Harry Potter: The Overlord

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Chapter 19:


AN: This is mainly a lemon chapter. Also, Harry may seem a bit OOC (Out of Character) at the moment but it will be explained later for those who can't figure it out.

As the party ended and everyone was gone, Harry sat on the throne as multiple house elves and minions scurried back and forth on the floor below. While he now owned the title to the castle, it was still being used as a Museum and Art Gallery during the day and he really didn't feel like moving into a huge castle just yet. Besides, with people paying a small fee to see all the art and bought little souvenirs from gift shops, they would now have to pay a fee to use his castle.

Don, one of his top commanders and Knights, one of the two orphans he had trained, knelt down on one knee in front of him and gave a report on tonight.

"I see," Harry mused with a half smirk, holding his glass of red wine in his hand. It would've been a full smirk but honestly he didn't have it in him at the moment, with Grace possibly going insane… well even more insane, he was worried. With Don reporting the confrontation at the gate with Fudge, news that somehow didn't surprise him I the least, he would have to keep an eye out… just to see how big a fool Fudge makes of himself before he takes action.

"Don, report back to the Tower and continue to oversee the training of my Cavalry," he dismissed.

Don nodded slowly, "Yes my Lord,"

Watching as he stood and walked away, heading to the Tower Gate that would take him back to the Dark Tower, Harry sighed and began thinking back to Grace once again, the sight of her enraged face as she yelled and tried to murder the fool that dared to touch her.

Had it not been for the hundred plus witnesses, he would've finished him off personally after stopping her.

Leaning back into the throne and taking a deep breath, Harry calmed himself down as not to lose his temper. It would not due any good to go off on a killing spree just yet, he refused to be like those false overlords in the past and just go off killing and pillaging when he got upset.

Sitting up, he slung the wineglass to the side with a roar that rattled the windows and terrified even the minions, who were used to roars of anger and loved them. The glass cup shattered, red wine splashing all over the rug that ran down the entire walkway.

'DAMN THAT FOOL!' he screamed in his mind, clinching his fists and shaking in rage. He will see to it that Marcus Flint suffers, he will know suffering unlike anything he could ever dream of. His mother, his father, any siblings he had, they would all share a fate worse than death.

"M-m-master?" whimpered a house elf as it approached from the other side, arms held close to it's chest in fear of being lashed out at, "A-are you… ok?"

Harry slowly rotated his head until he could glare at the little floppy-eared elf from one eye, "Do I 'look' ok to you?" he hissed out with his teeth clinched together, making in nod in fear as he 'looked' fine.

Closing his eyes, Harry took another calming breath before looking at the now terrified creature, "Just clean that up," he said with a calm tone before the door to the room where the Tower Gate opened.

Out stepped the small orphan girl that Rose had taken in, the ten year old child was now somewhere around the age of thirteen or fourteen and had grown up a bit. Her name was Kimberly, or just Kim for short, she wore a plain white gown and had a small silver charm that Rose had given her as a gift with the girls name on the front. But despite her growing up and getting healthier thanks to Rose's care, it seemed that fate had played a cruel trick on her in return for being given the honor of being his mistresses handmaiden.

Not two months into becoming a handmaiden, she had been helping care for Roses gardens and accidentally stumbled into the wrong room. Instead of being greeted by numerous flowers and herbs, she found herself surrounded by Man-eating Venus Flytraps, all hungrily snapping at her and surrounding her in the room.

When Rose realized that she was alone in her other garden, she went of to look for Kim only to find her curled up in the middle of her other garden, surrounded by her man-eating plants and whimpering. Luckily she had walked in so far that the plants couldn't reach, unluckily for her however, was that the ones near the door were older and had been able to stretch their stems so that they blocked the way.

Rose had saved Kim from the plants, which were smart enough to fear the older woman, but the traumatic experience had left her a mute and gave he a huge fear of those plants and the wilderness in general.

The girl walked over and handed him a vial labeled, 'Calming Drought, 1 dose.'. Making him smile and internally thank Rose for sending this. Some of his smarter Blue Minions and Dark Elves had been making potions using books and supplies he supplied them, issuing them out to his Knights and Elves out on missions.

In that world there was such things as healing potions and mana potions but they were rare and no one really had the knowledge to make them. Magic users there were a lot more scarce than they were here, especially human magic users, some elves could use their magic but it was mostly for healing, that was why they specialized in ranged weapons an not heavy combat. He had been trying to find more mages in that world, even trying to have magic taught to children in hopes of getting some magic wielding soldiers, but sadly it seemed impossible to teach.

