"Come on Lils, give me a break," Miley groaned as Lily grinned at her, dragging the reluctant teen down the sidewalk towards her house. The summer sun shone down brightly on the two teens, who were wearing tank tops and shorts, a constant reminder that they were currently free from the confines of school...for now.

"Nope. You owe me big Stewart. And it's time for to start paying your dues,," the blond said matter of factly, throwing a cheeky grin back at the brunette, her blue eyes dancing in mirth.

Miley couldn't help but smile back. Lily always gave the most infectious smiles ever. It was almost impossible for her to stay in a funk with her perky friend around.

That past few weeks had been hectic for the popstar. Having to deal with a string of concerts across the country, doing dozens of interviews and talk shows, and attending autograph sessions, it left Miley with almost no free time. Not to mention she had been struggling with deciding on what to do about Jake, who had come a knocking looking to rekindle their romance. The added result meant almost zero time for her to hang out with her friends.

Oliver had let it slide, claiming he understood that Miley would usually be busy over the summer doing Hannah work, but Lily on the other hand was always one to hold a grudge.

Thus for every outing that Miley canceled on or opted out of, Lily had meticulously logged it.

So just when the popstar had thought that she could finally relax when she finished the last of her Hannah appearances for the summer, her best friend had decided to cash in her best friend points that she had accumulated by having Miley help her with her choirs for the rest of the summer. To say Miley was thrilled would have been the biggest lie on the planet.

"Alright, what do you want to do first Miles? Yard work or house cleaning?" Lily asked cheerfully as the two of them walked up the blonds driveway.

Miley winced before sighing in defeat.

"House work," she muttered, cutting her friend a helpless look.

The blue eyed teen giggled and gave her downtrodden friend's hand a squeeze before dragging her into the house.

The two of them made quick work of cleaning the downstairs portion of the house before heading upstairs.

"We doing your room also?" Miley called out as she pushed open Lily's bedroom door.

"You don't have to, I'll do it later," the other girl yelled from down the hall where she was vacuuming.

The brunette was about to close the door, but stopped in mid motion when something under Lily's bed caught her attention.

She blinked at the thin book that was peaking out from under one of the blonds shirts that was laying on the floor.

Throwing a quick glance at her friend, who was paying her no attention, she stepped fully into the room and headed towards the bed.

"And what do we have here?" Miley murmured to herself, a mischievous smile on her face as she pulled the book out. Finding any kind of book besides school books in Lily's room was rare.

Her smile was instantly wiped away when she read the title.

"Hey Miles, I said you didn't have to clean up my room," Lily said as she peaked into her room. She blinked when she saw her friend's tense form. "Miley?"

The brunette slowly turned around, her gaze filled with confusion and anxiety as she met the blond's curious gaze.

"Lily....what...what's up with this?" the pop star asked quietly as she showed Lily the book.

A heavy silence filled the room as the blue eyed girl bit her bottom lip and glanced away from her friend's searching eyes.

The title on the book read "Depression and Suicide: Learning to Ask for Help".

"Look Miles, it's nothing serious," Lily finally responding, still not able to meet her friend's gaze.

"How..I mean, when...?" Miley trailed off helplessly, her mind still racing about the implications of the book.

The blond girl sighed as she finally met the other girl's eyes.

"It's no big deal. I was just having one of those bad days, you know, and without really thinking about it I bought it at a bookstore. I haven't even read the thing yet," Lily explained, squirming a little when Miley didn't relax in the slightest.

"Lils, I-"

"Miley! It's no big deal!" Lily cut her off frustratedly, striding up to the stunned girl and snatching away the book. "There's nothing to talk about, I'm okay, alright?"

Miley just continued to give her that forlorn look.

Sighing heavily, Lily ran a hand through her hair and tossed the book on her bed.

"Look, lets just forget about it and get back to work, okay?" she muttered, turning around and walking away.

She squeaked Miley pulled her back into her in a bone crushing hug.

"M-Miley, you're crushing me, l-let go," Lily wheezed within her friend's vice like hug.

"Only if you tell me what the hell is going on in that head of yours," Miley asked firmly, her paled face resting against the back of Lily's.

Struggling for only a moment, Lily sighed in defeat.

"It was nothing serious, Miles," Lily exasperatedly as she leaned back into her friend's embrace. "You were off doing your Hannah thing, Oliver was out of town visiting family, and my mom's been spending all her time at work lately, so....I got lonely."

"You don't buy a book about suicide just because you're lonely," Miley scolded lightly, moving her head to rest her cheek Lily's bare shoulder.

