Chapter One: Findings of Blood

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- Character deaths will occur. Actually, that's not even a sure fire thing, but I'm leaning towards it, and I want to be safe.
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I present to you, my worst blunder: Chasing the Darkness

Chapter One: Findings of Blood

Dedication: To Taylor, for giving me that extra push to dust this off, shine it up, and hope for the best.

"Two more of the missing were found dead."

"That's sixteen and the week isn't even over."

"Autopsy showed they were completely drained of all blood from an unknown source. All of them the same."

A sigh echoed in the silent office, "You know who we have to get on the case."

There was a sharp slap; two hands clapping down on the wooden desk. "No! Are you -?"

"UZUMAKI!" A booming voice rang out over the protesting one.

Two sets of eyes slowly turned towards the opened doorway, footsteps echoing and growing in volume as the person approached.

A mop of sun glow blond hair fluttered around the corner, bright summer-sky blue eyes curiously searched the room and found its caller.

"Yeah Jiraiya?"

A hand came up to run through the long mane of white hair before waving in the younger man, "Come in here Naruto, I need to talk to you."

The young man fully came around the corner, tripping over his feet a little and looking towards the floor questionably as if it was the reason for his stumble. The blond turned and smiled a bright, cloud splitting smile towards the two adults as he straightened himself and strode confidently into the room.

"Hey Granny, hey…" He shrugged as he flopped in a chair, throwing his feet onto the desk, "Pervert."

The woman in the room shoved his feet off the desk, making him cling to his chair in fear of him being shoved completely out of his chair.

"Call me 'granny' again brat, and I'll have your fucking head."

Blue eyes turned to the man on the other side of the desk for confirmation, and all Jiraiya could do was duck his head in fear.

"Alright, alright. Calm down Tsunade…if you freak out too much your boobs might pop out of that shirt."

Honey eyes peered down at the low cut shirt that she just so happened to throw on in her haste to get to work and growled, throwing her arms over her large chest and turning away slightly.

Naruto straightened himself in his chair, crossing bronzed arms casually and looking expectantly at Jiraiya, "What's going on?"

"Well, as you're aware, there has been a recent outbreak of missing people in the last month. Whether it be from abductions or these people just decided to up and leave, we still aren't sure."

The blond nodded, slouching in his seat, "I'm aware. I did all the damn reports you lazy ass."

The man shot Naruto a look when Jiraiya felt Tsunade's heated glare on his face, "Two more of the missing turned up dead this morning. Patrol received a distressed phone call; seems the bodies were left on a balcony."

The blond looked down to his fingers, flicking them up while his lips silently counted, "So that makes sixteen?"


"Autopsy shows the same thing, doesn't it?"

Tsunade sighed as she sat on the edge of the desk, "Yes."

The blond stretched, his joints popping and cracking awkwardly, "Well," Naruto slapped the arms of the antique chair he sat in, "I suppose I should get going."

A throat cleared, "Naruto…"

Said blond turned to the woman who slid off the desk, her sharp eyes watching him. "Do you have any idea what's going on?"

Naruto leaned against the doorframe that he had reached and smiled lightly, "Of course not."

Jiraiya sighed, "As far as we're concerned, right?"

The blond hair swayed lightly at the nod, "Of course."

Naruto slid off the doorframe with a light wave of his hand and quick steps leaving the two adults in the room; one huffing and one chuckling.

Tsunade turned her sharp look on the man behind the desk, the chuckling dying off with a sharp intake of breath.

"Why on Earth are you laughing?"

The man stood from his desk with a light groan, "You worry too much. He's just saying all that stuff to keep us safe. You know, that mumbo-jumbo about having no idea and us."

Tsunade let out a light sigh, crossing her arms and facing Jiraiya as he rounded the desk, "So you think he already has a lead?"

The man smiled gently, "Naruto always finds a lead."

The blonde frowned, "No. Usually it finds him."

Bright red eyes scanned the streets, flicking back and forth through the clear glass as the people walked by as the haze of night settled in. Some people had quickened steps, hurried in what seemed like a panic, and others were casually strolling; most with bags from previously shopping in the strip of stores just nearby.

"Sasuke…are you hunting so early? The sun has just set."

Pale slender digits came up to rake through perfect raven hair; part of his bangs framing his face, flowing in silky curtains, while some delicately hung in his face. The dark hair clashed perfectly with his flawless porcelain skin, the dark contrasting with the light. His eyes were fierce and ever changing from the bloodlusting red to the cool charcoal that was smoky and calm.

He turned away from the high window with a sharp glare towards the woman who was facing him, his pale lips pulled into a flat line from his annoyance.

The woman snapped her mouth closed to silence the upcoming sentence that was bubbling up her throat, the force of the closing echoing harshly in the dark, empty room.
She bowed her head, her curtain of hair falling to cover her face as she backed into the shadows and quietly left the room without the sound of footfalls as evidence.

He turned back to the window, his fingertips gently running over the powder-white cravat that tied elegantly around his delicate neck before lifting them to trail down the glass. A smirk carved its way onto his face, lighting it with a hint of arrogance.

