The warrant card thumped onto his desk. Typical, even now she's too stubborn to hand it over to him. He stared at her, giving as good as she was getting. He reclined his hand turning and looking at the desk, picking it up. He looked at her, Alex Drake. A woman he once respected and trusted more than his own family. A woman that he admired, because she was so different. Now he saw her, for what she really was and it made him sick. A liar. He walked around to face her, trying to keep the tears from rolling down his face. He didn't want to waste emotion on something…someone so pathetic.

'I really thought you and me…' Tears threatening even more now to spill, he held her gaze. He had nothing to lose. He had nothing, 'Thought we were the ones. Thought we had a connection.' He looked at her, intensely staring at the lost girl before him, tears hollowed her eyes her bottom lip quivering, he felt no remorse. Nothing, for her.

'We do.' She uttered the words restraining a sob. Like a child sobbing over a dropped ice-cream. He almost felt sorry for her, before remembering exactly why this was happening.

'You can't tell me the truth.' He spoke the words bitterly, giving her one last chance to tell him. One chance, he knew she didn't deserve. Not after the way she threw it back in his face, not after the way she fooled him around.

'I did. I know you can't possibly comprehend it but I did.' He looked at her eyes, almost begging him. He never raised a hand to a woman, respected them all. He wanted nothing more than to lash out, there and then. One last chance, and she stuck with the sordid story. Kicked a man whilst he was down. He had no time for someone like that, someone who could play him like a game of chess. He bitterly stood tall, pokerfaced yet still remaining glassy eyed. He stared down at her.

'You know, it's just struck me how truly cold you are, Drake.' He noticed her eyes shift when he addressed her by her second name. She didn't deserve her title, her nickname or her first name. He was addressing her like her would the scum he'd get in the interview room. The scum she was turning out to be. 'You told me once you had a daughter…' he saw her look desperately at him, as she let out an small breath. He took no pity and continued. 'You don't phone 'er. You never talk about 'er…' He noticed her eyes widen, almost as if she was disgusted with him. She had no right. He carried on. 'You never try to see 'er…' He saw it coming, he crossed a line and didn't care. Right there he knew he deserved it. Her hand contacted with his face with no mercy. A tear managed to escape him when she did it. He knew he'd gone to far, he knew it.

Not moving, his face still turned away from her. He knew she was staring, looking at him like a stranger. A stranger he had let himself become, since his world started to crumble around him. He didn't want to look at her, as his face stung, he didn't feel it. He felt nothing, just the pain from all this shit he'd been taking the last few months swam around him.

Swiftly rushing out of his office, he knew he had no control over what he did next. He looked as she pulled the door to slam it behind her, trying to make some grand exit. Make him to be the bad guy. He didn't need her for that, he was going to manage that all by himself. He grabbed the door and opened it. Speaking, knowing that what he would say would stop her in her tracks.

'I'm doing this without you.' He looked as she stopped, staring at him, empty. Not her usual feisty self, just defeated. Everyone in the room looked away but he didn't notice, the next words he'd fine soon enough he'd regret for a very long time. 'And you dare to get in my way, I swear to God I will kill you.' He notice her not even flinch, almost not care. Not caring if she was going to die. Almost looked as if she wanted it. He watched as she turned and stormed out of CID. Out of his CID. Ultimately that would be the longest sentence he'd utter to her whilst awake, maybe even alive.

Everyone who witnessed it, too shocked to say a word. He hadn't moved, perfectly still in his office doorway, his gaze shifted across the room. Most of his team didn't look at him, anything to keep out of his rath disgusted in him as he was. Ray dared and looked up at him, almost ashamed at him. He did the right thing he knew it, he had nothing to lose now. He took one final gaze around, anger lit his face. He turned into his office slamming the door behind him. He, Gene Hunt. The Manc Lion. The Gene Genie. Was a broken man, defeated, ended and just like a man like himself should be…alone.