"Thank you Kim," he muttered after downing the potion, slowly feeling his anger fade into the background of his mind, "You may return now,"

She nodded, giving him a bow and leaving.

Harry checked the time and decided that it was time to go meet Narcissa, she had been stewing in her nervousness for long enough.


Sitting at a table in the dusty old tavern, Narcissa did her best to ignore the drinking wizards around the room while trying to his her nervousness. Somehow Greyheart knew about her using an unforgivable and degrading herself with a muggle man, even if it got out as a rumor her social life would be over, maybe even her marriage. She couldn't bare to lose Draco in the divorce, knowing that Lucius would win the case as she was the one who did wrong.

"My, my, I was wondering if you'd actually show up,"

Looking over, she saw Greyheart standing beside her with his arms crossed and a hood over his head, "Did I have a choice?"

Harry smirked, "Of course you did, I just made sure you would chose the one I wanted." he told her coolly, "Now, get up and follow me,"

She obeyed, standing up and following him out into muggle London and zipping her coat as the cold air got to her. They walked in silence for a few minutes, watching the snowflakes start falling from the sky before he turned and walked into an alley.

He turned to her, lowering the hood before raising some privacy wards. "There, now we can get to business…"

"What do you want?"

Harry laughed, a cold, dead, laugh that chilled her more than the weather, "Tell me, if the world were to know what I do about you, what do you think they will call you?"

"…" She was silent, looking down and away.

"Fine, you need not answer me… I already know. They would call you trash… I thought that this place would be a motivating venue to have this discussion because if you managed to stay out of Azkaban, this would be a perfect example of the home you have to look forward to."

She glanced around, dumpsters covered in profanity, trashcans tipped over with their contents scattered all around, mold on the bricks, it even had some green slime dripping from the corner of the dumpster.

"Wouldn't you agree?" he mused mockingly, "This is real motivating isn't it," His smirk was downright evil, had she not known better, she would swear that he was the Dark Lord.

Harry approached her and grabbed her under the arm, moving her deeper into the ally, "Before, you asked me what I wanted from you." he began before turning her to face him, "Well… I want to see you suffer,"

Her eyes widened.

"No, not like that," Harry exclaimed, seeing the look she got, "I want to see you degrade yourself… here, surrounded by your kind… you worthless trash. Now, strip."

"W-what!" she gasped, looking insulted, "I will not,"

Harry only chuckled, "Oh yes you will, for you see. I have ways of making people do as I wish. Old Umbridge was only one to suffer my wrath, ignorant bigoted bitch. She got in my way one time and seeing as I couldn't harm her… well I went after someone else she cared deeply for."

Narcissa's eyes widened, "Y-You… you killed her daughter?"

He shrugged, "In a way, I didn't partake in the many deeds that had befallen the girl but I did take pleasure in watching as she was raped and tortured, her screams of pain and pleas for mercy were nice to listen to. But you can take solace in knowing that it wasn't some brutish man hunched over her, I do not allow men to rape my victims, only women." Harry told her before his hand found her throat, pushing her up against the wall. "Now, you can either do as I say or you can try to scream and escape me-"

He didn't get to finish as she quickly drew her wand, only for him to catch her hand with his free one, "Hmm, as expected…" he muttered before squeezing her throat and pushing her up the wall, not letting her breath.

Narcissa began to panic, kicking her legs and clawing at his hand with her one free hand, scratching him with her fingernails and even breaking one.

He chuckled as her face slowly turned blue, her eyes slowly rolling to the back of her head before he relaxed his grip, letting her breath. "I gave you a chance for this to be relatively painless but now, I'm going to have a bit of fun with you. Hell maybe I'll even have your son kidnapped and forced to watch,"

Narcissa gritted her teeth before being slammed into the wall again, this time with enough force to knock her out.

Harry chuckled darkly as he held the limp woman and carried her to the back of the alley where a Tower Gate was stationed, having planned this just in case.


Upon arriving back at the Dark Tower, Harry had Narcissa taken to the torture chamber and chained to the wall before going upstairs where Graces Chambers were. Inside, he found his mistresses sitting on a chair on each side of her small twin sized bed while Grace laid there asleep.

"How is she?" he questioned while walking over and standing at the foot of her bed.

"She finally went to sleep my Lord," Rose murmured, tired and stressed. "When I arrived she started having head pains, so I gave her something to help her rest."

"You should go and get some rest," he told her, "I'll call a house elf to watch over her,"

"No, it's ok. I'll be fine," Rose insisted.

