I am so sorry everyone! But I have an announcement to make. I won't be able to update any of my stories for a while because I am now in the progress of rewriting Bruised and Bleeding.

I wrote that story when I first joined FF, and to be honest I was a novice writer who just flowed with it and didn't even have a plan for half the story – and that's why it came out so jumbled. I don't even know how I got so many reviewers on that story and not Such A Pretty Little Girl, because that one is much more dark, twisted, serious... I know what's going to happen in that one.

So I'm sorry – but in the meantime you can read SAPLG.

Once this is rewritten it's going to be so much better, some chapters are going to be dropped, more are going to be added, the relationship between Edward and Bella is going to be more realistic and take longer to build.

That's all there is to it...

I hope you can all understand, and hopefully be just a little more patient with me and still review and favourite and like me and try to get me to 1,000 reviews – that was my goal and my dream when I started this!

~Jess the Weird~