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Chapter One; Insanity

People spread like wild fire as they gathered around the desk of the Hokage, Tsunade. Whispers and hushed conversations made a vein pulse in her forehead as she signed the last document as Hokage. Her resignation. Even when she was strong, she no longer wished to be Hokage. Her eyebrow twitched as the whispers seemed to rise like a tidal wave before she gave a harsh stamp to the paper before her. This made a dent in the desk behind the paper. She then raises her arms in victory.

"I'm done!" Tsunade said in almost a sing-song voice, a person stood behind her with a long dark cape and an ANBU bird mask on. It was obviously a female form since the curves made out in an hour glass, though that was the only thing that seemed to be feminine with the girl.

"May I introduce your new Hokage," She said melodramatically as she swiped the girl's mask off of her face, "…………Hyuuga Hinata!"

Not a sound was uttered through the crowd as the supposedly shy young woman stood before them. Her head held high with a confident look in her eye, even though they couldn't see the slowly breaking behind her emotional mask due to the odd amount of attention she received.

Just then, a person began to clap and people began to join in with them. A blush colored her cheeks and she resisted looking down at her shoes, the shyness she was trying to break was coming back. As soon as people began to leave, Hinata snatched her mask back from the former Hokage and tied it back onto her face.

"Tsunade-sama," She said seriously, "Don't do that again. Ever."

The older woman chuckled and smirked at the midnight haired girl, "I see you grew a backbone, now didn't you?"

Once again, heat flushed Hinata's face and she resisted glaring at the former Hokage. She sighed before looking back at the door. She had already gone through the ceremony to become Hokage, this was just a little publicity thing that Tsunade wanted to do. She had a strange mind.


"Ah, ah, ah," Tsunade said wagging her finger back and forth, "I'm not longer the Hokage, you are."

The glee in her voice was nearly frightening and she was looking at her hands promisingly. There wouldn't be any more documents to sign and no more Shizune to annoy her about them. Shizune was Hinata's problem now. She could drown herself in sake now.

She almost drooled at the thought of endless amounts of sake that she could drink.

Hinata felt a smirk try to edge onto her face, but she quickly pushed it off as a man with silver hair and a mask covering most of his face appeared in the room with a poof of smoke. Tsunade looked at him seriously with an arched eyebrow.

"Hinata-sama," He addressed the newly named Hokage before Hinata's eyes widened in slight recognition.

"Hatake-san," She said politely as she looked towards Tsunade, "Hatake Kakashi-san is the new captain of the ANBU."

Tsunade nodded approvingly, a silly grin on her face, "Good work. Now get to work."

She then danced out of the room like a madwoman, singing something about not having to do any work.


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