"Rose," he stressed, "Go. To. Sleep. That is an order as your Lord,"

She sighed, "Yes my lord," before standing and heading to their chambers to rest, but not before giving Grace one last look.

Velvet stood up and walked over to embrace him, "Should I go too?"

He shook his head, "No, Narcissa decided that she wasn't going to submit to me, so before I corrupt her mind I plan on taking my frustrations out on her." the overlord stated while returning the embrace. "Why don't you go and get ready? I'll meet you in the torture chamber in a moment."

She nodded and left the room.

Hearing the door close, Harry stepped next to the bed, moving the chair and sitting down next to the sleeping girls head. "Grace…" he spoke quietly while reaching out and rubbing her cheek, "I have watched as you grew up, from that sweet and innocent little village girl to my most faithful and loyal warrior. True… I may have warped your mind just a bit but, the lengths you went to just to make me proud of you… that was all you, I can't control someone's emotion so easily… hell, I've barely been able to control my own after you left."

Moving a strand of her brown hair from her face, Harry took her hand and held it. "When I heard that you murdered your own parents, I knew that something was wrong… but I ignored it, when you went out of your way to kill those bandits at the coast I figured that you merely wanted to show your devotion. For so long I thought that all these little things were because you lusted after me… I'm such a fool. I've been so busy chasing other women, using them for their connections, name, or plainly to spite their family that I was blinded to the fact that you weren't just lusting after me and trying to get my attention. You were in love with me."

He held her limp hand tight between his and kissed her knuckles, "Grace… my little Grace. I don't know it you can hear me, but have to get better, I don't want to have to kill you if you go insane." He whispered into her hand before standing and leaning over her, "Grace, if you can hear me… I order you to overcome this, not as my Soldier… but as my next mistress."

Leaning down, Harry kissed her softly on the lips before standing and summoning Nippy, telling her to watch over and care for Grace. That if she woke up before he returned to get him immediately.

With Grace in good care, he stalked out of the room and went downstairs to where Narcissa was waiting.


Trapped in a sea of darkness, Grace pulled her knees up to her chest and whimpered, holding her hands against her ears.

He doesn't care for you

"Please…" she sniffed, tears rolling down her cheeks, "the voices… please stop,"

You killed us

The voices of every person she had killed was whispering at her through the never ending sea of shadow. The pain in her head never stopped, fairing with every breath, every sob, every twitch of her muscles. Those voices made it worse, whenever one talked the pain reached new heights.

He'll throw you aside, he'll replace you

"No… no he won't," she cried.

He will. Just like you threw us aside.

Her eyes clinched harder, "That voice…" she grimaced, recognizing the voice of the woman she had killed a few years ago… her own mother.

You killed me Grace, you killed your own mother for a monster that doesn't love you like I did


I loved you Grace! I did anything I could to keep you safe.


And you killed me. You killed me for that monster.

"He's no monster…"

He threatened to use you against me, to make you forget and hurt your family, then he hurt me… made me do things!

"You lie…"

He raped me Grace, he and his mistresses raped me every nearly every night just for fun. I tried to resist but they said that they would use you instead if I didn't submit

"Your lying…"

Open your eyes! He may act like a merciful and kind Overlord but I've seen him behind closed door, I've seen the monster he is! For every kind act he shows there are five cruel ones that are never seen.


You never heard about the little town past the Ruborian Desert did you, what he did to them for refusing to submit and live under his rule, even killing the messenger? He secretly gathered a group of his knights and captured the town. The town mayor was forced to watch as his wife was raped by his soldiers then was burned alive while his family and the rest of the town watched. The rest of the town was then enslaved and turned into mindless drones, they now work the mines.

"Stop… please stop,"


Her head shot up, "M-Master?"

My little Grace… I don't know it you can hear me…

Grace got to her knees and started looking around for him. "I hear you!" she shouted, "Master I'm here!" Forcing herself to stand she searched for him in vain, not knowing where she was.

Grace, if you can hear me… I order you to overcome this

She forced herself to move, ignoring the pain in her head and the tired aches in her legs as she seemed to move in slow motion, as if she were stuck in a tar pit. But the pain was too great and she fell, tears streaming down her face as darkness began to overtake her prone form.

not as my Soldier… but as my next mistress

Her eyes snapped open.


Slight Torture and Non-Consensual Sex


Narcissa's screams traveled all throughout the underground dungeon of the Dark Tower, all through the maze of small tunnels and even into the chambers made to house the family of Water Serpents belonging to the Overlord. Gnarl, who was taking a nap at the time fell into an even deeper sleep, lulled by the screams of a pretty lady.