"Soon," His voice came out deep and hypnotic, enticing, "I can feel it."

"Hey, ass-hat, wake up!"

Thump! Thump! Thump!

A snore that died in a throat roared into a loud snort, the door continuing to take the abuse from the persistent man on the other side.

"Wake up and open the door!" The pounding on the door picked up in volume and speed, working in the chiming of the singing doorbell.

A groan echoed through the air in the cramped apartment, "Why in the hell did I install that damn thing?"

As the melody of Come and Knock on Our Door continued to float through the air mingling with Naruto's irritating prattle about what could only be called 'this and that'; the so-called 'shitty partner' finally rose.

"Alright, alright Uzumaki. One more fucking push of that damn button and I'll shove the cast of Threes Company down your damn throat."

There was a huff from the other side of the door, "Then wake up when I need you."

The last and final lock slid back from its position, the door barely opening before the blond pushed it open and strode confidently in without so much as a passing glance.
"Please. Do come in, won't you?"

Blue eyes snapped to attention and away from the file that was in his hand open and filled with too much information, "Ramen?"


The blonde tilted his head, blindly reaching over and flicking the small entryway light on, "Kiba, you have feathers in your hair."

The man reached a hand up and slowly raked his hand through his cropped, messy brunette hair before pulling it back in front of his eyes to be full of feathers.

Naruto snorted, biting back on a full laughing fit, "Did you have that dream again?"

"Did you need my help again?"

Blue eyes rolled at the cheep attempt at a threat, "I'm sorry I woke you up, but I can leave you out if you want, princess buttercup. Too think Nara agreed before you, what will that do for your street cred?"

The brunette growled with a glare, shoving the feathers that he managed to retrieve out of his hair into the opened breast pocket of the button-up shirt that the blonde wore underneath his jacket.

Naruto continued to smile brightly, "Not sleep well? Apparently Beast needs more beauty rest then Bell, huh fuzzball?"

The brunette paused from making his way back to his bedroom to change, "Who's been writing your insults this time, noodle?"

The blond deflated, "Just about everyone."

"Save for Shikamaru?"

"Too much effort or some crap." The blond grumbled irritably as he turned towards the kitchen.

Kiba followed the energetic blond into his own kitchen, watching the man shift through his cabinets like he owned the place.

"I moved them, sunbeam. Top shelf, furthest cabinet."

Naruto moved down, one long stride without being courteous enough to shut the other doors in his one track thought for his sweet drug of ramen.

"So," Kiba began as he leaned against the entryway to the kitchen, "What's the story?"

"I'd like to ask you the same thing about those sleep pants, dog chow."

The brunette looked down past his crossed arms down at his dog printed pajama pants, "I like them, which is more than I can say for my feelings for you at this moment. What the hell is the damn story Naruto?"

The blond turned with the stack of packages in his hands, a bright smile lighting his features, "The story is you get dressed, and then you meet me at Shika's nerd cave."

"His basement?"

Naruto shrugged, "Same to me."


"Hey Gaara, can you give me the other one?"

A blank spot where an eyebrow should've been rose, a blank expression waiting as the blond across from him bounced in his seat.

A tan finger pointed, "That one. You should know the order in which I eat these things!"

The maroon-headed man silently handed over the cup, his jade eyes rolling and a sigh escaping from someone else.

Mainly from the man who was lounging lazily next to the blond, his high ponytail still messy from the deep sleep he was woken from. Not that the action of Shikamaru sleeping was anything out of the ordinary, or him being too lazy to fix his hair was all too shocking.


The blonde swallowed the rather large mouthful that he inhaled, "Paycheck."

Shikamaru struggled to glance over at the blonde next to him, the effort seeming to much for him, "That still doesn't rid the fact that it's troublesome."

The three turned their attention to the old creaking stairs to their left, footfalls echoing as they gingerly walked down the ancient steps that threatened to collapse.

Kiba jumped down the last five and turned to look up the others with a frown, "I'd ask for you to fix them, but impossible comes to mind."

Shikamaru sent him a lazy wave, welcoming him while Gaara nodded and Naruto slurped on his noodles noisily.

"Alright, now I'm here. Care to share what is so important." Kiba flopped down on the couch next to the silent Gaara who gave him an irritated look.

The blonde threw the folder on the table, "I'd rather you read it then have me spew it."

Kiba reached forward before the other's; Shikamaru not wasting energy and Gaara having more patience than the man next to him.

"Did you dig this up, Nara?"

"Do you see my hair?"

Kiba chuckled as he opened the thick folder and let his eyes scan over the first page. His brow furrowed as his head jerked at what he assumed was a joke, flipping through the next. The male let out a false chuckle before he lifted up the stack and flipped through all the papers hastily, his eyes searching for something new.

"It has the same…idea, Kiba." The blond filled him in as Gaara passed another cup of ramen blindly.