"Are you going to let me go anytime soon?" Lily asked, clearly avoiding the implied question.

"Not until I hear the truth."

Silence filled the room.

"Milely...," Lily sighed heavily. "Honestly.... I'm still not entirely sure why I got it."

"What's the suppose to mean?" Miley asked incredulously, tightening her arms around the other girl, encouraging her to go on.

"I don't know. I was in a gloom one day with nothing to do, and I saw it in a store," Lily squirmed a little. "And the next thing I know I'm hiding it under my bed, wondering what the hell I was thinking."

"Lily, when you're feeling that down, you should be calling me, not wondering around aimlessly," the brunette said firmly, slightly irked that her best friend hadn't called her for comfort.

"I did, but you were in the middle of a date with Jake, remember?" Lily said dryly, turning her head slightly to quirk an eyebrow at the blank look on Miley's face.

Now that she thought about it, Miley did remember Lily calling her a few weeks ago while she was in the middle of a movie with Jake, and had quickly told the blond she was with Jake and hung up.

"Um...my bad," the brunette said lamely.

Lily rolled her eyes, and finally managed to pull herself out of Miley's grasp.

"Look, don't worry about it. Seriously. It was one bad day. Now lets finish up and get something to eat," Lily said, quickly shifting gears as her usual sunny smile appeared on her face as she strode out her bedroom.

Miley stood in the middle of the room alone, an unreadable look on her face before frowning deeply.

"If you think I'm through with you, you got another thing coming Lils," Miley muttered, before following after the other teen.

"Sup," Oliver greeted as he approached the table where Miley and Lily were seated at.

The trio had decided to meet up at Rico's for lunch before heading out to the beach.

"Hey doughnut," Lily waved, ducking when Oliver swatted at her.

"I'm not a doughnut," he muttered, glaring playfully at her.

She sure doesn't seem depressed...or suicidal, Miley thought as she observed her giggling friend from the corner of her eye.

"So how's the girl search going?" Oliver asked Lily casually as he sat down across from the two girls.

Lily paled considerably and shook her head quickly at Oliver, while Miley's brow furrowed in confusion.

"What girl search?" Miley asked, turning to stare questioningly at Lily.

Lily's eyes widened in panic before quickly composing herself.

"O-Olly is just looking for a summer fling, and we're trying to find a girl for him." Lily glared dangerously at Oliver. "Right, Oliver?"

The teen blinked before his eyes widened in realization.

"Oh! Uh, r-right.....we're looking for a girl...for me," Oliver said haltingly, plastering a fake smile on his face when Miley narrowed her eyes at him.

"A-anyways, hows the Jake situation going?" Lily asked, desperate to change topics.

Miley considered calling her friends out on the obvious cover up, but decided she would get the full story later when she could corner Oliver once Lily was away.

"We've been on a few dates, but nothing serious..."

As they conversed about random things, Lily eventually got up to go to the bathroom.

The moment she disappeared around a corner, Miley shot up out of her seat and violently grabbed Oliver's shirt collar, pulling him across the table.

"Okay Oken, what the hell is going on with Lily?" Miley growled, scowling darkly at the shocked boy.

"M-Miles, I don't know what you're talking about," Oliver stuttered out, surprised at how strong Miley was.

"Something is going on, and I want to know. Now tell me or I'll tell every girl in our school that you you were a bed wetter till you were twelve," the brunnete threatened, shaking Oliver in the process.

Normally she would never treat her friends like that, but this was serious. Like hell she was going to let something like her best friend being suicidal slide. She was going to get the to the bottom of this through any means necessary. When it came to Lily, the end always justified the means.

Oliver gulped loudly, his face a ghost white at the thought of being ridiculed by the female population.

"A-Alright, just let go of me already!" Oliver relented.

With a huff, Miley let him go and sat back down.

Glancing around to make sure nobody was listening, Oliver leaned over the table, gesturing for Miley to do the same.

"First, promise me that you wont tell Lily I told you or anybody else about this," Oliver whispered conspiratorially.

Rolling her eyes, Miley nodded.

"A few weeks ago, Lily confessed to me that she thinks she might be gay," Oliver whispered out quickly before leaning back to observe Miley's reaction.

Miley sat back and stared blankly at the other teen.

And stared.

And stared some more.

And just for the hell of it, stared a bit more.

"Uh, you guys having a staring contest?" Lily asked as she approached the table.

Both Oliver and Miley jumped in their seats, not having heard Lily approach.

"Y-Yeah, and uh....I won!" Oliver claimed, laughing nervously.