Harry chuckled from his chair as he watched Velvet cover the older woman's back in angry red welts with a long leather bull whip, each strike making her scream and arc her back in pain.

Narcissa was hanging by her wrists from a pair of cuffs on the wall, her forehead pressed into the stone as she sobbed from the pain. Her robes and bra lay strewn on the floor below her, ripped and cut from her body until she wore nothing but her panties.

"Again," she heard him speak, before the whip snapped against her shoulder blade forcing her to scream as it hit an already tender spot. She had never put much thought into religion before but now she was sure that this man… no, he wasn't a man, he had to be the devil himself, was evil incarnate.

Harry watched her shoulders shake as her scream died down to pain filled cries and smirked, "Again,"

Velvet raised the whip and threw her arm forward, the tip hitting the small of her back dead center, right on the spine. This caused the resulting scream to increase in volume as well as temporarily paralyze her legs from the shock.

Narcissa's scream faded until she coughed and wheezed, losing her voice from it's prolonged use.

Standing up, Harry slowly approached the woman and lightly stroked the long red lines that crisscrossed her entire back, making her wince. "I still don't think you've learned your lesson Narcissa, do you think so?"

She nodded , her eyes clinched shut.

"Wrong answer," he cooed before slapping her back with his hand. "I think you need a few more lashings to learn that what you think no longer matters,"

Grabbing her hips, he moved her body away from the wall and turned her around, ignoring her pained expression as her back scraped the stone. He smirked and looked at her breasts, which weren't quite a D-cup but were larger than a C and barely shagged.

Turning, he moved out of the way, "Velvet, hit anywhere you wish, just not her pretty face."

Soon her thighs, breasts, stomach, and pelvis (Although you couldn't see from her panties) matched her back and she was in a haze of pain, her face a bright red and covered in tears.

"I think that'll be enough for now, Velvet," Harry mused while standing behind her, "It's time to move on to the next part,"

Grabbing a health potion, he uncorked the small vial and forced the blood red liquid down Narcissa's throat, healing most of her pain and soothing her aching throat.

Velvet stripped her clothing off and stood necked in the room with a sexy grin as Harry removed his shirt. "No, Dark One, let me help you with that first," she laughed before sinking to her knees and removing his pants. He wasn't wearing any undergarments at the time so his manhood was revealed at full mass.

"Ohh, let me get first taste," Velvet cooed before grabbing the base and licking him.

Narcissa could do nothing but watch as the woman that whipped her licked and sucked the cock of the devil himself. Her lewd slurps and moans filled the room as she devoured him with ease and never gagged as he began to thrust in and out of her willing mouth.

Harry growled and buried her nose in his pubes, twitching a few times as he shot his load down her throat.

Velvet pulled back and wiped her mouth off, "That was fun, next time let me taste it before I swallow."

"Of course my dear, but first…" he trailed off and looked to Narcissa, making Velvet giggle.

The blond could do nothing as she was unchained from the wall and forced to lay spread-eagle on a table that hung from the ceiling by four chains. There was a metal ring on each corner at they fed ropes through and used to tie her in place while her head hung over the edge uncomfortably.

Harry forced her head up, holding it and making her watch as Velvet stood between her legs with a nasty smirk while holding a knife. She sliced her panties off and began to poke and prod at her pussy before slowly working her ways up to licking and probing.

Narcissa panted and moaned, tensing up and suffering as her body was unable to move and add to the stimulation. This continued for what felt like hours until she was reduced to tears once more and begged for release.

Harry nodded to Velvet and he stood before walking off and returning with a purple strap on and wearing a big grin as she positioned herself. With a single, savage thrust, the smooth toy was jammed to the hilt.


Narcissa's scream was cut off as Harry lowered her head and pushed his cock down her throat, making her choke and gag.

Harry and Velvet 'Pig Roasted' the pureblood roughly, for a while until Harry came, pulling out and cumming on her face with a grunt.

"This bitch isn't half bag, love," Harry mused while rubbing his member on her face, smearing his semen around. "At least her mouth is anyway,"

Velvet hummed and removed the strap on, "Yes but watching you mouth fuck her really got me hot, let's do the thing we did to Rose last time,"

He chuckled and nodded.

Narcissa groaned as a dildo was inserted back inside her before blinking as Velvet bent over her until her pussy was just an inch above her face. Moments later Harry positioned himself behind her and pushed himself into the woman. Narcissa closed her eyes as his member and balls touched her face before groaning as Velvet pushed the toy in and out at a fast pace.

