Chapter 3

Italics is Carly thinking.

"Are we cool?" Freddie never likes silence. Freddie just wanted this to be over, done, finished, yet another example of his own stupidity and inability to separate his feelings from the reality of his situation.

"No." That got his attention.

Freddie cocked his eyebrow, and angrily blurted out "What do you want me to do? I said I was sorry."

"Tell me why you should be sorry."

"Look, I asked if you wanted to sleep in my tent with me, alright." It was starting to get to him.

"What's so bad about that?"

"You know why it's bad. I can't keep saying things like that, even though I didn't mean it in that way."

"I know you didn't mean it. Was I right to yell at you?" Please say no.

Carly noticed that Freddie was unsure of where this was heading, and he managed to choke out "Not really, but it was just a misunderstanding." A misunderstanding that I screamed at you for.

"What did I say to you then?"

Freddie couldn't be more unsure if he sat there for an hour wondering what was going on. "You called me a pervert. You said you wanted me to leave you alone."

"Do you agree with what I said? Are you a pervert? Should you leave me alone?"

"If you aren't happy I want to make you happy, I like to think I can make you more happy by being with you than leaving you alone. Especially in this dump."

"So you aren't a pervert?"

"No.. at least I don't think I am?" He stared at his feet. It was starting to really confuse Freddie. He wasn't sure what Carly wanted him to say anymore. He glanced over at Carly, "No. I am not a pervert." He's finally starting to say what he actually believes, not what he thinks I want him to say.

"How did that make you feel?"

"How did what feel?" Freddie was Confused again.

"How did me calling you a pervert and telling you to leave me alone make you feel." Carly rammed the point home.

"I'm used to it by now. Sam calls me stuff like that all the time." His lip was quivering, he felt Carly looking straight at him, staring into his core. He's still not saying what he really thinks.

"Are you sure Freddie? I'm not Sam." You are running out of chances.

"Look, really, it's nothing, don't worry about it, I said something really stupid, and you weren't feeling well." Patronising someone you are in love with is not the way to go about getting them to realise they might love you back.

Freddie hesitated. He looked like he was about to say something, but stopped. One question and it would be done either way. It's up to Freddie to answer it.

"You are okay with it, even though I yelled at you for saying you wanted to sleep with me?" Carly asked in nagging, almost annoyed tone.

"That's not what I said though." Finally! "I only asked if you wanted to sleep in my tent together that night." Carly suppressed a smile."I didn't mean to say what I said, and you completely twisted my words. That isn't right. It made me feel bad." He wouldn't stop now.

"You told me to leave you alone. You know I never want to leave you alone. The last thing I want to do is make you feel bad. But what you said, that wasn't my fault." Freddie had to fight to keep his voice down. Go on. Say it.

"That was your fault. What you said made hurt me, and it wasn't my fault. You didn't need to yell at me. It hurt me. It made me angry, after all the times I've tried to help you, to make you feel better, to make it sound like I was trying to hurt you on purpose. I never want to make you leave me, I never want you to be angry at me. I never want to hurt you, and I don't want you to hurt me... you hurt me Carly."

Freddie was starting to ramble, with a couple of tears rolling down his cheek. He had built a barrier, designed not to hurt anyone, but meant to avoid conflict, deny problems, and he had never dropped that barrier for anyone before Carly forced him to take it down. It had kept his emotions, he responses, his ideas and thoughts bottled up inside, hoping that doing so would keep everyone happy. It had worked until now. Carly was the last person he wanted that wall to collapse on. Carly whispered for Freddie to stop, she had to repeat it a few times, but he finally calmed down.

"I'm so sorry about what I did. Freddie, can you forgive me?"

"I forgive you Carly. You know I never want to make you feel bad."

"I never want to hurt you again."

"I... ah.. am sorry about what I said just then."

"You never have to say sorry to me for something that is true." Carly wiped off the remaining tear on his cheek, then lifted his chin up. "I love you Fredward Benson. Just make sure you always tell me the truth from now on, even if it's not what you think I want to hear."

Freddie's entire face lit up, and his eyes widened, just in time to see Carly leaning over in the moonlight, as she started to pull his face towards her. Their hearts pounded, their lips touched, and they kissed. They played together, their tongues dancing, hands moving up and down the side of their bodies, around each other's neck, tangled in each other's hair, the feelings that had been built up over so long finally coming crashing down on each other. A mix of joyous emotions, and something neither of them would forget for a very long time.

It went on for some time, the touching, the kissing, the smiling, the laughter, until they finally broke apart.

Carly stopped for a moment, breathlessly asking her new boyfriend, "Was that everything you thought it was going to be?"

Fredward Benson. Boyfriend of Carly Shay. I like that. It's nice. It feels right.

Freddie was beaming. His burden was released. He had finally figured out what he really did wrong, and knew that he would never do that to Carly again.

"It was everything I thought it was going to be, and more... I love you, Carly Shay. I always have, and always will." It was the truth, and that was all I ever wanted.

"It's getting late, I think we should get some sleep. We will have a lot of stuff to talk about tomorrow." If I can stop kissing you for more than 5 minutes. Carly lay down on the foam mattress, and pulled the blanket back up onto the mattress.

"Yeah, you are right, it's pretty late now, and I think we might have woken a few people up." Freddie whispered, covered the plastic window, lay down flat on the mattress, and looked at Carly, a vague but beautiful outline in the darkness, hovering just above him.

"Just one thing though." Freddie kissed her once more, softly and sweetly, before he turned over to sleep on his side like he always did. Carly lay down on her side as well, with her back snuggled on his chest, Carly placed one of his arms around her waist, with his hand on her stomach. Carly felt safe, protected. Freddie moved his lower arm over to stroke her hair a few times, moved down her face and shoulder, and finally he found her hand, and intertwined their fingers together.

"What is it?" Carly said in her soft voice, so soft that Freddie wouldn't have been able to hear except for the fact she was only inches away from him. It sent a chill up his spine.

We ended up sleeping in the same tent anyway?

"It really does taste like Pina Colada."

Everyone still awake in the camp heard her loud, girly laugh echo through the trees, before everything fell silent again.

I knew Freddie would like that.

The End.