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My Perfect Life

"My Forgiving Lilly"

The one fault that Lilly would readily admit that she found in her otherwise wonderfulbest friend Miley was her propensity to act first and ask questions later. Time after time she could recall various complicated situations that the slender brunette had embroiled the both of them in that could have easily been avoided had Miley just taken the time to stop, calm down, and ask the simplest of questions. It was this trait of her beloved friend that Lilly found quite frustrating, although charming too, since the other girl had a natural talent for turning a bad situation into a fond and memorable adventure.

Lilly would never had imagined that it would be because of this spontaneous habit of Miley's to jump the gun that would start of a series of events that would forever change both their lives, drastically changing the landscape of not only their lives, but the lives of everyone around them...

The low hum of the sparsely crowded mall was lost on Lilly as she sighed miserably to herself, rubbing at her eyes with the back of her hand, glad that she had finally managed to stop her tears. However, she was sure that she looked like a mess. The blond knew her eyes were red and her face flushed in a way that told anyone who bothered to look that she had been crying just moments before. It's how she always looked after shedding tears.

She sniffled through her stuffed nose and looked despondently down at her silent cell phone, which she held loosely in her hand.

Miley hadn't called her back yet. And it was already more than ten minutes since she got off the phone with Oliver. Had the teenage boy forgotten to relay her message? Was Miley too busy to call her back?

On top of growing anxious waiting for the brunette to call her back, she was starting to grow nervous at thought of what was happening with Jeanette and Mikayla. She wanted to check up on them, but she dreaded the thought of walking into the room filled with Jeanette's unrequieted love and Mikayla's regrets. It was plainly obvious that no matter what reassurances were given or how hard the two of them worked to resolve the situation, the fact of the matter is that Mikayla is straight, Jeanette is gay, and no matter how much they loved each other, it would never be in the way that either of them wanted.

And even though Lilly wasn't personally involved in this particular problem, just thinking about the entire situation was giving her gray hairs. Jeanette had become her newest friend, someone who she was starting to care for and feel comfortable with, and she fervently wished for a happy ending for the redhead. She didn't want to think about the bitter reality of it all.

Lilly jumped when a hand landed on her shoulder.

Whipping herself around, Lilly was greeted by the sight of a generous bust just barely being contained in a tight purple shirt. Blushing lightly, Lilly quickly snapped her gaze up and met Jeanette's softly smiling face.

"Sorry to make you wait so long, Lilly," she apologized. Lilly noticed the rough quality of her voice, as if she had cried herself hoarse. Not only that, but the mascara that she had been wearing earlier was almost all wiped away, though there were a few tell-tale streaks on her face and around her now puffy eyes.

Lilly swallowed heavily.

"Where's Mikayla?" she asked hesitantly, praying that the pop star hadn't bolted on Jeanette and left her to cry alone.

The buxom girl's small smile grew just the tiniest bit as she gestured behind her to towards the vending machines where Mikayla was currently inserting a couple of dollar bills.

"Mik was craving for some chocolate," Jeanette chuckled, walking around to sit next to Lilly.

The blond relaxed considerably when she took in the fact that even though the other girl looked like she had been through an emotional roller coaster, she had a content air about her. But Lilly was still slightly on edge though; even though Jeanette looked content, the redhead had an almost resigned look in her eyes.

Hesitating only a moment, Lilly couldn't resist the urge to know.

"Is everything alright between the two of you?" she asked gently, reaching out and grabbing one of Jeanette's hands, pulling it into her lap wear she held and cradled it comfortingly. She had to wonder if she did it to comfort Jeanette or herself.

The other girl turned and opened her mouth to answer, but froze when she got a good look at the blond.

"Lilly, were you crying or something?" Jeanette asked in a surprised tone, not having expected to see such a site.

Lilly huffed and glared half-heartedly at the redhead, flushing in embarrassment.

"So sue me for getting a little emotional," she grumbled, releasing the hand she had been comforting to cross her arms petulantly and looking away.

Laughing softly under her breath, Jeanette scooted over slung an arm around her shoulders, giving her a warm squeeze.