He came inside Velvet and pulled out, watching as his seed dripped out and onto the woman below who didn't seem to notice, as Velvet was busy shoving the toy in as far as she could.

Releasing the toy, Velvet stood, rubbing her dripping bits all over Narcissa's face before hugging Harry with a kiss, "Oh Dark One, I feel all warm and gooey inside… although that could just be your cum in me. Don't you think she deserves it?"

He grinned and nodded, untying the woman and bending her over the same table before shoving himself in.



Hours later, Narcissa managed to limp out of the floo in Malfoy Manor, jaw sore, her womanhood aching, and her bum sore, she could even still taste his essence in her mouth. It was late but Lucius had yet to return home, she knew that because Draco was still up.

"Draco, what are you doing?" she asked, trying to sound strict but managed only to sound tired.

The blond boy turned, holding a bowl of ice-cream, "Nothing,"

"What have I told you? No sweets before bed and you stayed up passed your bedtime, you are lucky I'm so tired or else I'd tan your rear."

He looked downcast, "Sorry Mum,"

"Now put that ice-cream down and come give your mother a kiss, then go straight to bed."

He set the bowl down and did as she said, "Mum… what's that white stuff in your hair?"

Her face turned red, "Ah… nothing dear, just some… ah… cream from a pastry… from the party…"

"Was it good?"

She smiled, "Best I ever had,"

Draco never notice that his mother's eyes were glowing before returning back to their normal color, signifying that she was now a puppet to the Overlord.

"Really? I'd love to try it one day!"


On Christmas day, the town at the foot of the Dark Tower threw a party for the holiday's although it was a bit more subdued once they learned that Grace had fallen ill and had a possibility of dying. They had sent flowers and their warm wishes for her to get well soon, Graces room looked like a small meadow now thanks to the gifts.

But unlike the village, the Tower wasn't as full of wonder and merriment. Harry and his mistresses had only got out of bed that day because of Grace, who had still yet to show any signs of improvement or otherwise. He let the older Hermione out of her cage, allowing her to accompany them to breakfast before Rose went with Kim to care for her plants while Velvet went to play with her pet water serpent.

That left Harry to return her to her cage alone. With the weather change, he had given her a robe as much of the tower was like an icebox and he didn't want his personal bookworm to freeze to death, forcing him to do his own homework.

Entering the room he took the robe from her, leaving her in her panties and bra. The cage had a mild heating charm to keep her warm but it was very uncomfortable and he knew it.

"Hermione…" he started before she could enter, making her turn her head to him.

"Yes master?" she replied, her voice quite and her sprite broken.

He looked down at the off white panties, taking in the shape of her rear. "Come here,"

She obeyed without a thought, walking over and standing in front of him with her head down.

Harry looked at her, thinking of the other Hermione and how they were so alike yet so different. Ever since he had made the younger Hermione his loyal friend, he had been much nicer to this one and, dare he admit, began to like this one too. Maybe it was just because she was the older version and he was just transferring his thoughts about the young one to the older on, who knows? But what he did know was that he had a lot to look forward to when the young Hermione grew up.

She stiffened as he touched her cheek and stepped closer, lifting her head to look into her eyes, which showed just how broken she was now.

"Your not going to your cage right now," he told her before pressing his lips to hers, "I'm going to have sex with you and let you stay in my bed."

"Yes master," she spoke, almost in a whimper, "I am yours to use, fuck me as hard as you want, I wont fight you."

"I know, but don't worry, I'll be gentle."


Nearly an hour and a half later, Hermione gasped as she laid with her back on his chest, his member pulsing as his cum filled her bowls. One of his hands rubbed her quivering womanhood while the other rubbed her breast as they both laid under the warm sheets.

She sighed and drifted off the sleep tired and warm as he played with her body in amusement.

Harry hummed and moved her tied body until she was face down as he hovered over her, dick still inside her rear. He gave a few test humps and began to use her again, not caring if she had fallen asleep. After all, she had been sleeping in a small, cold, and cramped cage for a while, he couldn't fault her for this.

He honestly didn't know why he was being kind to her, usually he'd take pleasure in watching her squirm. Or maybe… just maybe he was acting out what he wanted to do with her younger self? Maybe he should go on and take her to a nice hidden area of the castle and show her the joys of being his concubine.

"Mmm," he exclaimed before cumming again five minutes later. Rolling over, he sighed in pleasure and got comfortable, Velvet had loved it when she molested him in his younger form, maybe the idea had merit.

To be continued…