Title: The Gathering

Rating: M, for violence, swearing and of course... sex, what else.

Spoilers: Up to the finale of Season 4

Summary: Set 3 weeks after the Rising of Lucifer. Contrary to what was expected, nothing came out of that glowing circle we see at the end of the episode and after a two hours of waiting around for something to pop up Dean and Sam go back to Bobby's. Together they decide that hunters have to come together and fight side-by-side if they are going to stand a chance at stopping the apocalypse. They join Ellen at the new and restored RoadHouse and make it their headquarters. And so The Gathering begins.

Disclaimer: I'm making no profit and I own absolutely nothing, except for Amy, Reggie and the other OC which are going to be popping up in this story.

Chapter 1

Though he'd picked up on the presence of his brother the moment Sam had walked into the bar coming from the kitchen area, he only looked up from the laptop once the fresh cup of coffee was placed on the table, next to the computer.

"Thanks." He mumbled hoarsely, accepting the offer and starting in on his forth caffeine fix of the day - It was eight in the morning.

"Don't think you'll be thanking me when your heart jumps out of your chest and you start foaming from the mouth." Sam reproached taking a seat next to him.

Dean eyed his brother.


"Well, that was... graphic!"

"I'm just sayin'... there is such a thing as too much coffee. You need to sleep, man. Did you get any last night?"

Dean grinned and promptly replied:

"No, not really. Reggie's not back from the supply run, but I'll make sure to get on that the second she walks through the door. Don't you worry, little brother."

The comment earned him a disgusted headshake and an aggravated eye roll. Dean simply shrugged.

What? With golden opportunities like that being served to him on a silver platter how could he possibly not make a crude and tasteless remark?

"You really shouldn't be messin' around with Reggie, she's..." Sam trailed off when he failed to find the appropriate euphemism.

"... borderline psychotic?" Dean readily supplied.

"I don't think there are any borders when it comes to Reggie."

Dean laughed at that.

Reggie had always made Sam a little uneasy and you couldn't really blame him, after some of the stunts she'd pulled. Younger than either of the Winchester boys and right about the same age as Jo, she was quite the character. Though not the sharpest pencil in the box, she was determined, brave, knew what she wanted and went all the way to get it. She was impulsive and yes, a less than stable human being. An overall basket case if you were really honest. But living a hunter's life since you were ten would do that to a person. Prone to mindboggling mood swings that would make your head spin, she was the poster child for bipolar disorder. One second she'd be the ditzy teenage girl giggling away at just about anything a guy uttered (especially if said guy was Dean) and the next... well...The smallest glitch in her plans would bring on bloodcurdling fits of rage. And you didn't want to be in the same state, let alone the same room when that happened. Oh, no you didn't! On the other hand, you definitely wouldn't mind hanging around when the tide changed and she was in a more... giving mood.

Dean's smile turned impish at a couple of memories that popped into his head.

Somewhere inside, he knew that fooling around with Reggie was like playing with a ticking bomb; one with a very short fuse. But he couldn't deny it was fun. And he sure as hell needed some fun in his life. So, whenever she was up for it, so was he.

"I can handle Reggie." The older hunter assured. "Besides, the woman has needs and it's not my fault I'm such a yummy treat. It would be rude of me not to..." He sent Sam a mischievous leer adding: "...help her out."

"Of course, you're just sleeping around with her out of the goodness of your heart. Cause you're a giver."

"That's right." Dean provided him a with clicking finger gun and a wink before his eyes were back on the monitor.


Sam just shook his head turning his attention to the contents flashing on the screen.


"Nothing." Dean's tone sobered up with the change of subject.

"You say that like it's a bad thing." Sam furrowed his brow.

"We supposedly let Hell's head honcho walk and all we got for our trouble was some fancy pyrotech work? I don't buy that."

He did have a point. After the Lilith debacle, the Winchesters had braced themselves and watched the bright circle of light blast through the church floor. They were ready for just about anything. Instead, they got nothing. Ten seconds of blinding brightness and then... nothing.

Upon Sam's insistence, they'd hung around that 'crappy excuse for a church' . That's what Dean was calling it halfway into the second hour of sitting on their asses waiting for the sky to start falling. Tired of 'ass-sitting' and, after announcing that this was the biggest dud since the 88 Led Zeppelin reunion gig, Dean decided, for the both of them, it was time to go. And that's what they did.

"It's been three weeks, dude." Dean went on. "Since then there have been zero electrical storms, no crop failures, no demonic possessions that we know of, not a blimp on the bizarro-radar. Oh, something's definitely up!"

Sam swallowed against the lump in his throat, realising Dean was right.

"You got something?"

The Winchester's turned to see Bobby setting down a crate on the bar counter.

"A little early for beer, don't you think?" Sam wondered.

"I'm just helpin' out Ellen." Bobby explained walking over to their table. "So, you boys find anything?"

