My Sweet Miko

My Sweet Miko,

What could I ever do without you.

You are lovely,

And caring.

You have a heart of gold,

and filled with love.

You are kind,

And sweet.

You are loving you our pups,

And even to me.

You traveled with my brother,

And he hurt you so bad.

Finally you gave up,

And left him alone.

He has his dead miko,

Though he is so stupid.

You came crying to me,

I didn't know why.

For I was a killing perfection.

But it didn't deem to bother you,

For I was your enemy.

I didn't want you at first,

But you wouldn't leave.

Finally I comforted you,

Threw all your pain and tears.

You started to travel with me,

You lightened it up.

You made me smile,

Which was very weired,

Because I never do.

I soon fell for you,

And you for me.

You are the sweetest human,

I have ever known.

You love me like no one else,

For you are my mate.

I will love you forever,

And ever more.

I love you tender,

I love you sweat.

My Sweet Miko.

OK was the first of two next will me called

My Darling Taiyoukai

Now if you didn't already notice this is in Sesshoumaru's next one will be in Kagomes.I am going to try and finish the next one today and publish it.

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