A/N- Okay, so in memory of David Carradine, I re-watched my Kill Bill movies. Then, at the end of Vol. 2, I had this funny thought about B.B.'s reaction to the change in parents. So, this is what came of it. Enjoy!

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Bang, bang,

I hit the ground…

Bang, bang,

That awful sound…

--Nancy Sinatra, "Bang, Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)"

And She'll Come Home

Bill had always known the question would come. Of course she would ask about the pretty woman whose picture he had given her to keep at her bedside. But when the words left his little girl's mouth, it still managed to break his heart a little.

"Where's Mommy at? When will she come home?"

B.B's lovely curls—a mix of Beatrix's blond and his own, natural hair color—framed her face, making her even more angelic looking than usual. He stroked her hair, smiling softly down at her.

"Mommy's sleeping, B.B.," he said, testing the waters.

She was young, nearly three and a half. He had tried to shield her from as much as possible, but he would not make her dumb to the natural order of life. However, he did not want to throw his darling girl head-deep in some of the horrible truths that she would, inevitably, come to know about him. He would tell her no more than necessary…for now.

"Where is she sleeping at?" she asked, blinking sleepily up at him.

"Oh…far, far away, dearest. And you need to go to sleep now, too."

He made to stand, but her small hands held him gently in place.

"When will she come home?" she asked again.

She was as patient with her father as he was with her. Again, he smiled.

"Someday. Someday, Mommy will wake up, and she'll come home."

At this, his beautiful girl smiled brightly up at him. He was sure that, in this moment, if he listened closely enough, he could most likely hear a heavenly choir singing. All for that smile.

"Then we'll all be together," she said, her voice sing-song.

And his heart broke a little more. He knew the truth. He knew that Beatrix would want her revenge. Hell, that was what he had taught her. Don't get mad, get even. In fact, he had made an enterprise out of it. And she would take that revenge…by killing everyone…especially him.

The sadness must have shown on his face, because now B.B. pouted up at him. He sighed. He could not let her live under this assumption. He knew very well what a broken heart felt like, and he never, ever, wanted her to know that feeling.

"That's not quite true, darling. You see, when Mommy comes…you'll get to be with her. I can't explain why, B.B., but you'll leave Daddy and live with Mommy. Do you understand?"

She nodded, her eyes blinking away at sleep. "I think so."

He smiled. "Good. Good night, sleepy-head. I love you."

He kissed her lightly on the forehead, chuckling under his breath. She was asleep before he had been able to make it out of her room. At the bedroom door, he paused, his hand over the light switch. He knew he had told her the truth. He knew his Beatrix. She would stop and nothing to get her revenge, to take back what had been taken from her, and nothing, nothing would stop her.

B.B. would be with her, when it ended. And Beatrix would love her more than anything in the world, of that he was sure. And he would never see his little girl again. He smiled ruefully and flicked off the light.

Just because Beatrix would mean to kill him…didn't mean he couldn't fight back.

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