Happy Father's Day, once again. Not my best, but I wanted to at least bring some father/son humor today. Hee-hee. ^.^

" Dad, do you think I'll ever get a girl ? "

Giovanni gave Ash one of his nah-I-don't-think-so looks. It was both Father's Day and the first day of summer, so the father and son decided to go to an ice cream parlor to get out of Delia's hair and kitchen. For once, Ash was being a normal teenager that was going on fifteen in a couple of days....which was abnormal for him, but nobody seemed to mention that to him. And after the last Father's Day that they had spent together, Giovanni decided no more outdoor functions for either one of them.

So they were in an air-conditioned area, eating a root beer float.

" Dad, could you please answer the question ? " Ash pressed. " You're under oath here. "

" ....Nah, I don't wanna, " Giovanni mumbled, desperately checking his cellphone for any calls that might have been made relating to his job.

Ash glared at the older man. " Dad, you suck. Why can't you be active like Paul's dad is ? "

" Because Paul's dad wants to destroy the universe, that's why. "

" Right. Well, what about Brock's dad ? "

" Mr. Squinty ? I don't think so. "

" You're making this very hard, Dad. "

" Yeah. I know. "

" .....Are you thinking about Mom ? "

" SHUDDUP ! " Giovanni roared, almost turning over the table with his fists.

Ash snickered, taking a small sip from his float. It had been a few months since he had seen his father, and even though Giovanni was the head of an evil organization, the boy couldn't help but love the easily-enraged man, even if it was just a little bit of love. Of course, he would never tell his dad that, because it was more exciting to see the guy screaming at every employee at the ice cream shop.

Silence took over the table. For once, Pikachu didn't come with them. Each man twiddled their thumbs, thinking of a hundred places that they could've been instead of a place that based their business on sprinkles and ice cream. Neither one would've came, but Delia 'insisted' for them to start bonding, or else. Just your typical semi-angsty father/son visit. Nothing special.

As the day passed and floats melted, Ash slowly nodded off into a nap. Giovanni poked him in the back. " Ash ? "

No response. Another poke to the back. " Uh, Ash ? "

Nothing. Giovanni furrowed his eyebrows as he smacked Ash in the head with his styrofoam bowl. " ASH ! "


Ash glowered at his elder, wiping brown stuff off of his nose. " Ouch. That hurt, Dad. You should be a good citizen and apologize. "

Giovanni smirked. Even though Ash was his son, he'd never apologize in his life to anyone except for one person, and that was not the black-haired boy that was glaring daggers. " Well, why don't you be a good little boy and just disappear so Daddy could get his flask and go on a bender ? " he retorted sarcastically.

" Daddeh ? "

" Yes ? "

" You're a horrible father. You used to be cool. When did you become so lame ? "

" When your mother pushed me out of a two-story window, " Giovanni replied wryly.

" Oh. Well, has it at least been a good Father's Day ? "

" No. "

The father and son continued their visit in silence, concluding another Father's Day, and the weekly squabble.