"No need to get embarrassed, Lilly. We all cried our fair share."

Hearing that, Lilly's frown was replaced by a look of concern, a questioning glint in her eyes when she turned back to face the now solemn looking girl.

Giving her a weak smile, Jeanette removed the arm around Lilly's shoulders, loosely crossing her arms around her stomach.

"Everything is okay for now," she intoned vaguely staring off in front of her at something Lilly couldn't see.

Before Lilly could ask her to elaborate, Mikayla returned, stepping in front of them and thrusting a large chocolate candy bar towards Jeanette, holding another candy bar in her other hand for herself.

"Here, I got your favorite," the pop star said quietly. Lilly got her first good look at Mikayla since she had left her alone with Jeanette. Like Jeanette, her mascara had been wiped away, and although her eyes weren't puffy like her friends, her eyes were red.

The blond watched quietly as Jeanette gave Mikayla a hesitant smile and reached up to accept the offering. Lilly was painfully aware of the fact that she was trying her best to avoid brushing her fingers against the brunette's. Just as she grabbed the candy bar and was pulling it back towards her, Mikayla reached out and grabbed her wrist with her now freed hand.

The two best friends stared into each others eyes, unreadable looks upon their faces, a million words being exchanged between them with just their gazes alone.

When Jeanette's hesitant smile was instead replaced by a small, but genuine one, Mikayla returned it and released her wrist before sitting down on the other side of the redhead, their shoulder's pressed together.

Jeanette blushed lightly, her smile still on her face as she silently unwrapped her candy bar and began eating it.

Curiosity was eating away at Lilly, but she withheld any questions. For now , she contented herself with the fact that at least it seemed the two of them were still as close as they've always been. She made a note to herself to grill Jeanette for answers some other day when she was alone with her.

Smiling a little in relief that at least the girls were still friends, Lilly bumped shoulders with Jeanette. Grinning at her, Jeanette once again slung an arm around her shoulders and gave her a warm squeeze, thanking the other girl for the friendly and comforting gesture.

All three girls blinked and turned to face further down the mall when they heard a loud shout in that direction followed by a loud, constant squeaking noise.

Everyone in the mall seemed to stop what they were doing to watch in bewilderment at the sight of a scrawny teenaged girl with long, curly brunette hair striding past the stores and vendors, the very picture of anger and fury on her face.

And clutching desperately on to either of her arms were two teenaged boys, their sneakers skidding loudly against the polished floors as they were dragged along by the smaller girl.

"Miley! Hold up!" Oliver grunted loudly, his eyes wide with disbelief and shock as he held onto and pulled at Miley's hand with all his might, wondering when the hell Miley got so strong.

"Calm down! Miley! Stop!" Jake yelled through clenched teeth, face red with effort as he tugged on Miley's other hand with as much success as Oliver.

But Miley couldn't hear either of them. All she saw was red.

Moments before, the three of them had quickly made their way through the mall, the two boys wearily eying her, both too afraid to say a word during the entire ride there. The livid brunette had looked like it wouldn't take much to push her over the edge.

And then Miley had stopped, her eyes widening at the sight of something further ahead of them that neithter Jake or Oliver could spot quick enough before she roared a battle cry that startled and chilled everybody within hearing range.

"I'm going to rip her fucking throat out!" Miley had cried with heated fervor, her eyes flashing bloody murder.

Both their eyes had widened considerably at the words and before she could take off at a dead sprint, both Jake and Oliver and managed to grab her hands in a futile attempt to stop the girl from committing a felony.

However, the only thing the managed to accomplish was delay the inevitable.

"Take a deep breath Miles! A deep breath! It'll calm you down!" Oliver shouted desperately. This was the first time he had ever seen his friend this pissed before. And whoever she was pissed at , he could only pity.

His words fell on deaf ears. All Miley could see was Jeanette. Jeanette sitting next to Lilly with her arm around her, as if everything was fine and dandy, as if she hadn't just made the blond cry just minutes earlier. All she could see was Lilly sitting next to her, smiling, as if the redhead was her friend.

