A one-shot about how Victor's actions didn't speak as loud as his words. Slight Logan/Victor. Please review.

Everything I ever did was for you. I could have left you for dead a long time ago, I could have stayed in the house with our mother after you killed our father. She would have taken me in and cared for me while you would have been captured and imprisoned for being a murderer, for being different.

But I followed you because you're my brother and you were just so small and scared back then. I made sure you were taken care of, when we couldn't find enough food I went hungry so you could eat, when it was the dead of winter I let you have all the furs and blankets we had and wrapped myself around you to make sure that you were warm. I made myself strong for you, I made myself grow up so much faster than any ten year old ever should.

When you were seventeen we were holed up in a cave, it was spring and you kissed me. You wanted to know what it was like to be intimate with another person but it was too dangerous to go into town and find a whore. So I lay you down and showed you how it felt, you writhed and moaned underneath me and after we were finished you fell asleep. I told you I loved you, but you didn't hear me.

Years went on and on and you came to my bed less and less. I understood somewhat, you wanted to explore but I couldn't help but feel left behind. I didn't want to be left behind, I just wanted my baby brother back. I tried to make you understand what I was feeling but you didn't hear me.

Vietnam came and then Stryker. I made a choice, either stay locked up for my lapse of judgement or get you out. I chose and it was the beginning of the end. You were always my rock, the only reason I fought against my animal side for so long but you were slipping away and I felt the ground beneath my feet begin to crumble. We had a job to do, we were good at it and even though Stryker gave me the creeps, Wade made my ears bleed with his inane babbling, Zero's unbridled arrogance made me want to rip his smug grin off his face, Wraith just annoyed me, and Blob's stupidity.

We were good at what we did and everything I did, every kill I made was so that you didn't have to go back to living in caves and in the middle of the woods. My animal side loved it, all the violence, but you were my rock and you didn't even realize it. The day before we went on that last mission in Africa we had sex for the first time in a year. I was more gentle with you than I had ever been, even that first time so long ago when I wasn't quite sure what the hell I was doing. I had hoped you realized that I needed you to ground me, that I needed you more than you seemed to need me. I wondered how our rolls had been switched, how you had become the one that was taking care of me, and I had become the scared little boy running in the dark.

I killed the man when Stryker had ordered, because I was angry at you. You hadn't heard me, you never did. Everything I had done had been for you, but you didn't seem to care. So I killed the man for no other reason than to show you what I could become without you.

You walked away and I called out for you but you didn't hear me.

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