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Issho means Together.

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Chapter 1- Intro.

The girl, with long black hair and deep brown eyes, walked into the empty kitchen. She glanced around quickly and smiled.

" So nice to be finally moving in to my own house!" she said to herself, with a satisfied sigh.

Her sister, with shoulder length hair and brown eyes, walked in. " Lucky you…I still have to live with mom and dad…" the girl patted her head " Nah~ you'll get out eventually." Her sister, Hirata, gave her a quick glare and went to explore the rest of the house. To bad…Itachi isn't here to see this…the girl sighed.

5 minutes the girl took to walk around the kitchen area. She looked out back, around the porch, and back into the kitchen. " Who you gonna have help move in stuff?" Hirata asked, stepping into the empty kitchen. The girl shrugged, " Probably brother…" she replied " He said he help, and he has one of those clay bird thingys." Then spreading out her arms " about this~ big, or bigger…heard it can carry heavy weights." Hirata rolled her eyes " Miyuki said she like to stop by and visit, if that ok with you." The girl shrugged again, " Don't see why not."


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