"No." The two replied in unison and immediately whirled to face each other yelling out: "Jinx."

"I was first!" Dean hastily claimed.

"Dude, no way!"

"Yes, I was." He insisted.



As if on cue, both turned to Bobby and anxiously waited for his ruling. He would settle this vital dispute.

The cap-wearing man creased his forehead and mentally braced himself.

And there you have it, folks - The fate of the world and everyone in it resting on the shoulders of Laurel and Hardy.

'We are so screwed.'

"So?" Dean asked eagerly.

"It's a tie." Bobby shrugged.

"Oh, come on!"

"I was first." Sam maintained.

"Guys!" Bobby had had enough of this childishness.

Taking in the grave look on his face, the Winchesters relented and with a pout turned their attention back to the computer.

"Just because you three stooges are staring at it is not gonna make anything happen, you know?" Ellen jeered playfully as she joined the trio.

"Hey, Ellen." Sam was the only one to issue a greeting.

"Mornin', Sam. Dean, son, you look like you've been hit by a freight train." She stated, noticing the dark bags under his eyes.

"I'm ok." He lied.

"No, you're not. So do me a favour and get some shuteye."

"I said I'm ok."

But Ellen wasn't so easily dismissed and was in his face forcing him to look her in the eyes.

"You heard me. You, bed, sleep, now."

Dean gulped down the snarky comeback already halfway into his mouth when he locked gazes with the bar owner.

Realising she was waiting for an answer he nodded dutifully.

"Good. And no more coffee." She ordered.

Picking up his mug she disappeared into the back room.

Dean snapped back when he heard his brother stifling a snicker.

"Sorry dude, but you look like you just peed in your pants." Sam chuckled.

"Laugh it up, pretty boy. I'd like to see how dry you'd be if you were on the receiving end of that woman's I'm-gonna-bite-your-head-off look."

Picturing the scenario, Sam's smirk vanished.

"I thought so." Having made his point, Dean questioned Bobby. "Got any feedback from any hunters?"

"A couple."

"Just a couple?"

"Don't act so surprised. First you let Lucifer out and now you wanna round up everybody and head the hunting party to stop him?"

Sam's head dropped guiltily at Bobby's merciful phrasing. If anyone had played any part in Lucifer's release from hell, it wasn't Dean.

"I can see why most hunters wouldn't be too eager to join on that bandwagon." Bobby explained.

"It's the only way we stand a chance. We can't keep fighting on separate fronts like we did before. This is bigger than anyone. And we can't expect any help from Heaven's wing boys either. I'm not dealin' with those dicks." Dean's voice turned acidic by the end of his short rant.

"All we can hope for is to recruit the ones we can and hopefully others will end up joining. But it takes time. It's a word of mouth game." Bobby pursed his lips.

It was clear that not even he was sure of what he was saying.

"Dean Winchester, what are you still doing here?"

His spine straightened abruptly. When she menacingly widened her eyes at him he was out of his chair and shuffling his way up the stairs in ten seconds flat.


Though he'd been unwilling at first, he had to admit that the closer he drew to his bedroom the more appealing the idea of sleep became to him.

He was opening the door and halfway into a yawn when, suddenly, he was grabbed and hurled across the room, landing safely on the bed. The mattress springs were still screeching out their protest against the first burden that had been thrust upon them, when they were subjected to a second one; and a very eager and jittery one at that.

Ready to be faced with God knows what supernatural goon Dean snapped his eyes open to come across a toothy blonde straddling his stomach and grinning down at him.

"Reggie?! How'd you get-Oomph!" His question was cut off by her impatient lips.

His arms flailed awkwardly around her form, his eyebrows rose high on his forehead and his nostrils flared as he inhaled through his nose; his mouth currently being viciously attacked by the young hunter.

She dropped her hips, rubbing herself against the fastening of his jeans and got just the reaction she hoped to provoke.

She let out an oomph of her own, unexpectedly spun around and plopped on her back; Dean's hands held her wrists down just above her head, his body pinning hers to the bed.

Reggie lifted herself off the sheets in an attempt to capture his lips again, but he easily averted her assault, pulling his chest away and, in the process, buried himself further between her thighs. The move elicited a gasped whimper from the girl that sent a wave of pride through Dean.

"How did you manage to get up here without anyone noticing? I thought you were out on a supply run?" He paired his query with a head tilt, bringing his face teasingly close to hers, but not enough to allow her access to his mouth.

"I have a few tricks up my sleeve." She punctuated her sentence by thrusting her hips up.

His lids fell shut and he let out a guttural growl.

"I bet you do." He breathed.

He opened his eyes to find her biting her lower lip. That image, coupled with her locking her ankles together behind his knees, made up his mind for him.

He'd get some sleep. Sure he would. Just not right now.

You never say no to a lady, and after all, he was a giver.