Author's Note: H/P are not a couple here so you can read this if you're not a shipper.

This is nothing like anything I've written before. So if you enjoy my Nora Ephron'esque little relationship stories, fair warning, you may not care for this one. This is NOT a relationship story, or even just an angsty/dramatic story. This is my first effort at a scary/creepy story. It's not so much a case fic as an event that happens while they're on a case. And at this moment, their case has taken them to an abandoned psychiatric hospital in Cedar Grove, New Jersey. If you're familiar with the movie Session 9, that would be the 'tone' here.

And don't let the challenge word scare you off. This is not a story about 'zombies'. It's just that that was the word that put me on the creepy story path. Ironically when I picked that prompt for the list I had a totally different idea in mind. But sometimes that happens. This is just the prologue, I'll explain more in the A/N for chapter 1.

The title: In case you aren't aware, a 'snake pit' was another word for a mental hospital back, obviously, before the days of political correctness.

Prompt Set #6

Show: Rescue Me

Title Challenge: Zombies


Emily dug her nails into Hotch's arm as she whispered frantically to him.

"Hotch, I want to get out of here now!"

All of a sudden she had a really, really bad feeling about this place. It was ten times worse than when they'd walked in the door. And she was ready to jump out of her skin then. But now every hair was standing on end. They needed to leave. Her eyes began to burn.

They needed to leave right NOW!

Hotch took a breath to catch his temper, he was more than a little on edge and he didn't want to snap at her. God knows he wanted to leave too. Turning slightly towards her he whispered back.

"I know you want to leave Prentiss. I know. Trust me, I do too. But we have to check the file room first. Then we can go."

He felt a stab of guilt when he heard the tears in her voice as she pleaded softly with him, "yeah, but Hotch I . . ." and then she shrieked and her hand she was torn away from his arm as her flashlight clattered to the ground at his feet.

Stunned, he stood there for a moment and then the adrenaline shot through his system as he started screaming her name.


His blood pounded in his ears, his flashlight darted all around him. All he could see in the little circle of light was the dank filthy hallway. There was a pentagram painted on the wall.


His beam finally caught a glint of metal on the floor and he took a few steps down the hall, leaning over to pick up her pistol.

She'd lost her weapon.

Oh Christ! Oh Jesus! This was not happening!

His stomach flipped as he froze for a moment, listening to the silence.

She was gone.

A/N 2: And . . . we're done. No, just kidding. There's more. The next chapter is written. Counting the prologue I think this will be probably 3 or 4 chapters in total. For now I'm going to leave it rated T. I haven't written anything upsetting enough to go higher but, possibly it could change. I haven't finished it yet.

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