The brunette tossed the thick folder in Gaara's lap, who huffed roughly; Kiba giving Naruto a skeptical look and Gaara looking at Kiba like he was going to strangle him.

"You really don't expect us to believe this, do you?"

Jade eyes flicked up from the papers with a questioning look, and the pair on the opposite couch turned to Shikamaru as he turned in his chair with help from Naruto.

"Troublesome. I, we, he…whoever. Nobody expects you to believe what you read here. What we're…expecting is-"

"Assistance in finding if it's bullshit or not." Naruto cut in.

Gaara held up the top five pages, a picture fastened to the stack and glared at the blond, his voice monotone as he tried to snap, "You expect us to believe that there are vampires – mythological creatures – behind this?"

The blond smiled, "Proof is in the pudding?"

Shikamaru sighed. "The proof is in that troublesome report. Our first and only lead is with the lack of one thing with every single body that turned up."

Gaara tossed the stack of papers on the table, the group in which had been bundled together, pictures littering for evidence. "Blood."


"Have you read all of this?"

Gaara snorted, "Do you know who you're asking read all of that report?"

The blond huffed, "Shikamaru explained everything."

"Ah, so he gave you the kiddy version." Kiba mocked.

The blond stuck out his tongue childishly as a retort, "I understand it."

Gaara turned jade eyes on the blond, "Do you really understand all the folklore we're dealing with?"

Kiba laughed, "So…where are we going to get a little virgin boy to go through a graveyard on a virgin stallion? Black or white horsy, Uzumaki?"

"Can't we count your dog as a horse, Inuzuka?" Naruto leaned forward to look at the papers.

"And according to this belief, any corpse that so happened to be jumped over by a dog or cat, was to be believed to become undead." Gaara droned on.

The three turned to look at Kiba who glared, "What?"

"You've never seen yourself in the morning…" Naruto commented quickly.

Kiba chuckled, "Hey, who needs Holy Water when you can throw mustard seeds on your roof?"

Shikamaru opened his left eye, "What about the one with going through running water? Put rushing waters around the city and we're fine."

The blonde huffed and slammed down his eighth cup of ramen, "What are you all getting at?"

The lazy genius struggled to rise from his position of laying over and scratched at his face with his index finger. "We're dealing with an outrageous amount of folklore, which is a troublesome amount of work. But more importantly, if you really want us to chase this as the reasoning behind these disappearances and deaths, then we're going in rather blind."

The blond snatched a handful of papers off the table and shook them, "How in the hell is this blind?"

Gaara leaned back into the couch, "It's too much to work with. We don't know what we're looking for."

Kiba read on, "Well, they can blend in with society and look normal. Or, they can be bloated little chodes. That's cute. So if blondie here was right and there are wild, undead, bloodsucking freaks running around our town like some horribly written story, this is saying we are looking for a billion different things. So how on earth will we find them? If there is a 'them'."

Naruto looked up, "Duh."

"Duh, what?" Kiba bit.

"Cat and mouse."

The brunette threw the papers on the table, "And what if there is no such thing as vampires, Naruto?" Kiba laughed at his own sentence.

He was starting to get too desperate for a paycheck.

"Then we go back to hunting for regular ol' serial killers, like a normal detective should."

"Their culture is rather grotesque, don't you agree?" His voice rung deep, echoing lightly through the gutted room.

"Yes, Sasuke."

"These…guns, drugs and robbery that seem to fuel them, wretched little beasts, don't you agree?"

"Yes, Sasuke."

The raven let out a soft sigh; forced with the air he had to purposely pull in, "Juugo, must you agree with every word I speak?"

"Yes, Sasuke."

The man turned from the window in which he had stayed since the sun had set, his fingertips lightly ghosting over the blazer that was thrown on over the shirt that clung to his form. His hands trailed down so the tips of his fingers could feel at the fabric of the coal colored jeans that hung in an alluring fashion from his hips, a sliver a pale skin exposed. His coal eyes looked on, waiting for any indication that he might look as though he blended in with the culture that he was forced to grow into, but grown to hate.

"Well Juugo. Do I look as though I belong?"

The man across from him bobbed his head but once, signaling he did agree and not because he had too.

Sasuke's face slowly crawled out of the impassive mask that it usually kept itself in as a smirk drew itself onto his face. Yet, his pale petal lips continued to pull at the corners of his mouth as he turned away from the man whom he had been addressing, dismissing him simply without a word as his lips pulled into a smile.

There, for the first time underneath the twinkling moonlight that shone through the window, you could make out the tips of white that shown out of the seam of his mouth. His eyes flashed a dangerous red before they cooled to the coaxing black, and the teeth were gone and became only a fading memory as his face slipped back into the impassive mask.

His palm pressed urgently against the glass, "He knows I'm here..."

Author's Notes: -sigh- I always wanted to do a vampire one, but, I don't know where it's going, I don't know how often updates will be, and all that jazz. Yes, Nevi is rotten.
-I know I called them a chode. It was meant to be funny. If you don't know what it is…well, it's a penis that's wider than it is longer. See?...What? Not funny? Bah.

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