It had been years since my family had been in a danger. This was something I was glad of. My daughter was fully grown and had just turned 18. Her bronze curls hung to her ribs and her brown eyes were full of love and compassion.

She was too young to know about true pain and loss. I had been through it—though I could hardly remember—it wasn't something I want her to go through as well. But she has seen others in pain, so she wasn't totally clueless.

"Mom, can I go to La Push?" Nessie asked.

"Sure, Nessie. But be back before 11." I said.

I saw her walk into my best friend's arms as soon as she was outside. I walked outside to get the mail and nearly screamed when I found the oh-so-familiar looking envelope. The writing was exactly the same. I knew that this didn't have to be that bad.

'Cullens,' he wrote. 'We are going to pay you a visit in order to decide whether or not that your daughter has developed safely.'

"Edward!" I yelled and he was there in seconds whispering worriedly in my ear.

"Whats wrong?" He looked down at the envelope and flipped open a silver cell phone.

"Alice, did you see them?" He asked

I heard Alice respond but I couldn't make out the words.

"Yes, come home. We need to know when." He spoke very quickly.

I called Nessie and told her to immediately come home. Jacob walked in protectively behind her. They both looked worried and when I explained what was wrong, Jacob started shaking in anger.

"Jake, calm down. We don't have time for this." I told him.

He nodded and went to get some air.

"How much time do we have?" Carlisle asked.

"I see a flyer in the wind displaying the high school prom. So exactly May 17. We have two days. Aro and the wives won't come but Caius, Marcus and most of the guard is coming. I can't see anything else around Nessie but if Bella is with us, we'll be fine." Alice said.

I sighed. I recognized this situation well. We would be in danger but there were a lot of us including the wolves. I kept my eyes on Nessie who looked like she might throw up.

"Are you alright Nessie?" I asked.

"Yes," She replied half-heartedly. "I'll be fine."

Edward walked up to me and wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. It was fierce and sent emotions through my body. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him fully. I heard someone cough and I let go of him. He looked at me and gave me that crooked smile.

"So we have to stay here all week?" Nessie whined.

"Yes, except for hunting. You will not leave this house, do you understand?" Edward said.

"Fine." She replied.

I couldn't believe that they were coming. None of us knew what was going to happen.

"Jake, could you please keep this away from Sam's pack? It would be best if we didn't put them in danger as well." I asked.

"Bella…" Jake sighed.

For the next two days, we practiced fighting but we kept nessie out of it. She wouldn't have to fight, that would be foolish. She wasn't even as strong.

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