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I never really thought that one name could really change my life.

But it did.

Whenever I see or hear that name, I quiver with fear, or is it joy, I really don't know.




That name brings back so many memories.

Some of them are good, but some of them strike fear into my very soul.

I cannot say that they make me mad, but they did change my life. At times I think that they ruined my life, and I find it hard to love them.

My name is Becky Cullen, but it wasn't always like that. I used to be called Becky Miller. I had a brother, Will, (talk about annoying) and two loving parents.

I had two awesome friends.

Melanie (a.k.a. Mellie) and I have been joined at the hip, ever since we first met in kindergarten. Nate has been my friend since before I was even born. Our parents were both friends, and we would always play with each other. When we were kids we used to swim at the lake, and read Nate the Great stories together while eating oreos.

But, as I said things can change, and they do.

I left everything, when I joined, or was forced to join the Cullens.

The Day We Saw Tristan Cullen

Our high school is in a cloudy town called Astoria, Oregon. The weather is gloomy, and we get up to 240 cloudy days a year. Mellie and I were walking to class, and we saw a new kid. Mellie shoved me in the shoulder and said "Hey, is he new?"

"Yeah, I think so, why?"

"Oh never mind, it's just that he is kinda HOT!"

"Yeah, kinda, but whatever, it kind of doesn't matter."

She was pissed and said "Ummm… It kind of does!"

"Okay, whatever" I say.

"You should say hi to him." She said.

"No way! Besides I am not in a position for a boyfriend right now. I enjoy the happiness I have with you and Nate. How about you say hi to him?"

She blushed and said "Well, okay, maybe your right about the friendship part, but I really want you to say hi."

Then we split directions and walked off to class. I went to biology while she walked to P.E.

I grabbed my usual seat in the back, and waited for class to start, and began reading my book. The bell rang, and then the mysterious stranger we saw in the hall walked in. The teacher said "Hello class, today we have a new student joining us, his name is Tristan Cullen, please say hello."

I kept reading the book. Then I finally realized "Wait, He's a Cullen. Isn't their dad, Carlsisle like a doctor, and he adopted them. Aren't the Cullens the weird sophomores that are like anorexic, and they're like all couples. Like Edward and Bella, Rosalie and Emmett, and Jasper and the weird pixy girl, Alice, and the girl with the weird name, Renesmee. Did they adopt a new teen."

Then I snapped out of my daze and realized that he was sitting right beside me. He took out his hand and said "Hi, I'm Tristan."

I slowly took out my hand and shook his.

He had a perplexed look on his face, and said "Ummm… Hello, is anyone in there? What's your name?"

I looked up at him, and then quickly looked down. He was about to say something, but then Trisha, the captain of the cheerleading team said "Oh hi, my names Trisha!" She flipped her hair, and looked into his eyes. Then she looked at me with distain and said "Oh… That's Becky, she's shy. You don't have to worry about her." She laughed and fluttered her eye lashes at him.

I laughed to myself and went back to my book. When class, ended, I hurried out, and as I was walking to math class, I noticed that he was walking to me, to tell me something, but I ran into the classroom. I waited in the classroom hoping that he wouldn't have come and followed me. I got lucky, and he didn't follow me, so I was happy, and I relaxed.

At lunch, I walked to Mellie and Nate. I sat down and said "Hi."

Mellie said "So, I heard you had class with the mysterious stranger."

I said "Who? Oh… Yeah…. Tristan Cullen."

"OMG he's a Cullen! No way! No wonder he is so HOT!" She said with surprise on her face.


She was jumping with eager and asked "So what happened in Biology?"

"Well, he sat next to me…"

"OMG! He did! No way! What did you say?"

I simply said "Nothing, I didn't say anything."

"Why the hell did you said nothing?!! Did he say anything?"

"I don't know, and Yeah, he tried to start a conversation, but Trisha began talking, besides I was never going to say anything so it doesn't matter. I'm not interested."

"It does matter!" She argued.

Then Nate, finally spoke up, "Wait Mellie, maybe Becky is right. What is so special about that guy?"

"Finally someone agrees with me! I don't care about him!"

