So we were all frightened. For none of us knew how this would end. But I couldn't help but wonder, as we entered the field, what would happen if there was a fight?

The wind gusted through my hair and I felt the first drops of rain fall on my face. The flyer Alice saw was flying through the wind and I walked toward the center of the field.

Their beautiful faces entered the field and I looked around at the solemn faces of my family. Emmett said something unintelligible as he noticed the numbers. 12 to 10.

I froze as Caius remarked.

"Hello, We are not here to check on your daughter." He said.

I was shocked. What could he want? Caius was obviously the last person to invoke peace.

"You are good with others, we have something that we can't control but can't afford to lose." He spoke harshly and looked toward Jane who seemed to be facing another and quietly talking to someone.

"You girl! Come now!" Caius ordered. The words were ice, and lashed at the being with such hatred it even hurt me.

A girl walked toward us. Emmett, Jasper, and Edward crouched but leaned back once they could look at her.

She walked with a gait that was not only pained but also pitiful. She looked like a bird with a broken wing, or a dog without a leg. But there was still elegance behind her walk. She had brown hair that hung limp to her shoulders. Her eyes were red with thirst and wild with pain.

Caius walked toward her and kicked her and she fell to the ground in a heep. She lied on the ground until he yelled at her again to get up. He ordered Jane forward and I watched as the girl twitched in anticipation.

"You can tell she is of no use to us because she is so disobedient. Get up." He lashed.

The girl just lay wimpering as if she couldn't get up. Then Jane turned her gaze on her and the girl shrieked and cried out in pain. When she finally got up, I realized she had to be only 13 years old. Someone else did too because someone shouted in contradiction.

"Stop!" I heard Esme cry. "Please, we'll take her."

Caius looked up and smiled bitterly. He commanded the guard off and they walked silently back into the woods.

As soon as they were gone, I heard the anger.

"Esme! How can we take her in? You heard them. They cant take care of her. How can we?" Rosalie questioned.

"I couldn't let them hurt her! Look! Shes only a child! I needed to help her." At that Esme walked toward the girl, now on the ground, and stood over her. "Are you okay little one? Im Esme and I guess this is your new family."

When she looked up I saw the sadness in her eyes. She was young and she had gone through so much pain. I could tell that Esme saw that this child could be her child. I would have to back her up.

"Is it really such a bad idea? Maybe we could help her." Esme looked at me with thankful eyes.

"Whats your name?" Emmett asked the girl.

When she talked, her voice was beautiful.

"Emma." She whispered.

"Why did they get rid of you?" He asked.

"I can't control my emotions sometimes and that makes me dangerous 'cause my gift can get out of control." She said sorrowfully.

She locked in my eyes and I saw something I hadn't thought of for years. When Edward had left me, I couldn't even look someone in the eyes without having to clutch what little heart I had left. She had lost, and now I couldn't leave her without help.

I walked over and helped her get up and reached out for her hand. She moved without emotion. She walked like she didn't care where she was going. If I could cry, I would have. I had been there. I knew where it would take her.