In Miley's unrational mind, she had already pieced the story together. Jeanette hurting Lilly, making her cry, continuing to hurt her to the point where Lilly had called Miley in a plea for help but not being able to reach her. She conjured the image of Jeanette charming Lilly and making her forgive her, taking advantage of Lilly's naturally friendly disposition.

No. Miley had already decided the moment Oliver had told her of Lilly's tearful words that no matter what anyone said, she was going to break Jeanette's pretty face. She had let it go when Jeanette hurt Lilly by rejecting her when the blond showed up for their blind date, she had let it go when Jeanette had made Lilly feel ugly and unattractive...

But the redhead had finally crossed the line. Nobody made her Lilly cry and walked away in one piece. Nobody.

"Um, is it just me, or does Miley looked pissed?" Mikayla asked, needing someone to clarify what she was seeing.

"Yeah…really pissed," Jeanette muttered uneasily, her face paling as a sinking feeling started to fill her stomach. Something in her gut was telling her that she was in danger.

Lilly was silent, a frown on her face as she watched her raging friend drag Oliver and Jake down the mall towards them, wondering why Miley looked like she was ready to murder someone.

"Jeanette! Your ass is mine! I'm going to pound your stupid face into the dirt!" Miley announced when she was near enough for her prey to hear her, still dragging the two struggling boys behind her.

Lilly's eyebrows shot up, Jeanette's already pale face turned almost white, and Mikayla's eyes narrowed into deadly slits.

"What the hell did you just say!" Mikayla growled loudly, jumping to her feet, adrenaline rushing through her veins as she started moving to meet the other brunette head on, fully prepared to take her on for her best friend's sake.

Snapping out their stunned states, both Jeanette and Lilly jumped to their feet. The redhead just managed to snag the back of Mikayla's shirt, yanking her back before wrapping her arms around her, holding back the smaller girl who was struggling to free herself, a deep scowl on her face.

Lilly walked towards her steaming friend, a frown on her face as she raised up her palm in a stopping gesture.

"Ok, stop it Miles. What the hell is going on?" She was starting to feel emotionally exhausted. First the drama between Mikayla and Jeanette, and now this.

"Outta my way Lilly, I've got a bug to squash!" Miley growled, her southern accent more apparent than normal in her anger. Her eyes looked pass the approaching blond and settled on the struggling redhead who was just barely holding back Mikayla, who was still struggling to free herself.

Muttering something under her breath about why her day was sucking so much, Lilly finally reached Miley and placed a restraining hand on her chest.

Miley instantly came to a stop, though her fiery eyes were still on Jeanette. Her body was still leaning forward at an almost fourty five degree angle due to Jake and Oliver pulling back at her arms. So when both the boys noticed she had stopped, they shrugged at each other and let go, causing Miley to shoot forward and bash her forehead into Lilly's nose.

The two girls tumbled to the ground in a tumbled heap, Miley cursing silently as she rubbed her forehead and Lilly groaning miserably as both her hands clutched at her nose. Taking advantage of Miley's attention being taken off of her, Jeanette starting dragging her pissed best friend backwards away from the group.

"Um, I think me and Mik are gonna leave-"

"What!" Mikayla snapped trying to twist her head around to glare at the taller girl. "I'm not just going to let her threaten you like that and walk away! Let me kick her mmppphh!"

Hand clamped firmly over the pop star's loudly protesting mouth and a restraining arm wrapped tightly around her, Jeanette smiled sheepishly at Lilly, who was sitting on the ground and giving her a pitiful look, her hands still clamped over her nose before looking over at the two boys who were watching the entire scene with wide, bewildered eyes.

"So, yeah, can you guys take Lilly home?" the buxom girl asked. When Jake nodded absently, since he was the one who drove, Jeanette flashed them another sheepish smile, giving a Lilly an 'I'll call you' gesture before making a quick exit, easily handling the struggling girl in her arms.

Miley growled low in her throat, but just as she started to rise to chase after her target, she finally took her first good look at Lilly. All her anger instantly disappeared.

