Harry Potter: The Overlord

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Chapter 21:


(Here we start Overlord 2)

"Under orders from the Great Emperor Solarius himself, I am to offer you a chance to join his Empire. You will hand over all control of your lands to the Glorious Empire and pay tax to the Empire, in return, you will be given the title of Governor and keep some control of part of this land."

Harry was sitting on his throne in just a robe, having just gotten out of a nice and relaxing bath as the Summer started, looked at the man as he spoke.

He was rather fat, and wore a roman toga with a red sash over his shoulders as he looked at Rose, Velvet, and Grace in lust, who were standing next to the throne. Not two days after coming home to the Dark Tower this envoy from across the ocean arrived, demanding that he hand over his own empire.

"Is that so?" he replied slowly, his tone cold and full of silent anger. It was what his mistresses called his Overlord voice, something that Grace loved and caused a evil smirk to appear.

Obviously, this man was as stupid as he was fat, for he didn't seem to notice the danger he was in as he nodded, "Yes, and I'll be taking that red head next to you as a proof that you agreed."

"Who said that I will agree?" Harry shot back. "I've worked far to hard to build this and I will not hand over my land to some fat blob such as you or the bitch you bow to. I am the fucking Overlord and no one takes what's mine!"

The man sneered, "Your making a huge mistake, when I return-"

Harry snapped his fingers, causing a group of minions to march in and cut off any escape routes, "Who said that you would be leaving?" he smirked, "I will send a message to your worthless Emperor, in the form of your mutilated corpse and your escorts dead bodies,"

His screams filled the air, causing the armed troops from the Glorious Empire to panic, especially as they found themselves surrounded by archers and other soldiers, unable to do anything. Moments later the fat messenger's body landed on the ground before them, his body smoking and covered in blood from the partially dismembering wounds that nearly severed his limbs and head.

"What is the meaning of this?" an out of shape, yet not overly fat like the messenger, soldier wearing golden armor with a matching helmet with a red Mohawk top yelled.

A nearby Tower Gate glowed and out walked the Overlord in full armor, helmet and all with his glowing green eyes, "You people come here, demanding that I hand over my land and my power," he growled out as he stormed up to them, "Disarm yourselves or suffer worse than he did,"

Looking to the body, many of the soldiers quickly threw down their weapons, including their leader, a Centurion. Some minions picked up their weapons, some shields, spears, crossbows, and swords before taking them to an armory to be stored before Harry chuckled.

"Take these men and put them in chains, then escort them to the Town Square to be executed." he ordered before crossing his arms, "As enemies to the Overlord, and enemies to my people, these men deserve no mercy,"

Hours later, the whole Village was chanting for death and cheering for their Overlord as he and his Mistresses stood on a raised platform in the middle of the Village.

"People, these men came here to force us into slavery to their Empire!" Harry spoke, motioning to the six men, now dressed in only a pair of pants as their armor was taken. "They wish to make us bow to a man all the way across the ocean, they look down on us as if we are dogs!"

This caused them to roar in anger, wanting to see them die.

"For this, these men deserve a dogs death!"

Harry turned and pointed to the Centurion, "Saw him!"

Some soldiers forced the man down, tying robes to both of his feet and hoisting him into the air. He yelled out curses and threats but nothing stopped the two men from grabbing a long and saw, one of those used to saw large trees and needed to be used by two men. It was placed between his legs and with a nod from the Overlord, the mans cursing turned to screaming.

The village cheered as he was slowly sawed in half, gravity giving his brain the blood to stay alive until the arteries in his lower chest were cut. Moments later, both parts of his body swung from the ropes, blood pooling underneath him.

The other five started pleading for mercy but Harry refused them, sentencing the next to be burned alive while he waited for another execution method to be prepared.

The third was sentenced to Quartering, where his legs and arms were tied to separate horses and then ripped apart.

By then the forth was unlucky, as by then the pot of oil had been heated up over a fire and was slowly dipped in feet first.

The fifth had it lucky, as he got death by Decapitation.

Finally, the sixth was the worst. Grace had asked to do this one and he was sentenced to be hung, drawn and quartered. They hanged him to near death and let him down, there she had him tied to a rack and slowly cut off his bits before throwing them in the boiling oil. She then disemboweled him, leaving him near death before ordering the executioner to finish it off by cutting him into four pieces, first at the waist, then the lower chest, and lastly his neck, leaving him in four bloody chunks.

As the six mutilated corpses were gathered up and thrown onto a cart to be sent overseas, Harry turned to his mistresses with a sharp glint in his eyes, "Send word to the troops at our coast, lock down the harbor and have our navy stationed to intercept any who try to flee, also, any empire citizens are to be detained and imprisoned indefinitely."

Harry's eyes glowed and flashed a yellowish amber red, "These ignorant fools have no idea what hell they've unleashed."

The End…


I was going to continue this and just make this one whole novel, but I've decided to end it here and start the new story as a separate book. I'll be taking a short break to do research and look over the games again so please be patient with me, don't worry, I wont abandon this.