"Yeah...," Miley trailed off, blinking blankly at Lily.


It didn't compute.

Lily wasn't a lesbian. Lily was just...Lily.

"You alright Miles? You sick or something?" Lily asked, resting a hand on Miley's forehead to feel her temperature.

Miley blinked again.

Lily's hand felt just like it always did. Soft, warm, and always evoking feelings of affection and love.

Miley grinned as reached up to grab and hold onto Lily's hand.

"Yup, all's fine and well here," Miley quipped, before delving into the latest gossip with her friends.

Oliver had to be lying, because Lily was still the same Lily she had known and loved for years. Nothing had changed about the blond. So Oliver had to be lying. Because if Lily was gay, then surely she wouldn't be the same Lily. She wouldn't be her Lily.

Later that evening, Miley invited Lily to spend the night at her house, deciding that she would try to get Lily to tell her what was going on with her again.

The question was how?

After watching a movie in the living room, after going through magazines in her room, and after getting dressed for bed, the answer came to the brunette.

It was evil.

It was pure evil.

It was something the two friends had agreed to use only for extreme circumstances.

And well, Miley certainly considered this an extreme circumstance.


"MILES! HAHA! STOP IT! HAHAHA!STOOOPPP!!" Lily wailed loudly as she thrashed around on her bed, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Miley laughed happily as she continued to tickle her friend mercilessly, straddling her bucking friend's waist as she wriggled her hands under the blond's shirt along her sides and stomach.

"You just have to spill the beans, my sweet Lily-bear," Miley cooed, still wriggling her fingers underneath Lily's shirt causing it to ride up more and more.

"OKAY! OKAY! I GIVE!" Lily cried out desperately.

Smiling victoriously, Miley pulled her hands back, but didn't dismount. She watched as Lily regained her breath as she wiped away her stray tears, her face still flushed from laughing so much.

Laughing a little to herself, Miley reached down to brush away a few strands of hair from Lily's face, thinking that Lily's ruffled look was really cute.

After waiting a few more moments for Lily to calm down, the blond regarded her friend wearily.

"Miley...I'm not sure how I should tell you this," Lily said hesitantly, biting her bottom lip when Miley tucked a strand of blond hair behind her ear before leaning back to observe her.

"You know you can tell me anything, Lils," Miley reasoned, frowning a little.

Chewing on her lip some more, Lily rested her hands on Miley's bare thighs, a worried look dancing in her eyes.

"Maybe you should get off me for this," Lily said reluctantly.

The brunette quirked an eyebrow.

"And let you runaway. Yeah, I don't think so," Miley said dryly, crossing her arms to show she was serious.

Taking a deep breath, Lily closed her eyes and took the dive.

"Miley, I think I might be gay."

It was said so quietly that Miley almost didn't hear her.

Miley rolled her eyes in irritation.

"Oliver told me that same crap, Lily. Now quit messing around and just tell me," she said exasperatedly.

Lily gulped, still not opening her eyes. She also made the mental note to strangle Oliver the next time she saw him.

"Miles, I wish I were joking right now. But...I'm being serious. I really think I'm gay."

Lily's voice was shaking by this point, her hands curled into fists on top of Miley's thighs.

The taller girl's brow furrowed a bit before an amused smile crossed her face.

"Come on Lily, stop messing around," Miley complained, lightly poking the girl in the stomach.

Lily's eyes snapped open and Miley was almost bowled over at the swirling emotions in the girls watery blue eyes, before actually being bowled over as Lily shot up and pushed her off of her.

"I'm a freaking lesbo, okay!?" Lily cried out, before scrambling off the bed and bolting out the room.

The sound of the bathroom door slamming shut reverberated throughout the house.

Miley blinked rapidly as she stared wide eyed at her open bedroom door, her mind empty of thoughts.

She didn't know how long she just sat there staring, but eventually she snapped out of it when a bleary eyed Robby Ray stumbled into her doorway, a concerned look on his tired face.

"What's going on here? And why the heck is Lily in the bathroom bawling her eyes out?" he asked, his croaking slightly from being dry.

Why was Lily crying?

There was only one possibility, but it couldn't be true.

Could it?

If it was, then Lily...then Lily wasn't really her Lily, right?

"Miles," Robby sighed, rubbing his face tiredly. "I don't know what you're fighting about, but Lily is crying her heart out. And I think she would appreciate it if she had a shoulder to cry on."

"But, there's...there's nothing wrong, Lily is just...Lily," Miley said lamely, not really believing herself.

