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Chapter Six-Flames and Feelings

The girl was still cold to the touch-but she wasn't shivering so much, and there was some colour back in her cheeks.
Cloud had regretfully gone to sleep some time earlier, and the Flareon now nudged her awake.

She immediately went over to the girl, feeling her forehead.
She seemed warmer.

Out of danger.
For now at least.

Cloud hoped that something was going to be done about it.

* * *

Cloud went through the course, hot on the girl-Emma's-tail. She was helping the girl, allowing her to-so far-avoid most of the obstacles.

They were at the end, near the freezing cold pool that had been there the previous day.

There was steam rising from it.

She really, really cares.

* * *

"Good work today." said Victoria with a slight smile, looking approvingly at the still wet-but definitely better-Emma.
"Come with me." she said, pointing at both Cloud and Emma.

She went towards the Kennels, as normal. It was soon enough that they arrived at them, and Cloud was directed to her normal kennel.

The one next door had been empty for a long time. But now it wasn't, there was a Mightyena in there. That was where Emma went.

Cloud watched with a grin as Emma-seeming completely better-began to do it with the Mighteyena, gently at first, but then harder and harder.

After they finished once, they just began again.

Cloud slept soundly.

* * *

Over the next few days, Cloud noticed Emma getting happier and happier, not to mention better at the course. And every night she returned to the Mightyena.

After four days, she noticed that the girl was seeming slightly ill.

After five, she noticed her being sick in the morning.

Then she realised, and smiled.
On the seventh, Emma went missing for a few hours.

She returned with a new collar in black-red, and a nurse began checking up every day.
Cloud smiled again.

She knew it was a good life.

* * *

Well, there you go.