Nate laughed and said "Yeah… that's my girl." Then he put his arm around me and we both laughed.

After lunch I went through the rest of my classes, and once they ended I quickly left and drove home, hoping not to see Tristan.

Tristan POV

I was a loner. In 1952 I died, and became a vampire.

The first couple decades were horrible, painful. I had to learn how to control my thirst. It was hard, and I hated taking human life to live, but I had to in order for me to live.

As I lived I became more and more depressed.

My friend, recommended me to go to the Cullens. He said that they could really help me.


Could anyone bring me out of the depressed state I'm in. But, I decided to let them give me a try, and soon I was in a plane flying to Astoria, Oregon.

When I got to the address on a card that my friend gave me I was greeted by Dr. Carlsisle and his wife Esme, soon I felt really at home.

He said "Welcome, you can stay in my guest room. Edward will escort you."

I smiled and said "Thanks."

He said "No Problem, I'm sure you'll feel at home soon. Alice, Edward, Jasper, Bella, Emmet, and Renesmee are your age. So you should feel at home. Is it all right if we enroll you in the local high school?"

"Ya, it's all right." I said.

Then I went and unpacked my things. Edward came up, and said hello. We got talking, and then we were watching the football game on their family's flat screen.

We had so much fun, and then we decided to go for a night hunt.

He said "Is this your first time hunting animals?"

I said "Yeah."

He said "Whatever, it isn't too different, it just tastes worse."

I said "Okay." And then I got caught a deer and I said "Eh… it isn't too bad, I feel way less guilty."

During the next week the Cullens and I bonded. We were the best of friends, but I felt kind of alone because all of them had a partner. I was alone. So, I was so happy when I walked into the doors of the high school. Edward said "Hey… We don't have any classes together except for history. Your first class is Biology in that classroom to the left, and the cafeteria is that building over there. K."

I said "K, Bye, I'll meet up with you at lunch."

I waved goodbye and started walking.

As I was walking I saw a pair of girls. One girl was really interesting, and I was about to go and talk to her, but I didn't because she walked away.

Soon I was walking to Biology. As I walked into the classroom I looked around, and saw a girl reading a book. She was the only one who wasn't looking at me.

I took a seat in the back next to the girl, and I realized that it was the girl in the hallway that I saw.

I introduced myself, but she was shy. Throughout the entire conversation, she was silent, and then the girl behind me started flirting.

Her name was Trisha, but I didn't really care, about her. I wanted to learn a little bit more about the girl I was sitting next to. When class ended I tried to find her, but she ran away.


During the whole next class I was thinking of Becky.

I never really wanted something so bad, and I didn't even want her blood. This is something different, is it love? I really don't know.

I walked to the cafeteria, and sat down with the Cullen's. Emmett asked "So how was your day?"

"Eh, it was okay."

"Did you meet any nice girls?" Emmett said smiling, then put his arm around Rosalie

"Eh, one interested me."

"One! Look at how the girls look at you. You could have practically anyone, and you are only interested in one person." He said. I could tell he was kind of pissed.

Edward butted in and said "Hey it depends on who that one is, but I still can't see why he chose that one?"

Alice was getting anxious and blurted out "Who? Please tell me Who!"

I slowly whispered "Becky Miller."

Emmett got out of his seat, then sat back down again, and whispered "Out of all the girls, you choose her. She's just an average girl! Have you even talked to her?"

I was kind of mad and I answered his question by saying "Yes, and No. I talked to her, but she didn't say anything back."

Rosalie said "Ok, how about Edward goes and sees what she is thinking? Then you will know how she feels. K, Tris?"

I mutter "k."

Edward closed his eyes then said "Okay, we were lucky that they were talking about you, but I got to say it wasn't exactly good news. Her friend Melanie likes you; but Becky has mixed feelings about you. She doesn't really care too much about you."

I mutter "Oh… K, well I will have to change that."

Alice had disappeared. She was still right next to me, but her soul was gone. A minute later she returned, scared and solemn faced. She had a vision. "No, No, do not go after this girl again! Forget about her! Get her out of your life!"

I was nervous about what she said, but I wouldn't let it stop me. I would find a way to see her.

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