He frowned when Miley just stared blankly at him.

"I don't know what that means, Miles, but Lily is hurting right now. I know you'll do the right thing." Robby leveled a knowing stare at her before departing back to his room.

Slowly, Miley got off her bed and treaded down the hallway, the sound of Lily's sobs getting louder and louder as she approached the bathroom. Miley decided she really, really didn't like hearing the blond cry. It made her want to cry.

Resting her back against the closed door, Miley slid down and stared at the wall across from her.

How was she suppose to comfort her friend when she didn't know what was wrong?

Miley winced a little when a particularly loud sob emanated from the bathroom.

Okay, so she had a feeling why Lily was crying.

But then...

"Lily," Miley called out, her head turned so her cheek was resting against the door.

The sobs quieted immediately.

"What?" a meak voice answered, followed by a loud sniffle.

"Are you....," Miley chewed her bottom lip. "Are you really gay?"

Silence filled the air for several moments.

"Yeah, I think so," Lily answered quietly.

Miley nodded to herself, stamping down on the part of her that wanted to tell Lily that it wasn't possible. The last time she listened to that part of her, it sent Lily flying away in tears.

"I'm sorry about not believing you before. It's just-"

"Totally unbelievable?" Lily chuckled humorlessly. "I know. Trust me, I didn't believe it myself for the longest time."

Another moment of silence.

"When did you...?" Miley trailed off as reached up to test the doorknob. Locked.

"I started to realize it two years ago," the blond said quietly. "There was a swimsuit competition going on."

Lily chuckled again, this time a trace of humor in her voice.

"I realized I enjoyed watching the girls in g-strings more than the guys in speedos."

Miley didn't say anything, waiting for Lily to continue. It bothered her that she had never noticed any of this about her best friend. She figured that out of anybody, she would be the one most likely to notice shut a drastic shift in her friend.

"A few weeks ago, one of the skater boys at the skate park started hitting on me," Liley continued. Miley heard a light thump against the door, signaling that Lily was also leaning against the door.

"He was one of the best looking guys out there, and yet....I didn't feel attracted to him at all. In fact, the entire day, I'm pretty sure I was checking out the other skater girls out there."

Lily sighed.

"So it was then that I just...knew. And, well, it kind of bummed me out. Majorly."

Miley's eyes widened in realization.

"And that's when you got the book."

Another moment of silence passed.

"I was telling the truth, you know. It wasn't just thinking I was gay that was bothering me."

Miley could hear Lily shuffling around on the other side.

"Everybody was so busy, and I had nobody to hang out with. So, yeah, I was feeling pretty lonely too. Combined with thinking that my life is probably screwed now...."

Miley ran a hand through her hair before standing up. She had heard enough for today. Right now, she just really wanted to give her friend hug and make all her problems go away.

"Can you open the door, Lils?" she asked quietly.

A few seconds later, the door was opened and Miley was met with Lily's puffy and downcast eyes.

The brunette didn't hesitate to step forward and pull the other girl into a warm embrace, tucking the blond's head into the crook of her neck.

"I'm sorry for being so hard headed," Miley whispered, burying her face in Lily's hair.

The other girl hummed in acknowledgment, wrapping her arms around her friend and holding onto her for dear life.

"Does it bother you that I'm, you know?" Lily asked hesitantly, her arms tightening for a moment.

Miley closed her eyes, reveling in the feel of holding Lily and having her molded against her.

Soft, warm, affectionate, and loving.

Smiling into her hair, Miley tightened her hold on Lily.

"No. Because in the end, you're still Lily. And that's all that matters."

A small sob escaped Lily.

"Thank you," she sighed out shakily, burying her face into Miley's neck. "It really....really sucked thinking that you wouldn't be my friend if I told you."

It felt like the world's weight had finally been taken off her shoulders.

"No problem," Miley said quietly, kissing the top of her head affectionately, before continuing to hold and comfort the blond. "You ain't getting rid of me that easily."

Lily chocked out a laugh, deciding she was going to milk this moment for all it was worth before having to face reality again. And Miley wouldn't have minded it the least.

Because she realized that it didn't matter if Lily was gay or not. She was still her Lily. And that was all that really mattered.

Down the hallway, Robby Ray was peaking around the corner, a proud smile on his face. He gave the oblivious girls a thumbs up before heading back to his room, silently congradulating himself for raising a tolerant and sympathetic daughter.

"Hmm, I wonder if Lily would prefer some vegetarian dishes for breakfast," the older man mumbled himself as he closed his bedroom door.

to be continued...

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