"Oh my god, Lilly, are you alright?" Miley fretted, kneeling in front of her best friend, grabbing at her hands that were clutching at her throbbing nose.

Lilly shrugged her off rudely and mumbled something behind her hands, glaring heatedly at the brunette.

Miley shrunk back and glanced away from her angry blue eyes, feeling incredibly small under her heated gaze..

"I'm sorry, I didn't...I mean, if Jake and Oliver hadn't…" She trailed off as she turned around to glare weakly at Jake and Oliver. Jake looked startled while Oliver suddenly took great interest in a nearby artificial plant.

To angry to bother with the trio, Lilly stood up and walked quickly towards the bathrooms, still holding her nose which she was sure was bleeding.

Miley forgot her annoyance towards the boys and her plan to commit a first degree murder as she followed the blond after a moment of hesitation, a concerned and apprehensive look etched onto her face.

Left alone, Jake and Oliver glanced at each other.

"So…we're no longer going to the beach?" Jake frowned at Oliver, who just shrugged at him. A guy could hope, right?

Lilly walked over to the nearest mirror and removed her hands, cursing under her breath when she saw the blood smeared around her nose, crimson still leaking out of her nostrils.

She stiffened when someone grabbed her shoulder and spun her around, her wide blue eyes blinking when she came face to face with Miley.

The brunette felt like she had just swallowed an anvil when she took in the site of Lilly's swollen and bloody nose, feeling like the scum of the earth. She had charged into the mall intent on defending Lilly's honor and the only thing she managed to accomplish was hurt the one person she was trying to protect. To say she was disappointed in herself was a vast understatement.

"Let me grab some paper towels," Miley said quietly, eyes lingering on Lilly's nose before she walked over to the paper towel dispenser, pulling some out and wetting them in the sink.

Lilly watched her work quietly, some of her irritation and anger at her best friend dissipating. She could practically feel the guilt and regret radiating from the other girl and found it hard to retain any negative emotions towards Miley. Hard, but not impossible. The painful throb in her nose was a constant reminder that it was because of Miley that by tomorrow morning her nose would swell to an embarrassing size.

Ringing out the paper cloth in her hands, Miley silently approached Lilly and went to cup her chin. Still feeling irritated at her, Lilly stepped back before she could touch her, an annoyed scowl on her face.

The look didn't last long, however, when she caught the hurt look that flashed across Miley's face.

"Sorry," Miley mumbled, her gaze falling to the tiled floor between them, feeling incredibly low at the moment. After experiencing weeks of growing closeness and skinship with her best friend, having Lilly reject her touch hurt her more than it would have before several weeks ago. Miley offered the wet paper towel to her, not raising her head to meet her gaze, not wanting to see the loathing that she was sure was swirling in Lilly's blue eyes.

Struggling to hold some kind of annoyance for Miley, Lilly huffed and snatched that paper towel from her, trying to ignore the swell of regret that rose up when Miley flinched and shrunk back at her angry gesture. The bathroom was quiet as Lilly turned towards the mirror and gently wiped away the blood, finding it increasingly difficult to ignore her sullen best friend behind her. She could see her in the mirror behind her, looking incredibly small as she just stood with her hands at her sides, staring down at her feet, looking like a three year old that had just been reprimanded harshly by her mother.

After wiping away the last of the blood and wincing as she squeezed her nostrils shut with the paper towel, Lilly turned to face Miley, sighing lightly as she observed the other girl. Miley looked pitiful and it was starting to bother her that she was the cause of it, even though she was in the right and Miley was in the wrong. It was hard being angry at someone you loved so much.

Before she had told Miley she was gay, Lilly had her fair share of fights with Miley in spite of their close friendship. There were times when Miley's spontaneous and outlandish nature resulted in Lilly's misfortune, and the blond never found it too difficult to hold a grudge against Miley.

But ever since that fateful night when Miley had held her, comforted her, and accepted her and loved her for who she was, Lilly's affection for the brunette had skyrocketed.

Consequently, it meant there was little room in her heart for any kind of ill intent towards Miley.

