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Dog Training

Cloud was walking down the road, heading for a small village. She was specially done up for the occasion, a shimmering dress of green adorning her.
Her Vulpix, Flannery, was walking alongside, her fur shining, slightly fluffed up. It had taken a lot of effort on both their parts to get her so beautiful.

The reason for all of this was simple. Cloud had won a contest, the prize being a personal tuition course from the famous Dog pokemon trainer, Victoria Stillwell, lasting 'as long as it took', with free food and board for the duration.

This was only the fifth time this course had ever been awarded.

Cloud was on her way to the star's estate. She was in fact the mayor of a small town, making laws on smaller issues and serving as its judge.

And Cloud had just seen it over the crest of the hill.

Approaching the manor house, she saw a great building, huge gardens around it, surrounded by a pristine hedge. On the end of the building was another, smaller building, presumably where she kept her large collection of dog pokemon.

She went forwards to the door. There was a sign upon it, saying 'admittance by appointment only.'

"Well, we're here." said Cloud. "Are we ready to go in?"
Flannery gave a small 'vul.'
"Yeah, I suppose so. But, one of the people who took this course is still on it." said Cloud, a little trepidation in her tone.

It was true.
Out of the five times this course had been awarded, it had lasted for a month once, a day once, three years once, and the other time it had lasted for a total of four years. That one was still ongoing.
No-one had seen any of the attendees during their time with her.

But Cloud had come all this way. A little worry about just how long it would take wasn't going to stop her now.

She opened the door, Flannery following her in.

The door opened into a grand entrance hall, a staircase in front of her curling up to a high balcony, doors to either side leading to different parts of the building.

By one of the doors was Victoria Stillwell herself, wearing her famous boots and coat, buttoned up, with her long, dark hair down over one shoulder.
"Cloud, with Flannery?" she asked.

Cloud nodded, unable to speak at this first meeting.

"This way." she said, turning and going through the door.
With a gleeful smile, Cloud followed her, Flannery close behind.

Inside was a large, mostly open area, a pair of sofas at one side.
Victoria was already in the centre of the room. Surrounding her, forming a half-crescent behind her, were her five most famous pokemon, her beautiful Ninetales, her lightning fast Arcanine, her unstoppable Houndoom, her all but invisible Mightyena, and her noble Manectric.

"Please come forward." said Victoria.

They did.
Victoria looked at Flannery, moving her hand to stroke her fur.
"Hmm, good fur, clean, thick."
She moved to the tails.
"Yes, healthy."
Then down her back.
Down her underside.
"Yes, not too overfed, but not underfed either."
And then, to Cloud's disbelief, she pushed her finger into Flannery's hole, eliciting a small sound of pleasure from the pokemon.
"Yes, good." she said.

Cloud barely believed what had happened, and she felt her face flush, as her own clit got slightly warmer.

"But that doesn't necessary mean she's obedient." said Victoria, continuing on as if there was nothing out of the ordinary, standing up, and walking backwards.

"Sit." she commanded.
Flannery obeyed instantly.
"Lie down."
Once again, the Vulpix did as she was commanded straight away.
"Roll over."
This time, Flannery hesitated. Rolling over would completely ruin her fur.
"No? Beg."
Flannery stood up in disgust. Such a thing was simply outrageous, she was far too proud.
"I thought not. Disobedient."

Cloud winced.
"But that's not her fault now, is it? I always think that a pokemon is a reflection on their trainer. Are you disobedient?"
"Miss Stillwell, she just-"
"No talking." said the trainer, in a very commanding voice. "Sit."
Cloud hesitated.

Victoria slapped her, the impact making a loud noise as it impacted on her cheek.
Her face stinging, a tear dropping down her face, she did, down onto her knees.
"And lie down."
She did, moving forwards onto her front.
"And roll over."
She did that too.

"There's a good little bitch. Good to see you've started doing as you're told." said the trainer derisively.

Cloud could barely believe what was happening.
Even stranger was how she was getting a little aroused by the whole thing.

"Now, however long it takes, I'm going to get you trained." she said. "Until I say otherwise, you are my property. Do well and you will be rewarded. Do badly and you will be punished."
"Yes, but what if-" began Cloud, earning another slap.
"You may not talk without permission, and you can call me Mistress. Understand?"
Cloud nodded. She was slapped again.
"Speak when you're spoken to."
"Yes, mistress." she said, realising she was now hotter, and wetter.

"Better." said the dog trainer. "Now, I can't investigate you with this in the way." she said, running her fingers down the fabric of Cloud's dress.
She started to undo the buttons, allowing it to flop open to either side, leaving Cloud only in her underwear.
"On all fours." commanded Victoria, Cloud obeying a little too slow, being slapped again.
Victoria ran a finger down her back, unhooking her bra expertly and allowing that too to slip off, then undoing her panties as quickly.

Cloud realised she was naked, a huge blush coming over her, as she became even hotter, even wetter, very aroused. Seemingly, Victoria had not noticed.
"Now for your examination." she said, before doing the same thing as she had to Flannery. She ran a finger along Cloud's back.
"Yes, soft skin. Good. And good bone structure."
She then moved to her stomach.
"Good diet."
She trace a finger along Cloud's butt, giving an approving nod.
"Very nice." she said, as Cloud gave another bush, a droplet of liquid falling from her cunt to the floor.
Victoria moved her hand to the girl's breasts, feeling them and squeezing them, bringing out a strangled moan of surprise.
"Hmm. Good." she said, mostly to herself it seemed.
Then her hand moved down her body, and one finger slipped inside Cloud's entrance, already wet and hot for her.
"Yes, you're enjoying this." she said, pushing the finger in deeper. "You're going to be a good little dog aren't you? Answer me."
"Yes mistress…" whispered Cloud, pleasure drowning out her thoughts even from this.
"Good." she said, sliding in another finger, then another.
Within moments, Cloud was moaning and groaning, unable to compose herself.
Without warning, Victoria stopped, standing up.

"I see I have a lot of work to do." she said. "Stay."
Cloud couldn't even look as Victoria's footsteps walked away, and then returned.

With a click, a collar fastened itself around her neck.
Cloud got even wetter, embarrassed beyond belief but far more turned on than ever before.

"Let's get started." said Victoria, pulling the lead a little.

Cloud began to stand up, and the lead was pulled viciously.
"Dogs have four legs, bitch. Use them."
With some difficulty, Cloud managed to walk on her hands and feet over to Victoria's feet, noticing Flannery there as well on another lead. Her pokemon gave her a sympathetic look, one of fear.

"Now, it's important for dogs to be walked daily." said Victoria.
No way, thought Cloud, with a surge of fear.
She had to be kidding.

* * *

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