Issho means Together.

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Chapter 4-

Up all the way to 6:45pm, all five ran about the house, cleaning, moving, and placing things into their correct spots.

Uehara did a random back roll in her living and lied on the floor, satisfied to the max, and grinning widely. Deidera walk in and looked over her, " Ninja are we now?" he said smiling. Uehara swiped her hands up at him, and he helped her up. " No…just glad everything got done in a day." Tobi appeared in the doorway and gave a thumbs up, " Everything's done Uehara~" she nodded. Foot steps from the stairs came running down, bringing Miyuki and Hirata to the doorway. Uehara gave two thumbs up, " Good jub kids~!!" she said in a strange tone. " I'm ordering something, what do people want?" she asked. " No thanks Uehara, I have cold food awaiting at my house that I intend to eat." Tobi said. Deidera fixed his eyes on him and whispered to Uehara, " That's because he doesn't want to show us who's under the mask…" Uehara rolled her eyes and clapped her hands to get everyone's attention. " It's alright Tobi, I understand, other than that…any suggestions peeps? Look alive! I'm paying." Hirata and Miyuki both shrugged, " Chinese?" Hirata suggested, Miyuki nodded " I'm fine with that." Uehara looked at Deidera, he shrugged. " Alright, I'll go order." Uehara said, and she walked into the kitchen, where the phone was located.

Deidera slumped on to the couch and stretched out. Miyuki seemed to be watching him intensely, and Hirata nudged her " If you like him so, start a conversation!" she whisper. Miyuki perked her head up and whispered back " Sempai!!" Hirata just rolled her eyes " Watch." she said, and she sat in the chair next to the couch. Deidera looked over at her and raised his eyebrow " You want something?" as if he can read minds. " Can I not sit down? I had to clean practically every room, scrubbing every corner. Yuki-Chan too!!" she yelled at him. Deidera drew back a bit and looked at Miyuki, and she looked strait back at him. He suddenly smiled oddly, and moved over on the couch " Sit if you must." Then looking at Hirata " Since you worked so hard…" she stuck out her tongue at him. Miyuki felt a hot rush go through her and she slowly moved towards the couch, and sat down, with Deidera just a few inches away. " So…" Hirata said, directing it at Miyuki to say something. Miyuki sat silently and kept herself from looking at Deidera or Hirata. " You know…If…" Deidera was stopped short when Uehara walked in, " I'm going to go pick it up soon…though…" she looked at Deidera, " How about you go get it? since I don't have my car here." Deidera sighed and got up slowly. Brushing past Uehara, she looked at the two girls, " What did you do to him?" she asked half sarcastically. Miyuki looked up and shook her head " I didn't even speak!" she said " That's for sure…" Hirata said. Miyuki glared at Hirata " Nothing, he's the one who choose to act like that." She finally responded to the question. " He must be really worn out…I made him do most of the moving…" Uehara said, with a bit of sympathy in her voice.

Deidera came back in less than ten minutes later, and they all sat down at the kitchen table, picking out what they were going to eat with a bowl of rice. Uehara glanced at Deidera, who suddenly seemed to be more energetic and Uehara sighed…half relieved there wasn't something wrong, came back shortly.

They ate and laughed every once in awhile at the corny jokes Uehara made. The food quickly went and the trash was thrown out.

" I have to go pick up my car tomorrow and then go grocery shopping." Uehara said sitting back in her chair.

" Need help with that?" Deidera asked teasingly.

" I think I can handle it, thanks…" Uehara said glaring at him.

Hirata, who was standing at the back porch door noted that the three clay birds were still there…and they were not yet " disposed" of… " Hey Deidei, why don't you explode your birds now? You don't need them any more right?" she asked. Deidera looked at her and raised his eyebrow, " Oh, I forgot…" and he got up and went outside. Just when Deidera was about to explode his birds, Uehara pushed him over. " No way are you blowing up something in my back yard! I just got this house!" she said stepping on him. Deidera twitched and pushed her leg off. " Alright alright sorry, get off of me, you didn't have to push me." Uehara stepped back and let Deidera get up. He jumped on to the center bird and flew up, far enough from the house. He put his hands together and yelled " Kastu!!" just then the two birds exploded…and colors came bursting out of them. Uehara smirked while Miyuki's eyes widened and Hirata laughed. Deidera came down, with his shirt half colored with random colors, and he scowled at Uehara. She held her head high and looked at him raising her eyebrows, still smirking. " Ever since that video got on YouTube…why…?" he said, acting in despair. " But they exploded with such vibrant colors!!" she mimicked. Deidera tackled her (playfully, they did this all the time) and pinned her to the ground " BAKA! I DO NOT EXPLODE MY BIRDS WITH 'VIBRANT COLORS'!!" he yelled at her. Uehara laughed, and struggled to get up. Miyuki's eyes winded even more, and felt a little jealous, while Hirata laughed along with Uehara. Deidera finally allowed Uehara to get up and he walked back towards his one bird. " This one better not have color in it…" he glared. Uehara rubbed her head " No…only the other two…" she said. Hirata giggled " It was like fireworks, though." Miyuki sighed and smiled faintly. Deidera jumped on to the back of the bird once again and saluted Uehara, " Good luck, I'll visit sometime later…" then looking at Miyuki " See you Monday eh?" he winked. Miyuki perked up and nodded her head, grinning. He took to the sky and the three girls waved good bye.

Hirata and Miyuki stood outside the front door, while Uehara gave both of them a big bear hug. They squirmed a little and Uehara let go.

" Thanks so much you guys, we managed to get the whole house clean and moved in." she smiled.

" It was no problem…the end…was interesting…." Miyuki said.

" You're welcome Onee-san~!" Hirata said.

Uehara sent them off waving good bye, and stepped back into the house. She looked around and switched off the lights, making her way upstairs. She lived on Avenue Issho now…and it was her own place to call home.


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