Miley shuffled her feet a bit, fidgeting as she tried to find the courage to raise her head to meet Lilly's gaze but just couldn't. She was already feeling like scum and didn't think she could handle the hateful look that she just knew was in the blond's eyes. She wanted Lilly to love her, to think that of her as the best of friends, to look at her with loving eyes and a warm smile that was reserved just for her. She didn't want this. She didn't want Lilly looking at her like she had wronged her. She knew she deserved it, but she didn't want it. She wanted Lilly to be smiling at her. Always, always smiling at her.

Lilly let the last of her annoyance toward Miley drift away when she saw the brunette's eyes flicker up at her briefly before skittering away. It was enough for Lilly to catch the wetness in Miley's eyes, and she would be damned if she let Miley shed one tear because of her.

"...I guess this makes us even now," Lilly sighed quietly, a wry grin forming on her lips, her words sounding funny since she was still hold her nose tightly with the moist paper towel.

Miley's brow furrowed a bit as she risked raising her eyes, hesitantly meeting Lilly's. She felt like a large weight had been lifted off her chest when she only saw light amusement in her azure gaze.

Seeing her confusion, Lilly pointed towards her mouth.

"It wasn't as bad, but I remember giving you a headbutt of my own not that long ago," Lilly chuckled, starting to find some amusement in the irony of the situation.

Miley's eyes widened, a small smile starting to cross her face as she recalled the night she had snuck over to Lilly's room and wrestling match that had ensued, resulting in Lilly's forehead meeting her mouth. Her small smile grew even more when she remembered the heart warming gesture that Lilly had bestowed upon her to help relieve the pain.

"Well...we're not exactly even yet," Miley said quietly, smile still in place as she stepped closer to the blond, reaching up to lightly grab her wrist.

Lilly frowned in confusion when Miley lowered the hand been holding the paper towel to her nose, revealing the red and swelling nose to Miley.

Not hesitating at all, Miley leaned forward and placed two feather light kisses on both sides of Lilly's nose before taking a step back, a satisfied smile on her face.

Lilly blinked slowly at first, and then, steadily, a deep blush started darkening Lilly's face as her gaze dropped to the floor as she quickly brought the paper towel back up to cover her nose, but not before Miley caught the embarrassed yet happy smile on her lips.

"T-thanks," Lilly mumbled shyly, eyes briefly raising to meet Miley's before dropping again, her blush deepening more.

The brunette almost melted where she stood at how adorable Lilly was being right now. She had to fight the urge to just grab the shorter girl and hug the life out of her.

"Come on, lets get out of here," Miley suggested as she grabbed Lilly's free hand, entwining their fingers before gently starting to lead her out, loving how Lilly's soft hand and slender fingers felt in her own.

As they stepped back out into the mall and headed towards the boys, Miley glanced back at Lilly and had to bite her bottom lip to suppress the smile that threatened to split her face in half when she saw the way Lilly was staring down at their joined hands, face still flushed and smile still on her lips.

Noticing the girls approaching, Jake and Oliver stood up from the bench they were sitting on, Oliver looking relieved that things seem to have calmed down and Jake looking troubled as his gaze jumped from Miley's beaming face to Lilly's flushed one.

"Dude, you alright?" Oliver asked, frowning a bit at the sight of Lilly holding bunched up paper towels to her nose.

"Nothing that some ice and painkillers wont cure," Lilly replied nasily, causing Oliver to snicker. Rolling her eyes, Lilly attempted to kick him in the shin, but he was quick to step out of her kicking range. Lilly settled for sticking her tongue out at him which he automatically returned.

"Lets stop by the food court and get some ice for Lilly before we leave," Miley intoned dryly, use to the antics of her two friends, before leading the way forward. Lilly jerked a little as she was forced to trail behind Miley, still being lead by the hand, as she and Oliver continued making faces at each other.

Rounding up the rear of the group, Jake followed silently as he stuffed his hands in the pockets of his board shorts, his eyes trained on the joined hands of Miley and Lilly.

to be continued...

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