Hello everyone!

I hope you have enjoyed the last chapter of "Forever F4" as much as I enjoyed posting it and sharing it with you. I believe it was a good ending, to let you guys with curiosity about what destiny I would give to each couple! (Evil writer says AHAHAHA!=D)

So, for your contentment, here are the previews for my following stories on each couple. The stories will have times when they are linked with each other, but I won't make you read them all, I promise. Whenever there is a part that is connected to another story, I'll advertise it if you want to and make a small resume of what happened, ok?

Of course, you're free to read them all and I'm eagerly waiting for your honest chapters!

So for now, enjoy!


It Started With Ice Cream…

Characters: Gu Jun Pyo & Geum Jan Di

Okay, they are engaged. They'll be married soon but… now what? Follow this sweet love story that started with an ice-cream between this couple and find out what means to win a strict mother-in-law, a goofy father-in-law and a really idiot husband!

Rated for mature and lovey-dovey scenes!=D

Happy Ending Has a Bittersweet Flavor

Characters: So Yi Jung & Chu Ga Eul

After coming back from Sweden, Yi Jung and Ga Eul are finally officially going out. He even has named her his future wife! But, can their life together be as sweet as their love?

Moving On

Characters: Yoo Ji Hoo & Min Seo Hyun

He proposed and she accepted! What could end up going wrong between them? Can truly someone erase the ghosts of the past with enough love? Or do we have to live with them and go through life as steadily as possible?

Can't Forget… And Don't Want To!

Characters: Song Woo Bin & Ha Jae Kyung

When they parted, things weren't exactly in good terms… but they say that there is a kind of love that, no matter how hard you try, you can't erase it. Is it the case for these two?

Rated for humorous, mature and lovey-dovey scenes.

Well, what do you think so far? Curious?

Well then, I have something more to tell you: the first chapter of "Can't Forget... And Don't Want To!" will be posted tommorrow, 30thNovember!

See you guys!